Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | April 30, 2009

Living My Legacy~8~Leaving A Legacy of Prayer

Living My Legacy~8~ Leaving A Legacy of Prayer…

If you’ve been reading for a little while you know that I feel passionately about living my legacy. I believe that all of us are living the legacy we will one day leave. Ignoring it won’t change it Sweet Ones, when we’re gone the legacy we leave behind is the life we’re living today. I’m determined to be intentional in living my legacy.

I lost my mom in 2005. If I were to make a list of things I miss about her it would stretch around the world ten times over, but at the top of that list is this: I miss the security of knowing she was always praying for me. I miss calling her and telling her about a burden and hanging up knowing I was covered in prayer.  I am so blessed to have my dad praying for me still and I don’t for a moment take that for granted.

The prayer thing hasn’t always been easy for me. There was a time when I thought I had to be all “prayed up” to bring a request to The Father. You know, have my list of things “to do” for God all checked off for at least a week solid. Someone would ask me to pray and I’d want to but the thought of going back and catching up on my One Year Bible reading and asking forgiveness for a hundred things just discouraged me from talking to God. I wanted to be squeaky clean and really have my mind on holy things before I bothered Him with something.  I don’t feel that way anymore Peeps.  I go to Him just as I am.

When my kids were young it was a bit easier to let them know I was praying. We had nightly prayers before bed and we would bring their requests to The Father almost daily. As they started High School and went to bed later than I did, it was harder.  I wasn’t as consistent as I wish I’d been but there were opportunities when big things were going on in their lives and they were hurt or overwhelmed and I actually would stop, hold their hands or lay my hand on their shoulder and pray. After I did that, just to be honest, I’d call my mom and dad and ask them to pray too!

Over the years I’ve tried different things to help my family and friends feel prayed for…here are a few ideas and then I’d love for you to tell me yours,

*Keeping the extended family on an email list and sending out prayer requests.

*I printed out the names of each member of our extended family and laminated them and gave them out to everyone at a family party hoping everyone would use the list to pray for each other.

*I will shoot an email or mail a card sometimes when someone comes to mind and I’m burdened to pray. People have done that for me, my dad in particular, and it means so much.

*Mike and I often pray at the end of the day for our kids and their significant others, just a few minutes but it really feels good to pray together.

*The girls will sometime text me with an issue with work or school and I text back a little prayer.

 I have so much room for improvement Sweet Friends. I’d love for you to share anything you do to keep those around you covered in prayer. I get discouraged sometimes feeling I’m not doing enough but my heart’s desire is to leave a legacy of prayer like my mom left.

And having said that, I pray for each of you (and for me) as we live (today) the legacy that we will one day leave…




  1. Being the writerly type, I’ve kept prayer journals for years. There’ve been times when my prayers seem too deep for words. Too much to try and explain to God, so I’ll write down family names and trace my finger over each one:


    On those heavier days, I know our Father’s love is more than enough. He understands what I can’t express.

  2. I think you are well on your way to leaving an awesome legacy!

  3. I have been reading your blog for a while and I love it! I think praying is so important, and praying with your kids is the greatest. I pray in the car a lot, and if my kids have something going on I pray with them in the car. I really want them to know there is nothing too big for God.

  4. Would like to believe your Mom read this one~

    Or too small Renee…….

  5. I’m always honored to hear you share what is intimate and close to your heart, like prayer. I actually find myself surrounded by “momentos” that serve as good reminders as I go about the day. A favorite cup I drink my morning coffee in given to by my mom, the cutest little bird magnet on my fridge, etc. Its a little random at times, but such a good reminder of who to say a prayer for, often in that moment.

    Thank you for this beautiful series! And, reading your twitter feed just now, I think that is the biggest gift you just gave Stephie! What a great Gigi you are!

  6. Hi Robin,
    Ther really is something to the statement, ‘those that pray together, stay together’. It is awesome that you and your husband pray together!
    Great post.
    Warm regards,
    Nola @ The Bloom Girls

  7. This is really good. I have a couple of little notebooks [matchbook sized] that I have lists of names in of people I want to pray for and as I go through them and see their names I’ll say individual prayers or simply go over them as I’m praying the rosary to keep them in mind.

    I also try to be mindful of praying for people as I’m going along… like when stopping at your blog I ask God to bless you, or while I’m making a canvas I ask God to bless the person receiving it and to let it be a reminder that they are loved by Him. That sort of thing.

  8. thanks for the reminder that our prayer doesn’t have to be perfect… i struggle with this as well.

    again, i LOVE this series! thank you for taking the time to record your legacy for us.

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