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Wedding Shower~Southern Comfort Foods~

My niece Jamie is getting married in May and we just had her couples shower. I thought I’d share in case you may be able to get some ideas…

This is the beautiful couple…Jamie & Trey


This is my favorite picture of the day! I’m throwing it in here because I reeeally like it! I took it with my camera and Trey’s dad’s fancy lens…


The theme for the day was Southern Comfort Food which I stole from another party~(At least I’m honest when I steal great ideas!)

And Darren & Bethany once again opened up their beautiful home~

~The Menu~

Texas Caviar

Spinach Dip

Barbecue Sandwiches

Baked Beans

Macaroni and Cheese

Peach Cobbler

Banana Pudding

Cake Ball Bites

Lemonade and Sweet Tea

And the Party Flavors were:

Chocolate Covered Strawberries



And here’s my 2nd favorite photo of the day…I promise this is the last one like this…


I found these at JoAnn’s aren’t they adooorable???


You know how I love to try out Bakerella’s latest Cake Ball creations…


These are the “Bites” she made when she visited the Pioneer Woman, recipe here!


This wasn’t at the shower, this was in my dinning room right after I made the yumalicious little nibbles.


And I racked my brain for a party favor…I can not stand to throw a party and not send everyone home with a little somin~somin…

Suddenly it came to me…Strawberries…


dipped in this deliciousness…


And we’re off…




I slipped the berries into little bags and tied with ribbons and used this little daisy ribbon for accents. (These glue dots come in so handy. They were perfect for adhering each daisy to the ribbons!)


 Here’s how we put them out at the shower, right next to the front door~


Could you read that? It said :

Party Flavors (Yes, I meant to say Flavors)

Take one home and nibble just before bed-time

~Sweet Dreams~


Okay, I completely forgot to get pictures of the Macaroni & Cheese, which is a work of yumalicious art…but I remembered to snap the baked beans before we left home…

 The Baked Beans are almost a meal in themselves…they have ground chuck and bacon along with all the other lip smackin good stuff I put in!

Also, when the tables were set up I was rushing around doing things and didn’t get ANY pictures of the finished table-scape before it was ravaged by the hungry guests…I get soooo distracted!


There will likely be no ideas forthcoming from the following pictures…I’m putting them in for no reason at all…

My Baby Emma, giving me a smooch (we’re a huggin, smoochin kinda family!)

Emma makes me feel very short when she’s in heals and I’m not…


My one and only Daddy & The Husband…


My one and only Baby Sister and her 1st granddaughter…Ava Morgan!(Just look at how Ava is gazing at Debra!!!)

Ellie can’t be around crowds yet so she hasn’t gotten to meet her cousin Ava but they are going to be buds just as soon as Ellie gets a little more chubilicious!


Me huggin on Brenda…I told you, we’re huggers!


Bethany holding Baby Ava


Emma and Jamie…two of the Brides to Be …


Jamie and Trey opening prizes!!!


Me and my Baby Sis


Prayers for Trey and Jamie’s life together…Blessings you two~I love you both to pieces…smooches and hugs~Auntie R


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Living My Legacy~6~Home…a place to touch base

Living My Legacy~6 Making My House a Home…Touching Base…

My “Legacy” series started with a simple “Trip to the Grocery Store”. I believe that all of us are living our legacy every single day and I’m determined to live mine with intention. I made a list of ‘how I would want Mike to remember me if I was gone’ and started figuring out how to change my life to make those things happen. When working down my list to making my house a home I asked myself…what is “home” to me? Number 4 on that list is: Home is a place where my family or friends can touch base… What I mean by touching base comes from my experience as an adult daughter and from being a mom of four adult children.

I moved out of my parent’s house before my 18th birthday! But always have loved going back for holidays and visits. It’s nostalgic. A feeling of touching base. As we’ve gotten older my sister and I have taken on the holiday get-togethers. I also feel completely at home at Baby Sister’s house. She and Dean have one of those homes that make you feel loved and like you belong.

As a parent I understand that things change drastically when a child leaves home, but I’ve always wanted them to feel a familiarity and peace when they come back for any reason. We may move from their childhood home one day, but that’s not the point. It’s the anchor of having somewhere for them to come to on holidays or for no reason at all. A safe place for them if they need comfort. “Come in”, I want to say without saying it…”grab a pup and snuggle in! We’ll order pizza or grill out and there will most certainly be something yumaliciously sweet to nibble on. Wanna talk? Dad and I are here to listen. Wanna just sit and be quiet? We can do that too. Breathe, relax, laugh, you’re home.”

When you have that kind of atmosphere in your home it isn’t only family that benefits. My bud Ruthie and her hubby Keith are the most hospitable people I’ve ever known. If you go to Ruthie’s she’ll welcome you with open arms. She’ll always feed you, make sure you’re comfortable and listen if you need to talk. Ruthie makes it look easy. I love to go over and sit at her kitchen bar and watch her move around the kitchen without so much as a thought. She puts together the best food while carrying on a conversation, setting the table and helping Candy with homework! Touching base at Ruthie’s house is therapeutic for me and I know for so many others.

Creating a home where friends and family can come and touch base then go and feel renewed, strengthened and hopeful is what I deeply desire…Okay, now it’s your turn. Do you have a place where you feel you can go and touch base? What makes it feel that way for you? Love to you my precious peeps…I’m praying for all of us as we live the legacy we want to leave.

Visit Melissa over at Inspired Rooms for links to give you ideas for living A Beautiful Life~ She also has an amazing giveaway going today, a digital photo frame! Just comment to enter~







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Ellie’s First Easter!

Ellie’s First Easter!


Ellie pictures have been requested but let’s be honest, I’d feel compelled to put some up here and there anyhoo!

I’ve told you we’re a smoochin family…


But really who wouldn’t want to smooch on that adorable little face…


She has an Easter dress…but it’s way too big…



Jon and Stephie and Elliot!


This was one of the 5 seconds that Stephie got to hold Ellie!


I was accused of hogging Ellie all day…


But I give you proff that other people got to hold the tiny snookums…

woops, wrong picture…


Uncle Timothy and Aunt Jamie snuggled with her…


As did Auntie Em…


And I’m pretty certain that wasn’t me holding her in this picture…


Or this one…oh my goodness…I need to smooch on that chubilicious cheek!


The day was perfect excpet for the one little rub…Tiger just coldn’t make it back to win the Masters

We were not happy about that I tell you…


But even with that burden to bear, at the end of the day we were all smiling…even Baby Elliot~


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You found me…

So, it’s Good Friday and I felt I needed to post this today. It’s been written for a week but until yesterday I wasn’t planning on editing it for an actual post. It’s deeply personal and just a little odd. But I’m compelled. Maybe someone needs it. I hope you’re not offended Sweet Ones…it’s just my heart. It’s a bit different to add to a Beautiful Life posts but my relationship with the Father truly gives me a beautiful life so if you want to, sit with me for a moment…


You know by now that God uses music to speak to me big time. Not only Christian music Peeps. Oh the horror, I know. This time it’s the new song by The Fray, You Found Me… The first line in the song offends The Husband a little, so I’m sorry about that, but the chorus is what spoke to me…

“Where were you when everything was falling apart?

Lost and insecure, you found me, you found me

Lying on the floor surrounded, surrounded

Why’d you have to wait? Where were you? Where were you?

Just a little late, you found me, you found me.”

This song has been on my iPod for weeks and playing on the radio twenty times a day. Each and every time I hear it, there’s this deep hurt that starts bubbling to the surface.  A vaguely familiar hurt. But, true to my nature, I stuff it and keep moving.

Then, in spin class the other day, it came on for the cool-down.  “Where were you, just a little late…?”

I doubled over with a sob. Apparently you can stuff hurt for only so long.  I’m losing my mind was my first thought as I quickly changed my shoes and got the heck out of there.  This is a God thing was my second thought.

In the car I pulled out my iPod and glutton for punishment that I am, played the song. Over and over and over.

As I drove, a memory tugged at the corner of my consciousness. A ten minute time frame while I was at the hospital with my daughter Stephie last month. It was after her emergency C-Section. (Stephie had HELLP Syndrome and was “very sick”. HELLP Syndrome can be dangerous for mother and baby. But especially for the mother.) It was around midnight and I was alone in the big waiting room. Quiet and almost dark, the hospital felt a little scary and my nerves were fried after the rough day.

Over the intercom came a loud voice…”Code in the purple tower. Room 3–,” I didn’t hear the number, I leapt to my feet, Stephie was in room 348…were we in the purple tower? The loud call came again…”Code…”

I started to hyperventilate. I grasped at the neck of my jacket and ran to the doors that led to the patient rooms.  I couldn’t make myself go through the doors. I remember saying “No, please no, please God no…”  I was terrified it was Stephie…I was terrified of loosing her…why?

Rain drops splattered my windshield. The song played on. As I flipped on my wipers another memory clamored for attention. Another night in a different hospital…

 Keeping vigil as Mom lay in the CCU of Saint Joes. We were there for four days straight. Three times in those four days the loud call came over the intercom…”Code in CCU…” All three times they were for Mom. Razor sharp panic…uncontrollable, razor sharp panic sliced through me as doctors and nurses ran into my mother’s room.

 Right there in my car I felt that panic all over again.

“Why do I have such a lack of faith?” I prayed.”I’m so afraid. What’s wrong with me? Why couldn’t I have just trusted you with Stephie? Why was I terrified the worst would happen?” But I already knew the answer.

Because…sometimes, the worst does happen.

The rain pounded so hard and loud now, that I could barely hear the song. ”Lost and insecure you found me, you found me…lying on the floor surrounded, surrounded…why’d you have to wait…where were you?…”

And then I heard someone scream…”Where were you?

It was me.

And there it was.

I had no idea that’s what I was thinking. No idea,that this deep hurt was buried in me. But there it was. Ugly and faithless. Shallow and immature. I felt so ashamed.

Jesus wept…Jesus wept…Jesus wept…Jesus wept…Jesus wept…Jesus wept

Right then and there in the midst of my breakdown over and over came the thought…Jesus wept. Over and over and over. Finally I acknowledged it;
You wept because Lazarus diedI said out loud.

I was about to raise Lazarus from the dead. The thought came quick and clear. I wept because of Mary… 

I breathed in the thought…Mary?

I tried to remember exactly what Mary said to Jesus.  And then remembering…could it be?

I rushed home and found my Bible and there it was, what Mary said to Jesus…”Lord, if you had been here my brother would not have died.” 

Like reading this for the first time, I sensed a hurt in Mary beyond the loss of her brother…a profound desperate hurt. Maybe even a feeling of abandonment. Jesus wasn’t there with her in her darkest hour. If He’d been there He could have done something.

Could she really have been feeling what I felt? Do other Christian’s feel this way, lost, insecure, left … left alone in our most desperate times?

But more importantly, does God understand that hurt and does it trouble Him to the point of weeping?

I’m not a theologian. I clearly have hardly an inkling of faith. I will tell you however, if one of my children felt deeply hurt and abandoned by me in their darkest hour, it would kill me. I would go mad with the thought of them feeling so alone. I would walk, no run, on broken glass to get to one of my children who needed me…how much more would Father God do for His children? How much more must it hurt Him when we feel abandoned?

If you are thinking I’m off my rocker about now, you may be right. You really don’t need to correct me,just say a prayer for me.

But if any of this touches something deep in you, know that I’m praying for you Sweet Ones. Know that God’s not surprised by our feelings and I pray He’ll meet each one of us right where we are and bring healing on this Good Friday…the day we focus on His Son’s death…

~oh and hang on Sweet Peas…Sunday’s coming.

Here’s the song if you’d like to listen…again, I’m sorry if it’s offensive in any way to any one…

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Easter Table

~Easter Table~


We’re having a big wedding shower for my niece Jamie and her darling fiance’ Trey the Saturday before Easter, so our big family Easter celebration was canceled this year.  But a few of our kids are coming over and The Husband is cooking…

So, like I love to do …I got the dinning room table spiffed up!





Any excuse to use pink…I love the Desert Rose dishes.


And it was fun to use the bird cage!



Several years ago, I made these paper rose and pearl napkin rings…really easy!




And look at my old stem ware! I got 27 pieces at an antique store for $20.00! ~


You know I love All Things Old 



Why go to all this trouble for a few of us to have Easter dinner?


It’s setting the stage Peeps…


for more important things…


like showing each One who’s there how very much they are loved…


What are your Easter plans? Want to see some beautiful tables? ~Head over to Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday~

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Living My Legacy~5~Home where everyone is Nourished & Flourishes

Living My Legacy 5~Making My House a Home~A place where you are nourished & flourish!

Welcome to my next post on Living My Legacy! This series started here and in my Category Section at the very bottom of this page click on All Things Legacy to see all of the posts, if you want to!

I’m writing this series because I believe that we are all living our legacy every single day.What we do today will be what we are remembered for when we’re gone.Why wouldn’t we be intentional about the legacy we live and will one day leave?

I’ve been talking about “Making My House A Home” and exactly what that means. First on my list was “A Home is a Safe Place”. Next was “A Home is a Place of Comfort”. Today, I want to write about home being a place where you are “nourished and flourish”!

Moms have the unique privilege of nourishing their families in more than one way. Our minds go to food when we see the word nourish and that’s a wonderful way to nourish our families. Enjoying time and good food with family and friends is a sure way to make memories. And guess what? Being a great cook isn’t a prerequisite! My Gramma,wasn’t a great cook, (She would be the first to tell you this!) but some of my best food memories come from Gram.

Gramma was born before her time, she gave birth only once, to my amazing Dad.She had a career until late in life when my granddad forced her into retirement by having a heart attack. Add to this, the fact that Gramma felt more at home in high heels than flats and you see what I mean by “being born before her time”! She never spent hours on end in the kitchen but that woman could work miracles with simple foods! Somehow she’d transform an unappetizing frozen pizza with two or three different cheeses and some handfuls of colorful veggies until there was not even a hint of it’s origin. She served snacks every afternoon when I was at her house. Sometimes we sat down to Ritz Crackers spread with creamy peanut butter and a banana round on top. Always arranged beautifully on a decorative plate with an ice cold mug of milk! Every meal, every snack with Gramma, was a beautiful ritual. A memory making, well thought out, ritual. I could go on, but I just want to encourage you, no matter what your level of skill in the kitchen, to put a little effort into family dinners or after school snacks…this will nourish way beyond the tummy!


Obviously we can nourish our family (and friends) in so many other ways at home. It’s an attitude. Open and attentive to the needs of whoever is at home at the time. Do they need a listening ear? Do they need help with a problem? A simple kindness like straightening a bedroom so a child comes home from school to an orderly space. (You know I believe in kiddos having chores so I’m not talking about you being the maid!) Maybe leave the bedside lamp on if your teen is getting home after dark. Turn down their sheets and leave a tiny treat or note on their pillow. I did this kind of thing a lot when my kids were young. When they got older and I had to work for a time at a tough job, Emma almost always had my Pa-jay-jays out on my bed and my sheets turned down when I got home. Children learn to nourish when they are nourished. What a beautiful life skill to instill in them.


Be it your family or your friends who visit, in a home where people are nourished they will flourish. Under your loving care you’ll notice everyone relaxing and maybe even laughing a bit more. Watching another person flourish is addictive. Try building up your spouse, your kids or your buds by loving them extravagantly with encouraging words and enthusiasm. It doesn’t take skill, loads of time, talent or money to nourish. Just intention.

I so want it to be said of me one day…”she made our house a home…”

Do you have any memories of being nourished? Or maybe an idea to share? Prayers for us all Peeps as we live the legacy we want to leave.

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Muffins for my little Sugar~Muffins!(that’s you!)

What will it be Sugar~Muffins…Chocolate or Strawberry?



I’m in a bit of mourning today. Spring had sprung in the ATL and then oh my heavens, I’ve no idea what went wrong…but the bottom dropped out.

Yesterday it was 75*. This morning it was 55*, it’s now 42*. By the time you read this it will be 25* in the burbs!!!! 

Shut The Door peeps! “This” , to quote my very dramatic daughter, Emma, “is not okay”. I’ve no idea where she gets all her drama. Anyhoo…

Today, I did what anyone in the depths of despair would do.

I baked.



I made strawberry muffins from a recipe on All Recipes (I keep trying recipes for Strawberry muffins with no luck!) They were prettycloseup-muffins

…but not enough taste for me.



I’m sure, sweet little Sugar~Muffins, that you have a better strawberry muffin recipe in your file so I’m not even going to link you to this one!


Then I whipped up some Chocolate

~ Chocolate Chip Nut Muffins. These were yumalicious! So, click here for the recipe!







I know I’ve no business plummeting to the depths of despair over our horrific weather. I know some of you still have snow on the ground. I know Vicky just last week had to evacuate her lovely home because of the rising Red River…I’m ashamed. I truly am. But I’m a hopeless Southerner and I’m not accustomed to April bringing 25* … forgive me if you can Sugar~Muffins. And if you can’t I’ll send you some baked goods for a bribe…

Love to you Peeps, I’ll be eating and looking for the temps to start rising…



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Never underestimate the power of paint or chocolate!

Scroll down a tiny bit if you’re here for our Foodie Friday event hosted by our wonderful Gollum! I promise you’ll be wanting chocolate!

But first…I wasn’t thrilled with my go-to spring front door decoration when I pulled it down from the attic it looked tired and worn out. I like my red front door and want whatever’s on it to be welcoming and happy!

My old basket looked sad…but,


Never underestimate the power of paint!

I just pulled out my latte colored craft paint and dabbed and brushed all over the basket.


And waa-laa! I’m thrilled with it now…



What’s on your door? Prety good and super easy Metamorphosis don’t ya think? Check out all the before and afters over at Between Naps on the Porch! 

And now for the chocolate! It’s been in the 70’s and sunny here over the weekend but today a crummy front is moving through…I neeeed chocolate therapy and The Husband wanted chocolate pie! So I whipped one up on Sunday while the sun was shining and on Monday mid morning I’ll drown my sorrow in chocolate pie and cold milk and the chilly, rainy, rude Monday won’t seem quite so bad! See, I sometimes plan ahead!

The recipe is an easy cream pie recipe that can be used for chocolate cream, banana cream or coconut cream! My friend Leslie R., who is an actual cook, gave me this recipe years ago. I love it!

First mix

~3 egg yolks

~1/2 stick butter

~1 cup sugar

~3 very rounded tablespoons plus 1 level tablespoon flour

~2 cups milk (whole works best but you can use low or no fat)

~Cook on low slowly until thickened whisking the whole time(otherwise you’ll have scrambled eggs in your pie!)

~ Add 1 teaspoon vanilla annnnd:

~For Coconut~add 1 cup coconut

~ For chocolate~add 4 tablespoons cocoa

~ For Banana ~ add 4 or 5 sliced bananas…


 Put into cooked shell and chill


Use 4 to 6 egg whites and a bit of sugar to make meringue


Spread …


Bake at 325 until the tippy tops of the peeks turn light brown!


Getting my spring on I set the table for The Husband!



Help yourself, come on ya’ll, ya know ya want some!



Creamy dreamy…




I can take the rain and the cold…’cause spring’s comming! Can’t ya just feeeeel it?


Happy Monday Peeps~Love and sunny spring hugs~



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Pasta Salad!Semi-Homemade!!!

Semi Homemade Pasta Salad!

Over at Gollum’s, she hosting Foodie Friday. Want some great ideas for something yumalicious? Go check out all those links! I had the urge for Pasta last week, which is a sure sign of spring! But with my granddaughter Ellie at home now, I’ve got no time J So I decided to do the semi-homemade version…

Start with a simple box pasta like Kraft


Add some extra veggies and some Italian Dressing and some Parmesan Cheese…



Mix and enjoy a light lunch! 

 pasta-salad-22 pasta-salad-done 

Do you make anything “semi~homemade”? Do share!

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We do not have a cat ~ Part 2

Look what showed up at our house…some of you saw this coming after my post on Reba…didn’t you?



Yep! Another cat. Remember, The Husband has asthma, we can’t have cats…


The Husband is NOT going to feed one cat…


He certainly won’t be feeding TWO strays…


This is what The Husband saw the other day when he got home from work…


Annnd there’s Reba…they’re waiting for The Husband (NOT) to feed them…


“We’re starved where’s The Husband?”


Don’t worry…He’s right here with your smelly food!


“That’s Yumalicious…whisker lickin good!”


And I’d like to introduce all of you to (NOT) our new cat…

Barbara Jean…


The Dynamic Duo…The Bobsie Twins…Donny and Marie…Bonnie and Clyde…Chip and Dale…Thelma and Louise…nope. It’s

Reba and Barbara Jean…why didn’t somebody tell me this would happen?


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Easiest Craft you’ll EVER make!

34Easiest Little Craft Ever!

I love getting mail. Snail mail. I love getting it and sending it! I’ve been known to tuck a little somin~somin in the envelope when I send cards. Isn’t it fun to get a card with a little prize inside!!! Last year I sent out a few Happy Spring Cards and put one of these tiny bookmarks inside. I thought I’d make a bunch to send out with Easter cards this year! And I’m not kidding…this is the easiest little prize you’ll ever make

First I get some *fun narrow ribbon and a *little packet of charms and some little *fun beading. Ya have to be careful to get a bead that you can just tie the ribbon around or thread the ribbon through. Must have a bigger opening…but keep in mind if you’re planning on mailing them it needs to be smallish! I got all of this at WalMart for super duper cheap!


Look how easy this is Peeps! Think of how many you could make for tucking in your Easter cards! Or use them as my all time favorite thing…party favors!


Gotta go make some more! Love to you today~


And for no reason other than this is my 1st Granddaughter…Ellie


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Living My Legacy 4~Making My House a Home

Living My Legacy ~4~Making my house a home by making it a place of “Comfort”

This is the next in my series on Living My Legacy which started with a mere Trip to the Grocery Store! I strongly believe that all of us are living our legacy each and every day. Dosen’t matter if I like it or not, the way I live today is how I’ll be remembered when I’m gone. I’m determined to live my legacy with intention. If you want past posts you can scroll to the very bottom of this page click on the category: All Things Legacy.

Today I’m talking about making your home a place of: Comfort. I love that word. It conjures up warm and restful images. A soft fluffy bed. A roaring fire with a cushy chair snuggled up next to the hearth. Fuzzy slippers. The way your house smells when a roast has been in the oven all day and you’re starved.

I believe that to be remembered for making my house a home (for my family and friends) it needs to be a place where they can find comfort. Now this is just plain fun!

Setting the stage for comfort in my home means surrounding my family with things we love. I had such fun decorating the kid’s rooms when they were growing up. I tried to let their rooms be an expression of who they were as individuals. It didn’t take long before they caught on and started filling their rooms with their artwork or posters they loved. One thing I can grin about, NOW, is what our son, Timothy did …in middle-school he started stapling copies of detention letters to the walls of his closet. By the time I noticed them I kid you not half the closet was full of them. By the end of the year the walls were covered. I’m pretty sure he made several copies of each one and honestly it wasn’t all that amusing at the time. Anyhoo, I can still picture his playful, mischievous grin when I found him out…

I hate to bring this up but comfort also involves a semblance of order. Who can be comfortable in a room that looks like the laundry fairy exploded everywhere? I’m a big fan of even the littlest kiddos having chores to do. Not everyone is naturally neat, but even the messiest can learn how much more peaceful a picked-up home feels.

I home schooled my little ones for several years and one of my goals during that time was that they would learn how to “run the house”. Each one of them, including Timothy can clean any room as good as I can. They all started doing their own laundry somewhere around middle-school. And they learned a little bit about cooking by making a menu for dinner and then doing the grocery shopping and all the cooking for that meal. We had lots of pizza, hotdogs and tacos on their cooking nights but it was fun. Now, they’re all out on their own and have the responsibility of creating an atmosphere of comfort in their own homes, I pray I’ve given them the tools to do that.

Comfort foods…as I’ve said so often, family dinners were important to us when the kids were little. Nothing is more comforting than spending a long day out and coming home to a warmly lit home and smelling something yumalicious in the oven. I didn’t do big and fancy, but I did plan ahead. Most evenings I made a ritual out of preparing dinner and eating together. I put on music in the kitchen while I cooked. Whoever was home with me helped set the table. The TV was never on and sometimes dinnertime only lasted 20 minutes, but it was something we counted on day in and day out.

I have to say a little about providing comfort when someone’s sick. My mom was so good at this and I tried to carry on this ritual. Making sure the bedroom was straight and bringing trays of snacks and drinks. A little nurturing when someone’s not feeling well goes a long way.

Comfort also comes in the form of a listening ear or a sympathetic word. Family and or friends sometimes just need a soft place to land. Do you always have to use your “teacher’s” voice and give advice when someone comes to you with a problem? (I have this issue, big time. I want to FIX things…) Sometimes,those close to you just need you to show your softer side.Just need you to be quiet and give them a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.

Now it’s your turn, can you think of something from childhood (or adulthood) that makes you feel the scrumptious feeling of comfort?Praying for you today Peeps, that you are living the legacy you want to leave.

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When God Smiles…

And the winner is: #63! Debbie! Debbie has a blog too! It’s at Studio Bee Creations!   

Debbie, watch for an email from me! I’ll get your bag and hat out to you this week! Congratulations!!! This was so much fun, we’ll do it again next month when I launch my brand spankin new website!!!! One thing I didn’t expect is that I wished I could send every single person a prize! Sometime it would be so much fun to do that…~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 I used this for Metamorphsis Monday and thought I’d add it in to Mr. Linky for Outdoor Wednesday! Beautiful pictures on tons of great blogs over at A Southern Daydreamer!

Don’t ya just love it when you feel a smile from God? You know, when something happens that has to be straight from God just for you…Here’s a little one that involves my Crabapple Tree! But first I want to introduce you to The Girl! She’s no Cherry Blossom but still she’s a beauty!


The little thing only performs at this lever for about 7 days a year.  But oh she’s glorious and extravagant in those 7 days!

Here she is when I 1st noticed her tiny pink blooms a few days ago! Just a few opening here and there!1 32

She started out small and unimpressive. Once she was almost demolished when the big tree next to her fell on top of her.  But as you know if you’ve been reading my little blog….around here, we love a survivor. We couldn’t cut her down.  She’s grown older, not unlike the rest of us. She’s seen her share of storms. Had her share of really bad years…oh I can relate. Maybe this is why we love her so.


She delights me when I’m writing this blog or sewing. This is what I see from the windows in my Fun Room..(It was pouring when I took these pictures!)


So Pretty!


 She’s such a show off!


March is her month to shine…Now to the God Smile…

It was during March a long time ago when God reached down and used our Girl in such a special way.

My beloved Gramma lay in a hospital readying herself for her journey to the other side of eternity. On the day she left us, I drove heartbroken, into my driveway, after spending nearly a week keeping vigil at Gramma’s bedside. Low and behold My Girl, the Crabapple Tree, was in full fuchsia bloom. My breath caught in my throat as I stared at her. It was a God moment.  A sign to me that Gramma was happy and my heart would one day be lighter.  Hang on, God seemed to say through the exuberant little tree, Spring’s coming.


7-yeaLater that same week I was meandering around a quiet antique store feeling overwhelmed with grief and saw a tea cup with a blooming tree similar to my Girl.  I stopped and so did everything around me.  I felt this almost tangible comfort that went straight to my heart.  I gently picked it up the fragile saucer rubbing my fingers over the smooth, cold china.  ‘Maybe I should buy it’, I thought, ‘to help me remember how God had my tree bloom at just the right time’…but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money and I left without the cup and saucer. 

Months went by and in December when my girlfriends and I sat down to exchange small gifts, my precious friend Beth handed me a beautiful box. Inside were bright pink (fresh) tiny sweetheart roses that were arranged in a teacup that was exactly like the one I’d seen in the antique store nine months before! I’d never mentioned to Beth about my Crabapple tree or seeing the teacup but Beth tends to listen to The Father when He speaks to her.

Here’s the cup and saucer.


It belonged to Beth and was in her china cabinet for years. She wanted to give me something she said, from her heart. Something that was special to her…she had no idea how the cup and saucer were not only from her but from our Father God~Ohhhh, my bud Beth, I do love her~


These are the reasons Dear Ones that our little tree is so special to us around here.  And why for one week a year I feel the smile of God as she shows off her lovely fuchsia self!

Love to you today Peeps…and prayers for your week to be full of God Smiles~















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The Man can cook!

My Man Can Cook!!!

First: last day to enter my Life is Good giveaway! Go here and simply leave a comment, I’ll announce the winner on Monday March 30!

The Husband has started cooking again! Back in the day, cooking was a bit of a hobby of his. He’s got the best Lasagna in the free world.  He cooks a mean fillet and he’s recently perfected his mother’s Dressing (as in Turkey and Dressing!) recipe!

For the past few Saturday’s he’s been going to the grocery store and cooking the best dinners! (Not every night~Saturday night only!)

I decided this one sounded good enough to blog on Foodie Friday over at Designs by Gollum! (After pigging out on it, I can tell you for sure, these recipes are just divine!) For other great Food ideas head over here! And then I thought…heck, The Husband cooking on occasion makes my life beeeautiful, so I want to link to all the tons of other great ideas for Living a Beautiful Life over at Inspired Room! So this is a double link day! Check out these 2 wonderful linky’s for ideas galore!

His recipes came from Southern Living this week, you can click for the link…His menu was: Filets with Shiitake Mushroom and Wine Sauce~Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes~cheese bread(Publix)


I always get my friendly butcher at Publix to cut Fillets when I’m cooking but The Husband braved our new Butcher’s Market and got them there. They were melt in your mouth tender…

no comment…


Don’t you love a man who knows his way around the kitchen?!?!?


And he can even use the Kitchenaid!?!?


The Shiitake Mushroom Gravey was amazing…I found myself dipping my bread!


Thank you Husband…I’m glad you’ve gotten in touch with your inner chef!



…and for no reason other than sheer cuteness…



 Love to you Peeps!

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We don’t have a cat! Don’t tell Reba!

You can still enter my Life is Good giveaway! Go here and just leave a comment! I’ll announce the winner on Monday March 30!(Closes Friday at midnight!)

beautiful-rebaWe Don’t Have a Cat…don’t tell Reba!

We can’t have a cat. The Husband has asthma and cats seem to cause  flare ups. Also, he doesn’t like cats. (Seems they don’t love you like pups do…)

But Reba doesn’t know this. Reba is our stray. She was a kitten when she decided she would be living under our deck last autumn. A little gray Siamese, who was terrified of people. We would see her in the yard or on the front porch but she never let us get close. I was in denial, “I’m sure she belongs to someone” I said over and over. But both The Husband and I knew the truth…she was a stray and she’d picked our house as her home.

When a neighborhood dog got loose and chased Reba up a tree one night and The Husband and I nearly had heart attacks. I insisted The Husband get our tallest ladder and try to climb the tree…Reba went higher to avoid the scary man on the ladder. I got my friend Ruthie to call her firefighter friend to beg him to bring the truck over and rescue Reba.

“She’ll freeze tonight” I reasoned. Seems that firefighters do not rescue cats in my neck of the woods…he said this: “Have you ever seen a cat dead in a tree, she will find her way down when she gets too cold.” (Well of course you never see a cat dead in a tree, she would fall out of the tree the minute she took her last breath! Did he think I was stupid!?)
 The Firefighter was right however at some point in the frigid night, Reba found her way down safely. That night sealed the deal for me, we have a cat. But The Husband kept fighting the inevitable…

“We are absolutely not feeding this cat” he said no less than a hundred times a day. scrumptousShe needs to move on and find another home…”

I never fed her. I did however start leaving the trash can open at night and I’m pretty sure she enjoyed feasting on whatever leftovers I threw out that day.

Then in December, the temperatures dipped below freezing and I heard the garage door go up…just a little. The Husband came upstairs with a strange look on his face… “I opened the garage a little bit so that Reba could come in tonight, it’s going to be too cold for her out there.” yummyOh that man is nothing if he’s not a softy!

We feed Reba once a day now. Annnd, when I say “we” I mean: The Husband! He even remembers to buy the smelly canned food every week. licking-her-lipsReba still won’t let us near her but we leave the garage open so she can come in and get warm when it’s cold. I talk to her when I see her playing in the yard. She glares at me as if to say… “ Are you speaking to me Woman?” I hear The Husband saying “Kitty, kitty, kitty…” when he puts her food out at night. If we ever win her trust we’ll take her to the vet for shots…we’re trying but she’s leary!

We call her Reba because she’s a survivor. She was only a kitten when she first came to us and now full grown, she’s beautiful and brave.  Remember the TV show: Reba? And the song…”I’m a survivor” At our house we do love survivors…even if they are feline.

So, here’s the question of the day…have you ever given a stray animal a home? yummy-2going-back-home1

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My First Bloggy Give-Away!!!

life-is-good-hat-and-bag1I’m having my 1st Blog Giveaway!

Why? Because Life is Good that’s why!

I’ve been wanting to do this since January but I was afraid you guys wouldn’t like what I was giving away and wouldn’t leave a comment! Then when Ellie, my very first grandchild was born…low and behold I just got brave enough to do it! (The tiny girl is making an impact on her Gigi already!)

Plllleeeaaassseee leave a comment below. I’ll close the contest on Friday nite, so comments can come Wed. ~ Fri. (1 per person pretty please)

Here’s what I’m giving away… Life Is Good Gym/Yoga/Book bag!


 And this adorable Life Is Good Hat!


Over the past 3 years in my attempt to become a more positive person, I’ve fallen in mad love with Life is Good products. (


I have tons of Life Is Good hats that I wear when I work out or when I’m running errands and don’t want to “do” my doo!


And I use a bag exactly like this one when I go to the gym or on road trips to hold my stuff for the car…(books, magazines, snacks…stuff like that!)


You could just fold the bag and keep it in the car and use it for a grocery bag or keep your journal and current books in it and tuck it next to your bedside!


And if you aren’t a hat-person pass this one along to brighten someone else’s day!


All you have to do is leave a comment telling me one reason that Life Is Good for you!!!

Take a moment to comment…don’t leave a girl hangin! 

Love and smooches and hugs to you my Peeps…I’ll post the winner (from on Monday March 30th! 



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Interrupting our regularly scheduled postings…

News about my give away on Wednesday…pls. come back and see… 🙂

I was going to post something else…but I’m interupting my regularly scheduled posts for new Ellie Pictures!!! (Now, you know she’s a mere 2 weeks old and I’m obsessed…)

I went with Stephie yesterday to see Elliot.  She took an entire bottle actually swollowing all of it!!! She’s doing great with bottles. They are bottles of breast milk though!

Oh and she has a fohawk after her last bath! Her hair, like her mother and her mother before her, has a mind all it’s own!


No matter, fohawks are all the rage in the NIC-U this Spring!


Oh doesn’t she’s have the most precious little hands~


Our baby still has her feeding tube but we hope not for long~


I think she’s saying…”no more pictures Gigi…”


“I need to sleep so I can put on some chubiliciousness and get home to my Mama & Daddy!”


Stephie tucked Ellie in and put on her little “Where’s Waldo” hat that the nurses like her to wear to keep her tiny head warm…

Nite~Nite Sweet Elliot~ You’ll be home before you know it~


Thank you Peeps for letting me share our Ellie with you…love to you and have I thanked you guys lately for all the prayers…Smmoocccchhh!

Tomorrow I’m gonna tell you about my 1st little give away!!! Ohhh, life is good!

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Something to do with those tattered Children’s Books…

My mom couldn’t throw away any of my books from childhood.  Even when they were tattered and worn out she’d save them. She gave me a stack several years ago and I couldn’t bear to part with them either. I salvaged what I could of the illustrations and decoupaged them onto boxes…this gave me an idea for Elllie…(My brand new granddaughter)

I’m all about our Baby Ellie…surprise!  A few weeks ago, before she was born, I made these little Gigi-Ellie and Poppy-Ellie boxes.  Tell you what that means in a moment! But first…finished-boxes

I used an old torn up book from Stephie’s childhood. I love books and I’m not all about tearing them up, but the well loved books that are rough around the edges are too precious to just throw away…so I use the beautiful illustrations on these boxes….

I first painted the boxes in one color…let dry…then dry brushed another color on top.

Next cut out your picture and use the amazing Mod Podge to adhere it to the box. Put 2-3 coats of Mod Podge on the box. (top, bottom, sides…the whole thing!)


You can use these little wooden balls that are flattened on one side to make tiny feet for the box! Just paint them and glue them to the bottom!

This little box was made from a worn out book from my childhood that my mom saved for me.


Here are Ellie’s boxes! The smaller one is for The Husband, who I’m voting will be called Poppy…and the bigger one is for me, Gigi~

The idea is to write down  thoughts, blessings or memories and slip them into the boxes to save for her to read later.  Maybe she’ll get a small idea of how very much her Presence in our world means to us…


Don’t throw away those old children’s books, use them to make Memory Boxes…Keep the memories going…


Our Baby is up to about 4 lbs 7 ounces! We visited her yesterday and she charmed us. Under 5 lbs and already in control of oh so many adults!!! Praying she gets to come home soon. Love to you Peeps~

News about my give away on Wednesday…pls. come back and see…

It’s Metamorphis Monday over at Naps on the Porch click over for some great before and afters!

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Wanna see Elllie in action???

And here’s Gigi (I want to be called Gigi, this may or may not kinda stand for “Grama Gay”. I hate the name Grama Gay and I like Gigi, not to mention that I’ve always wanted someone to give me a pet name, like if your name is Sophia and people who love you call you Sophie…or your name is Ruth and your peeps call you Ruthie…I figure this is my absolute last chance in life to have a pet name~ Now,I’m not fooling myself. I absolutely understand that Elliot will most likely decide to call me Meemaw or Old Granny G or some such, but I’m going down fighting for Gigi ~) anyhoo …

This is the first time I’ve gotten to hold our baby…


She was very  sllleeepy when we got to the NIC U…


We tried to wake her up so she could eat…We were saying things like” open your little eyes snoockums, sweetie, darling little kumquat, sweet potato, snicker doodle, shugga plum shugga plum shugga plum…”


And we annoyed her until she opened one tiny eye and glared at us you’ve got to be kidding me” she seemed to say…(Oh and look she has her Gigi’s second chin!!!)


Isn’t she Scrumptous~


 I promised you’d see Elliot in action…now to the action part…

I wanted to post this video of Elliot but it wouldn’t work on wordpress…but my AMAZING son-in-law put it up on his blog so I could link to it…Here’s the thing it’s 1 minute long and you don’t have to watch it for that long, but reeeally click over and check out our baby for a few seconds she’s doing lots of new and amazing things like looking adorable sucking on her paccie!!!  Here’s Jon’s site…

I’m a Happy Man

Love to you my Peeps~ I’m going to tell you about my very thrilling give away next week!!!

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I’m playin the Gigi card…

I really will get back to regularly scheduled posts soon but I can’t think of anything else except Stephie, Jon and Ellie…She’s gained a little  (that’s Ellie not Stephie!) and she’s eating about 1/2 bottle every other feeding…Her platelet count is better and we’re hoping within a week she’ll be eating all by her little self!  Here are a few pictures. Really, I’m a proud Gigi what can I say!



steph-and-ellie-sketchOh and I’m finally doing a give-away! Baby Ellie’s birth has given me courage to do one!!!  (I’ve always been afraid no one would want what I was giving but…oh well life’s too short … and life is good…(that’s a hint at my give-away!!!) Stay tuned!

Love to you Peeps…Happy Thrusday!

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