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Living My Legacy~7 Making My House a Home


Today is A Beautiful Life Friday over at Inspired Rooms. Thank you Melissa for hosting~ I’m linking this, the latest post in my “Living My Legacy” series because I believe that all of us, every day, are living the legacy we will one day leave. I’m determined to live mine with beautiful intention.  Blessings to you today Peeps~

Have you ever spent time in someone’s home and when you left there you carried a bit of it with you? I have a friend, Darlene, who is an entertaining queen. She and her hubby Todd have this amazing home and when they entertain…they really entertain. Darlene is…what’s the word? Exuberant! Darlene’s house feels exuberant. When I leave Darlene and Todd’s I feel exuberant too! Giddy, happy, hopeful. She has a gift. She builds people up. Pours positive energy into them. She loves on you from the moment you walk in the door. And no kidding, I take that with me when I leave. That’s what I mean by I want my home to be a place you leave and take the heart of it with you… I have a sneaky suspicion that when we visit family or friends we always take the heart of their home with us. And that’s not always a good thing. Ever been somewhere and left feeling torn down? Disliked? Less than? Small? Oh, Sweet Ones my deepest desire is that no one will ever feel that way when they leave my home. I want the heart of my home to be hopeful. Positive. Accepting. Loving. I want them to feel better about themselves than when they came in. All of my decorating, baking and making little things isn’t without purpose. I’m: setting the stage for more important things…things like making people feel loved right where they are in life. I never want to make someone feel less than or bad about themselves. This post is less about accouterments like decorating and menus and more about attitude. My bud Darlene has a beautiful home with lots of beautiful things. All the bells and whistles, hers and Todd’s house is the epitome of my ‘dream home’. But never, ever once have I felt the least bit of snobbishness or “I’m better than you” from Darlene or Todd. They have this way about them that focuses on you. Builds you up. Makes you feel content where you are. It’s darn weird really, but I have said more than once, “I’m so glad God blessed Todd and Darlene. They can so handle it.”A gracious attitude focused on the other person goes a long way. Kind, gentle, loving words poured into those who are in your home gives them something to take with them when they leave. That’s what I continually pray I do in my little home… and what I so desire to do here in my tiny corner of the blog world peeps. Love to you and prayers as we are living the legacy we want to leave…one day at a time~If you would like to meander around the other posts in this series go to All Things Legacy~





  1. Hi Robin!
    I just stumbled over from “Today’s Creative Blog”, and I love your outlook in this post. I really strive to make people feel welcome in my home. I have left others homes and felt like I had been invited simply because I knew someone else that had been invited. Really like an after thought on behalf of the hosts. I never want anyone that leaves my home to feel that way. You are an inspiration for putting into words, that which I had not. And I haven’t even seen the rest of your blog yet!!! I already love you! Deb

  2. I always look forward to your “Living My Legacy.” You are so inspirational and really get down to the nuts and bolts. You have truly encouraged me. Leaving my beautiful house, currently living in a rental that needs much work, I do not want to loose the “comfort” factors that make it a home. The biggest factor being my attitude. Thank you for this reminder that the heart of my home starts with me. Blessings, SusanD

  3. I want my little home to be a place of refuge, joy, and laughter. Your words ring true. I have a dear friend coming from Hawaii this week. She wants to just “be” not do, so I am preparing the cozies and awaiting the thrill of just “being”.

    Hope you are well and happy!

    • Thanks for the encouragement SusanD!
      And Celesta, hey girl! Prayers for your time with your friend this week to bring a stillness and refreshing to you both~ I love people who are content with “being”.

  4. What you have is contagious. Because of you, my dear Robin, I was so excited to have a guest for the weekend. I had fresh flowers in her room, pretty bottled water with a wine glass by her bed (I think I saw that in one of your pictures), and a small Easter basket for her.

    Some of us have to be taught hospitality. Thank you–from one of your front row students.

  5. You know, you leave me with the feeling of being well loved on, every time I come here, Robin. Your writing and your blog are such a lovely extension of who I think you are that I leave here always with a warmed heart and feeling loved on. I have no doubt that guests to your house feel the same way when they leave. Blessings and love Robin! I am leaving filled up and inspired 🙂

    • Thank you Vicky…I pray every single day for everyone that happens by my blog. Strange but I feel a strong connection with my sweet friends online.

  6. I’m with Vicky…you do have a way of making even readers feel special….so how about I come on over for a while to experiment and see how i feel when I leave your place???:)

    • Oh please do Suzanne! Do you like pups? If not they can hang out upstairs 🙂

  7. Robin, your kind words touched me so deeply. Thank you. You are truly an inspiration to me. Sharing our home with you brings us much joy. If we couldn’t share, it would not be fun anymore. Love you so much.

  8. That is definitely a gift and one you seem to have as well. Your sweet blog is evidence of that (:

  9. when can i come visit??? i’d love to get some robin love! 😉

    • Brandi~Come any time and pls. bring the little boys and that pup!!!

  10. How ’bout some Darlene home pictures soon. Of course, Darlene and Todd included too.

    • Jewles…I’m going to Todd and Darlene’s Saturday night and she said I could blog the dinner!!!! Watch for it!

  11. I love this… and it is so true! Not just in our homes but in our every day lives; there are some people I can just be on the phone with and I hang up feeling more loved and accepted in the world. It’s a beautiful gift to have!

  12. Thank you Robin for such an uplifting blog. I look forward to reading your blogs and pray that maybe someday I will be able to make my home feel that way to my kids and friends. I am so grateful that I have been able to reconnect with some really great people from the past. Your are so inspirational!

  13. Love your blog. Found it through Today’s Creative Blog. Loved it so much I kept reading and reading and reading :). I agree with everyone else you feel so good and inspired after reading your blog. On the topic. I agree about making people feel good when they come to stay. I flew back home to Washington and my mom had little chocolates on the pillow for me and my boys 🙂 It’s the little things.

  14. You are so right that each home has an atmosphere set by the hosts. I long to be one of those homes where people want to spend their time….hence the name…Hospitality

    Loved this post!

  15. What a beautiful post. Your friend is also lucky to have someone who appreciates her so very much.

  16. So well said- it is a gift to bring that kind of sunshine into peoples lives-
    Thanks for sharing

  17. My wish is that my home can be a welcoming haven to all who need it.

    I know this post will bless many who read it.

    Please stop by and enter my 200th post giveaway.

  18. Gracious hospitality is something I too strive for. Home should be a haven for all who enter.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  19. Someone once told me that making your house feel like a home is not about being able to eat off the floor, but about the feeling of love and acceptance you feel when you enter. Ever since that day, I’ve strived to “reign in” the OCD Neat Freak in me, and focus on cherishing and nurturing the relationships within these walls. No matter who they are or what brings them here, I want them to feel loved and accepted… and AT HOME.

  20. Love this article, Robin. It gets right to the heart of what having a home (and a beautiful life!) is all about. Thanks for sharing it!


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