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Wedding Shower~Southern Comfort Foods~

My niece Jamie is getting married in May and we just had her couples shower. I thought I’d share in case you may be able to get some ideas…

This is the beautiful couple…Jamie & Trey


This is my favorite picture of the day! I’m throwing it in here because I reeeally like it! I took it with my camera and Trey’s dad’s fancy lens…


The theme for the day was Southern Comfort Food which I stole from another party~(At least I’m honest when I steal great ideas!)

And Darren & Bethany once again opened up their beautiful home~

~The Menu~

Texas Caviar

Spinach Dip

Barbecue Sandwiches

Baked Beans

Macaroni and Cheese

Peach Cobbler

Banana Pudding

Cake Ball Bites

Lemonade and Sweet Tea

And the Party Flavors were:

Chocolate Covered Strawberries



And here’s my 2nd favorite photo of the day…I promise this is the last one like this…


I found these at JoAnn’s aren’t they adooorable???


You know how I love to try out Bakerella’s latest Cake Ball creations…


These are the “Bites” she made when she visited the Pioneer Woman, recipe here!


This wasn’t at the shower, this was in my dinning room right after I made the yumalicious little nibbles.


And I racked my brain for a party favor…I can not stand to throw a party and not send everyone home with a little somin~somin…

Suddenly it came to me…Strawberries…


dipped in this deliciousness…


And we’re off…




I slipped the berries into little bags and tied with ribbons and used this little daisy ribbon for accents. (These glue dots come in so handy. They were perfect for adhering each daisy to the ribbons!)


 Here’s how we put them out at the shower, right next to the front door~


Could you read that? It said :

Party Flavors (Yes, I meant to say Flavors)

Take one home and nibble just before bed-time

~Sweet Dreams~


Okay, I completely forgot to get pictures of the Macaroni & Cheese, which is a work of yumalicious art…but I remembered to snap the baked beans before we left home…

 The Baked Beans are almost a meal in themselves…they have ground chuck and bacon along with all the other lip smackin good stuff I put in!

Also, when the tables were set up I was rushing around doing things and didn’t get ANY pictures of the finished table-scape before it was ravaged by the hungry guests…I get soooo distracted!


There will likely be no ideas forthcoming from the following pictures…I’m putting them in for no reason at all…

My Baby Emma, giving me a smooch (we’re a huggin, smoochin kinda family!)

Emma makes me feel very short when she’s in heals and I’m not…


My one and only Daddy & The Husband…


My one and only Baby Sister and her 1st granddaughter…Ava Morgan!(Just look at how Ava is gazing at Debra!!!)

Ellie can’t be around crowds yet so she hasn’t gotten to meet her cousin Ava but they are going to be buds just as soon as Ellie gets a little more chubilicious!


Me huggin on Brenda…I told you, we’re huggers!


Bethany holding Baby Ava


Emma and Jamie…two of the Brides to Be …


Jamie and Trey opening prizes!!!


Me and my Baby Sis


Prayers for Trey and Jamie’s life together…Blessings you two~I love you both to pieces…smooches and hugs~Auntie R




  1. Is it a prerequisite that everyone in your family has to be so freaking beautiful? Seriously!

    And, while I think I just gained 15 pounds from reading the menu, I am most impressed that you actually make the things Pioneer Woman puts up. I usually just salivate and them make a micro-s’more.

    While I loved all these photos, next time you could throw one in of Elliot just for good measure.

    Just a suggestion.

  2. Looks like a great party.

    Gitz I made PW’s bashed potatoes, they rock. Rob and her are both great cooks.

    Robin’s Mac n Cheese is the best thing ever!

  3. great pictures. that is the best lemonade thing…(can’t think of the name of what it’s called lol) we had it at my graduation party 🙂 love

  4. Please do tell… Texas caviar (PW?)? Oh, and is the Mac n Cheese a family secret or would you share the recipe? (sorry to say mac-n-cheese in my house tends to come from a box… I know… don’t say it.)

    Beautiful ideas for a shower! Love the sunflowers, and great photos, Robin. I’ve done Ree’s mashed potatoes and her creamed spinach 🙂 And am super excited that Deb, (smitten kitchen) is on her way to Ree’s for a visit and for a cookfest. Yum!!

    • Vicky~ The Mac and cheese is good ole Martha Stewart’s recipe! (or her mom’s I think!) It has really good sharp cheddar and Pecorino Ramano and it’s a bit of trouble but well worth it. You can easily find this on Martha’s site, I add dry mustard (1 teaspoon) and an extra 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg! The Texas Caviar is super easy…tons of recipes out there but my daughter Bethany’s is the easiest and best! I’m blogging it tomorrow!!! Love to you

  5. Lovely, in true Ms. Robin fashion down to the last detail. Beautiful Couple!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing the party and pictures with us. Looks like it was a wonderful day!

  7. great menu…that texas caviar was one of the first southern dishes someone served me, and i promptly asked for the recipe…YUM!

    one question about the berries…how long were they enclosed in those baggies, and were they refrigerated until you handed them out? the former chocolatier employee wants to know. they don’t do real well encased in chocolate to begin with, and then putting them in a sealed bag seems to expedite the process of the strawberry sweating. hope they were as good as they looked!

    • Jenn, I dipped late the night before and put them in the bags right before the party…they did start the sweating but no until late that night!
      Do you have any tips about these ’cause I’d love some. They were really tasty and beautiful for about 12 hours!

  8. WOW! Such a great party thrower!!!! Looks like fun was had by all….and full tummies! Such a great theme idea! I have got to remember that one!

    Sorry to be such a stranger lately! I have been keeping up with you guys but I have not had time to leave comments! Life is starting to get back to normal for me, so I will be checking in more often and even posting more as well! Hope you are doing well.

  9. Hey Jenn,
    I think they were better than they looked.

    Robin, you didn’t mention the Peach Cobbler and
    Colleen’s Lite Banana Puddin’ (hands down, the best I’ve ever eaten)!! Yes you did, sorry bout that~~~~~

  10. Would anybody think me weird if I dove face first into the baked beans?

  11. The strawberries were delicious!! The party was fabulous and so was the food. As I have said before, you really know how to throw a party. I would like to know how to make the cake balls. Amazing dessert.
    The pictures look great (somehow that word does not do them justice).
    We really had a good time and needless to say were stuffed when we left. Sweet memories being made……………

  12. I’ve never tasted mac and cheese that didn’t come from a box, Vicky. Don’t feel bad.

    And RUTHIE… will you come be my neighbor? When I saw those potatoes on Ree’s site I wanted to jump through the screen to eat them.

    I need a personal chef. My ramens are just looking weak.

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