Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | May 6, 2009

Is your outdoor space ready?

Outdoor Wednesday! It’s spring time all over the country and everyone’s headed outside! I took some backyard pictures when I visited my baby sister last week and the week before at Todd & Darlene’s. My backyard isn’t fit for public viewing Peeps, but maybe you could get some ideas from these great outdoor spaces! 


Deb and Dean put in a BIG waterfall and pond a couple of years ago! They did this ALL by their little selves! It’s stunning in person~




Years ago I got a couple of little bird feeders and attached them to my deck, Deb came over and saw the birds and decided she wanted birds…so as always, she researched and just look at her bird area, I feel very sorry for my poor birds!  This isn’t her only bird space. She’s got feeders for humming birds, several bluebird houses (is that what you call them Deb?). Birds of all kind flock to her yard.back-yard-2




And here is Darlene and Todd’s back yard.  They have a really fun pool area that I’ll show you more of sometime!


I love jasmine on an arbor! 


Look at these very happy snowballs! These things are huge!  Are you getting your outdoor space ready yet? If so, what are you doing??? (I’m working slow but sure on mine!)  snowballs-in-bloom

Okay NOW an UPDATE on Reba and Barbara Jean…

The Husband has been working with our wild cats every night. They are now eating out of his hand! (Yes, it’s grilled chicken breast!)



And he’s even gotten Reba to play with him!



Please note: Reba’s belly…I took this picture last Tuesday night. Wednesday night Reba didn’t come to dinner. Barbara Jean came, but Reba didn’t show. Thursday night…no Reba. The Husband got a big flashlight and looked under our porch and the neighbor’s porch…no Reba.  Friday night…no Reba.  Distressed. That’s what we were. Distressed. TO BE CONTINUED…reba-is-pregnant

ps…I’m launching my brand spankin new website next Monday! (When I say we I mean Jon, my talented son-in-law!!!) More info. to come but I have to tell you, we will be having a little give away every day next week!!!



  1. Where is a picture of your secret garden? I always love to take a peek, it spells serenity to me. 🙂

    Mike and the cats are no surprise. He can make anyone smile and love him.

    Your ability to capture the beauty in people and places always leaves me smiling and at peace.

  2. Those yards are beautiful. I’m not doing much at the rental house….hoping to find a place to buy soon. And, isn’t Mike the one who told you NOT to feed the cats? hahahahaha too funny. What a softee. Sounds like baby kitties are in your future. Blessings, SusanD

  3. Ohhh, I a new website?????? fun…and that garden/yard is gorgeous!!!! thanks for sharing.


  4. So excited for the new site! I can’t wait to get my flowers in and know that we won’t have any more freezing temps at night and that they will be safe! Soon 🙂

    I love the water feature. If I could have a screened (we have too many mosquitoes!) gazebo next to a water feature, oh I could just sleep out there.

    So glad those cats you don’t have are being so lovingly taken care of 🙂 Can’t wait to hear the rest of the adventure!

  5. Can’t wait to show Ricky these pics. You know he built us two koi ponds with a waterfall connecting them.

    Our hummingbirds are hiding. THey came and must not have liked it b/c we used sugar water without the red color. Now we have the real stuff and they must be pouting.

    Love the kitty updates.

  6. I don’t have a yard to decorate, but I looked out my sliding glass door to see that my hasta are coming up and I still have a poinsettia decoration hanging up!!! That’s what happens when you can’t go outside!!!

    I’m hoping my parents come this weekend at least set out my patio furniture so it looks nice, even if it will go unused.

    I love love love the water feature… I would be in heaven sitting outside by the water. And I’m worried about Reba… did she have babies? What are you going to do with kittens?!?!? [and Mike, seriously, do you have a younger brother who doesn’t mind being stuck in the house 24/7? cuz I’d be interested…]

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