Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | April 23, 2009

Early look into Mother’s Day!

Hi Peeps! Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away. Too early to think about it? No way!!! Just give me a minute of your time…

As most of you know, I lost my my mom very suddenly in 2005..


She was only 65.  I miss her every single day and so wish I could go back and tell her so many things!  One thing I did that I’m really thankful for is a box full of some of my memories of her…

I wanted to share it with you with hopes that one of you may consider doing this for your mom…(I posted this idea in more detail here.)

Memory boxes are  kind of a big deal these days. When I gave my mom hers, I filled a trunk with little things. This past December I gave my Dad one and used a leather tote to hold some little things that represent my memories of him as my dad.

But I thought it would be fun to cover this box to give you an idea about making your own memory box…

Now, you know how to cover a box! Use your trusty Mod Podge and just wrap the thing…don’t stress if it gives you a few wrinkles! (Use Mod Podge to glue the paper onto the box and as a top-coat on top of the paper once it’s on the box!)



I added some little birds that I had from my really cute Bird Magnet Craft!



If I was doing this one for my mom, I would tuck in some little things that reminded me of  the ways my mom showed me love…


I did this 15 years ago when I gave her the trunk full of memories…here is what I tucked into her box then along with the little notes I put with each thing…

This may seem like a trunk full of random things Mom, but each of these little things represents a significant way you have impacted my life…

The Spatula … this is a pleasant reminder of lazy Saturday afternoons when you would bake up a batch of wonderful chocolate chip cookies…the aroma, the taste, the warmth of home. You passed that along to me…the warmth of home.

Spools of colored thread…this makes me remember all of the clothes you’ve sewn for me over the years~ In second grade my teacher told me that I was the best dressed little girl in the whole class! Now, I love to sew for my children. It’s one way, I can show them love. Thank you for teaching me how…

Candle ...this makes me think of the many nights you spent awake with a sick daughter. Ice chips for a nagging cough, a humidifier for a stuffy nose, Vicks Vapor Rub for congestion. I always knew that I could call on you, even in the middle of the night if I needed you, and you would be there.

Potpourri…this reminds me of the beauty you brought into our home. Like the potpourri made with a mixture of flowers, herbs, fruits and oils, there was a mixture in our house too, beauty with attention to detail. You taught me how to make a house a home.

Candy dish…makes me think of the many confections you made for us. Divinity and fudge at Christmas time, beautiful cakes on every special occasion…you were never afraid to attempt anything. I loved watching you even in the kitchen you were creative…

Wool Scarf…makes me think of the warmth you showed during my childhood and beyond. Remember all the times you’ve talked me through a crisis? Remember all the times you were with me when I was most vulnerable? I can always count on you. Thank you

Dish towels…make me think of all the hard work you did when you kept our home clean and neat. So much work for one person. I was always so proud to have my friends over. I want my home to say welcome and be a place my children are proud of…

The Sunflower…You’ve always planted flowers and vegetables and this pretty sunflower can serve as a reminder of that. Flowers are one of my passions and it was your love for them and how you always had them arranged so beautifully here and there throughout the house, that made such an impression on me~yet another gift you passed along…

The Nativity…By far the most important gift you gave me…your faith. For as far back as I can remember, your faith has been strong. To live your life required a strong faith and you passed that faith on.

 Thank you for all the gifts you’ve given me.. Those gifts, which became the very threads of my essence. God hand picks parents just as surely as he creates the child they give life to … I’m glad God picked you for me. I love you mom~



This really is an easy thing to do and I think something your mom would be so happy to get…and I can promise you, you won’t regret doing it. Just a thought Peeps…love to you today and prayers too…


  1. This is so lovely, and so meaningful Robin. I love that you are able to share this with us, and in a way share your mom… I can’t help but think of each of those things you gave your mom, and realize that someday Elliot will see those things and think of her Gigi. You’re carrying on a lovely legacy.

  2. Absolutely priceless gift from the heart. Love, love, love it!

  3. I think what I love the most is that it doesn’t cost a lot, but the memories are “priceless” as Julie said. I wonder what the boys would choose to put in a box for me? I don’t think I am ready to find out yet 🙂 Its wonderful to see where you came from and who inspired you!

  4. Robin:
    I love this! My very healthy Mom was just diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer. It was so sudden and so severe and caught us all off guard. I’ve been trying to think of something meaningful to give her to express all that a Mama is to a daughter. This is it!
    Thanks for your transparency.

    Happy Sunny Spring day to you!

    • Celesta I’m praying for you and your mom…love and hugs to you both.

  5. That is so beautiful and meaningful! I’m sorry to hear about your sweet Mom 😦

  6. I miss her too everyday, love you

  7. Rob, first, I know your mom is so proud to see what you have done with the legacy of creativity that you passed down to you. I know you mom is watching and enjoying seeing your success.

    For me the creativity was not just in the item you chose but in what it expressed. I needed help with both parts. I am going to do this for my mom and dad. I think I may do one for my girls and my sister.

    Thank you, love love.

  8. What a very special idea! So sorry that your mom but I can see her influence and love still lives. ♥

    I think I will use this fabulous idea for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary! I would not have thought to make a special box for the miscellany she has uncovered as we compile memory books. I can add my own items with hers, and the DVD I am making for the surprise celebration planned. 🙂

    Blessings to you!

  9. I just came across your blog, and this post brought me to tears. I don’t have a close relationship with my mom, but I hope that my daughter will feel this way about me someday! So special that you were able to share this with your mother while she was here, and how meaningful that her legacy lives on through your family. Thanks for posting this.

  10. Hi! I would love to feature this DIY project on my blog with a link to your website. If this interests you, please send me an email at

    Shari Lott

  11. Hi Robin,
    What a thoughtful gift I lost my father in October 2007 and he was one of my very best friends. I now wish I would have told him more often how much he meant to me. I still have my mother and after visiting with her today I was thinking about her mother’s day gift. Thank you for your inspiration.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Nola, I’m sorry you lost your dad. The world is really a different place without your mom or dad in it…

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