About me and my shadows…

I had another blog devoted to my shadows and I’ve moved it here! I posted the stories for each of my 4 legged kids there and those stories are under the catagory All Things Furry! They each  came to us at just the right time in our lives…I love my pups!

My husband,Mike and I have four grown children.  Our second daughter Stephanie and her husband Jon are expecting a baby in April!!! Our first grandchild! 
I’m pretty new to dog loving.  I got my Boo 7 years ago in the midst of a really bad time in my life.  Although Boo looks like a Maltese, Boo is not an dog.  He’s actually an angel sent by God Himself to Mike and I.  During the last seven years we’ve gotten a few more dogs… Bella (a Maltese), Bindi (a Maltese), and Ollie (we rescued Ollie, we think he’s a Jack Russell-Beagle mix…I finally understood why it’s so important to rescue…) Boo has adjusted to our growing family, but he tells me as only he can, that he’s packing his little suitcase and moving in with Stephie and JonJon  if we bring one more dog into the pack. 
This blog started because I wanted to explore how God has used my pups to bring us love, peace, laughter and sanity. So I begin with their stories.  How each one came to us. And we’ll go from there



  1. Help Robin, I am not as computer savy as I would like. I love your writing and your site. I am in the process of developing a website. I want it to be me. I want it to be inviting. If you have any suggestions I am open. When I taught school I had a lovely one.

    Also, I tried to post your comments to my blog. I am having problems there. But…I will get it worked out soon. Have a great day

  2. I, too, like your page. I am overwhelmed with trying to create my own template, don’t like what google offers and am not successful downloading/uploading other templates off the web. Where-how did you start…if you don’t mind me asking? I want a template similar to the one you have. This is probably not appropriate to ask someone for. Please forgive if not, Vicki

  3. I just became a Grandma for the first time last Thursday!! You will be filled with Joy when your wee ones comes!!!

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