Hi! I’m Robin and I think a lot.  Sometimes the words rattling around in my head multiply to the point that the top of my head is in danger of blowing off.  It’s at those times I grab a pen and my journal or my trusty laptop and purge.

I live in the deep South and long for snow.  I am married to The Husband. He’s everything I ever wanted in a soul mate!. We are empty nesters and having the time of our lives!  We have four amazing grown-up children each bringing amazing “significant others” to our family.  My second daughter Stephanie, with the help of her hubby Jon, just gave birth to the most amazing smoochable itty-bitty little snookums ever! Elliot, aka: Elllie, was born a little early and we’re having fun holding her 24/7 while she eats, sleeps and get chubilicious!

Mike and I have four pups that have made our empty nest full of fun and shenanigans! 

I love God.  I’m addicted to Him, can’t live a day without Him.  I would be dead without Him and that’s the truth. I like to do most anything as long as I’m doing it with The Husband ~ I adore my family ~ I read like my life depended on it ~ love antiquing because I love all things old…with the exception of my butt, which, truth be told, I’m not entirely thrilled with as it seems to be making a journey to my feet ~

If I’ve made my life sound perfect it’s not.  It’s simply the way I choose to bottom line things.  If I’ve made my life sound ordinary you must realize that to me ordinary is extraordinary!!!

My blog is All Things Heart and Home.  Here’s why~

I love being home and nesting. Decorating on a dime, cooking something yumalicious, making a little somin-somin to give away, re-purposing beeautiful junk!!! All of this tickles me with joy! But not simply for the sake of  doing it, what I do in my home, I do with purpose. Every get together, party or simple dinner is an opportunity to “set the stage for more important things”.  The more important things are showing my family and friends how very much they are loved right where they are.  Loving extravagantly is a passion of mine. Thus, the “All Things Home”…But I also think a lot and feel things deeply it’s therapy for me to write what’s in my heart.  Thus, the “All Things Heart”! I passionately believe that each one of us is living, every day, the legacy we will leave when we’re gone. I’m determined to live my legacy with intention. I write a lot about that. Living My Legacy is a central focus in my life.

Please drop in anytime. Let’s sit for a moment, maybe sip some coffee and see if we can inspire one another to creatively live the legacy we want to leave…Hugs and smooches ~ Robin


  1. You sound super neat! I will be at the blog party next weekend and i am looking forward to meeting you! Lots of fun:)

  2. Sounds like a great life! It’s my first time to your blog and I just wanted to stop by and say hello.

  3. your blog has put me in the Christmas spirit – thank you

  4. I LOVE your blog! I look forward to following you! You long for snow … I long for the south where there’s no snow!

    May God continue to bless you!

    The Domestic Mom

  5. I love it!

  6. “It’s simply the way I choose to bottom line things.” … And it is a wonderful way to dance and delight through Life’s many adventures!

  7. Can I subscribe to your weblog? ‘Just love it!

  8. Hi There!

    Thanks for your recent post on my blog “wild child”. I’m glad you liked my magnet boards 🙂 I’ve had a great time perusing your creative blog – and I’m adoring your pups too!

    You had asked where I found the metal sheets for the magnet board project I made… They are galvanized metal and can be hard to find. You can find the sheets at home improvement stores – sometimes they will cut them for you and sometimes they won’t… You may want to look online too.

    Be sure to let me know if you do the project!

    Meg 🙂

  9. So glad to have “met” you today Robin. (I’ve been following you on twitter, but now I feel like I know you a little better.) I love your heart for home and family. I feel like I’ve found a kindred spirit. While I’m not as crafty as you, my utmost desire is to create a loving home environment for my family and friends. I love your blog so much, I’ve added it to my blogroll. Thanks for making my “Manic Monday” a little brighter!!

    • Susanne I’m happy to have met you too! And I bet you are as crafty as me! I do the EASIEST things and I’m motivated by budget and loving to give people little things!
      I share your desire to create a loving home environment~Doing that is a powerful legacy to live and leave~ love to you~

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