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Living My Legacy~6~Home…a place to touch base

Living My Legacy~6 Making My House a Home…Touching Base…

My “Legacy” series started with a simple “Trip to the Grocery Store”. I believe that all of us are living our legacy every single day and I’m determined to live mine with intention. I made a list of ‘how I would want Mike to remember me if I was gone’ and started figuring out how to change my life to make those things happen. When working down my list to making my house a home I asked myself…what is “home” to me? Number 4 on that list is: Home is a place where my family or friends can touch base… What I mean by touching base comes from my experience as an adult daughter and from being a mom of four adult children.

I moved out of my parent’s house before my 18th birthday! But always have loved going back for holidays and visits. It’s nostalgic. A feeling of touching base. As we’ve gotten older my sister and I have taken on the holiday get-togethers. I also feel completely at home at Baby Sister’s house. She and Dean have one of those homes that make you feel loved and like you belong.

As a parent I understand that things change drastically when a child leaves home, but I’ve always wanted them to feel a familiarity and peace when they come back for any reason. We may move from their childhood home one day, but that’s not the point. It’s the anchor of having somewhere for them to come to on holidays or for no reason at all. A safe place for them if they need comfort. “Come in”, I want to say without saying it…”grab a pup and snuggle in! We’ll order pizza or grill out and there will most certainly be something yumaliciously sweet to nibble on. Wanna talk? Dad and I are here to listen. Wanna just sit and be quiet? We can do that too. Breathe, relax, laugh, you’re home.”

When you have that kind of atmosphere in your home it isn’t only family that benefits. My bud Ruthie and her hubby Keith are the most hospitable people I’ve ever known. If you go to Ruthie’s she’ll welcome you with open arms. She’ll always feed you, make sure you’re comfortable and listen if you need to talk. Ruthie makes it look easy. I love to go over and sit at her kitchen bar and watch her move around the kitchen without so much as a thought. She puts together the best food while carrying on a conversation, setting the table and helping Candy with homework! Touching base at Ruthie’s house is therapeutic for me and I know for so many others.

Creating a home where friends and family can come and touch base then go and feel renewed, strengthened and hopeful is what I deeply desire…Okay, now it’s your turn. Do you have a place where you feel you can go and touch base? What makes it feel that way for you? Love to you my precious peeps…I’m praying for all of us as we live the legacy we want to leave.

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  1. This is fantastic, Gigi… I can only imagine the memories that Elliot will have of your home as she grows up.

    I REALLY want my home to be a safe haven for my friends. Their lives are crazy and busy and stressful, and I want them to walk into my home and know they can put their feet up and relax without pretense or worry. In my home, I want them to know that who they are is always enough… no expectations or requirements.

    But they should know by now to bring their own food. 🙂

    My friend Katie’s house was that safe place for me when I was growing up… not because anyone waited on us or fed us, but because we could just be. Curl up in blankets and watch movies and be ourselves… no expectations.

  2. My neighbor is sooo much like this. I am over there almost every afternoon 🙂

    With the boys getting older and not needing me quite as much I find I am getting better at welcoming all who come to my door. I definitely have a home where the most wild of boys can come and hang out at and their parents can feel completely fine with them playing at. Hockey is okay, laser tag, roller blades, golf… 🙂

  3. I want Ruthie’s address!!!!!

    Seriously, my mother-in-law had a home like that. I would sit at her kitchen table and watch as she effortlessly prepared a meal while talking to me. She was a very special person.
    You Miss Robin are a very Special Person as well. You are always thinking of others and how to make things sweeter, easier and better for them. Your home is a welcoming place where you can feel the love when you come inside. Thank you for the love you show so openly to everyone, be it family or strangers.


  4. My husband and I have been talking about this lots lately – we so want our home to be a place where our children WANT to come back to when they are older, a place where they feel comfortable, safe and know they can always be themselves. We also want our friends to feel this way. Your legacy series is really helping us create this type of home. Thank you.

  5. Rob, you are too kind. Today, I ran to your house and you comforted my tormented soul. Thank you for being there and for listening.

    Peeps the house is as cute as you can imagine. She has more Spring decor in one corner than I have in a box some where in the basement! She is amazing. Her coffee is pretty darn good, with creamer coming out of a little ceramic kitten. :0)

  6. funny because only today I was thinking about how I want my kids to come back to home, to, as you say, touch base

    great beautiful life post, thanks!


  7. I get exactly what you are saying and that is the atmosphere of home that I have strived to create. Thank you for sharing your beautiful sentiments.

  8. I couldn’t help but think about my parents as I read this post. Our home was always a place where those that entered felt at “home”. And now, as an adult, I always feel renewed and refreshed in some way after visiting. Always warm and inviting, always full of love and laughter… even during difficult times. I pray that my children will feel that way about OUR HOME one day!!

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