Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | May 5, 2009

Quick and Clean little Craft!

This is a super easy thing to do for a little gift…for teachers, for the new mom, for your friend at the office! It’s too easy to even call a “craft” ! I’ve seen some people use stickers but you know how I love scrapbook stuff!? I bought these  rub-ons that were super cute and then I just … well you know, rubbed them on!


This one’s going to Baby Elliot’s nursery! 


How about doing the little ones for goody  bags for a class going on a field trip!?

I used tiny ribbon and confetti yarn to pimp out the little necks of the sanitizers!

So much you can do with these! Have fun!!!



  1. Robin,

    Just LOVE This idea! I am going to use it for the hand soap in Maddie’s bathroom! I am always trying to find one that will match her bathroom but I can make it match! It is brilliant! Thanks for the idea!
    Also, wanted you to know that We Bloom Girls just passed a Blog Award on to you and you can pick it up over on our site at

    We enjoy your blog! Have a great week!


    Karyn & Nola

  2. Okay, fill me in. I’ve never heard of rub-ons. Where the heck do you buy them?

    • Sorry Julie! They are in with the stickers in the scrapbook section of Walley-World (Walmart) or JoAnns…didn’t you do rub-ons when you were a little girl??? I’m getting you a craft kit together…your birthday IS coming up 🙂

  3. Okay, and after Julie’s question, mine would be, do you buy the sanitizer and take the labels off? Or did you buy special bottles at the store too and fill them yourself?

    So sorry Robin, you know the crafty gene never did come my way 🙂

    Wonderful ideas as always!

    • Oh I’m sorry, I used Goo-be Gone (at walmart in the isle with the cleaners) It’s great to have around when you buy dishes or glass ware with stickers! you just spray and wait and the “gooy” sticker comes right off!!! Sorry about that!

  4. Hi Robin, Thanks for droping by my blog! This little craft is so cute and easy too. What a great gift!

    You asked about the crackle paint on the breadbox…generally if you paint on the crackle medium with long strokes, you get long cracks, short strokes give you short cracks. First put on the base color, let dry, then the crackle and then the top coat.

    Hope that answers your question.

    Have a great day!

  5. Waiting to hear the answer to Vicky’s question. I was wondering too….

    I’ve never ventured into the crafts section at Wally-World. Maybe I’ll break loose one day and check it out. What does one do there?

    Does rub-ons just mean stickers? I love that term. Rub-on. Sounds a little funky but I like it!

  6. You have been very nice to Julie and I and did not put at the top of your post “even a craft Ruthie and Julie can do”

    I am going to do it!

  7. Thanks for stopping by. I love those rub ons were did you get those?

    • Beckie~ I got them at JoAnn’s! (In the sticker/scrapbook section!)

  8. Awww… the one for Elliot’s nursery is just adorable! I can just see you at a craft table helping all the kids at Elliot’s birthday parties to make take-home crafts someday.

    🙂 Love thinking about the future Gigi.

  9. Those are adorable, Miss robin. I hope by now the stores are restocked with hand sanitizer….there was a run on it because of the flu news, but I did see some today, some I guess it’s out there again.
    Cute, cute!


  10. These are adorable! Thank you for visiting my blog! :O)

  11. Yes Ma’am! That qualifies as a craft! Very cute!

  12. Cute, cute, cute! Where in the world do you get such cute ideas?

  13. This is perfect! I need to make a run to the old Walmarts tomorrow before I take the car to the shop and put my craft on:) I have been searching for what to give the boys teachers since this is Teacher Appreciation week. I always give baked goodies and they are all on diets so they won’t appreciate yummies. This is absolutely perfect and i am pretty sure even i can do this:) Thanks to all the good question askers in the prior comments b/c I was feeling a little lost. Yea! And Robin I’ve been feeling your prayers this week, thanks for miles!

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