Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | April 14, 2009

Ellie’s First Easter!

Ellie’s First Easter!


Ellie pictures have been requested but let’s be honest, I’d feel compelled to put some up here and there anyhoo!

I’ve told you we’re a smoochin family…


But really who wouldn’t want to smooch on that adorable little face…


She has an Easter dress…but it’s way too big…



Jon and Stephie and Elliot!


This was one of the 5 seconds that Stephie got to hold Ellie!


I was accused of hogging Ellie all day…


But I give you proff that other people got to hold the tiny snookums…

woops, wrong picture…


Uncle Timothy and Aunt Jamie snuggled with her…


As did Auntie Em…


And I’m pretty certain that wasn’t me holding her in this picture…


Or this one…oh my goodness…I need to smooch on that chubilicious cheek!


The day was perfect excpet for the one little rub…Tiger just coldn’t make it back to win the Masters

We were not happy about that I tell you…


But even with that burden to bear, at the end of the day we were all smiling…even Baby Elliot~




  1. She looks so nice and comfortable. We can see she feels very well.
    Praise Our Lord.

  2. What great pictures….looks like you had the best kind of day…..Happy Easter season….

  3. That smile on Ellie’s little face is just so precious! What a wonderful Easter…the gift of life, all the way around!

  4. She is PRECIOUS! That little smile – wow! Adorable!
    Happy Easter!

  5. Oh, that IS some scrumptious little babyness! She is just adorable. Glad you had a special Easter with her and the family!


  6. Ahhhh, just perfection. So beautiful. My favorite picture is seeing Jon, Stephie and Elliot all together as a healthy family!! What a great Easter gift 🙂

  7. So very precious!!
    I can tell you all had a very blissful and blessed Easter! PTL!

    And I simply *adore* the photo of beautiful little Ellie ‘smiling’. Even though it’s prolly just gas. ;p


  8. Oh my goodness! Such adorable cuteness! Luckily my husband is away on business while I’ve lost my head to baby sweetness! 🙂

  9. […] mother-in-law posted pictures from Elliot’s first Easter over at her blog today. In case you didn’t make it over, here are a few of my […]

  10. Baby Ellie is beautiful. The first picture in the series is perfect. Happy First Easter to Ellie and her Mommie and Daddy. Such a special family.


  11. God is Good….Thank You Jesus~

  12. She is all things perfect! Glad you all had a great day! love, love

  13. I’m pretty sure I’ve never wanted to reach into a computer and kiss on a baby so badly in my entire life!!! She is gorgeous… truly and absolutely precious.

    Aunt Sara wants a turn smooching on her, too!!!

    And please, for the love of all things holy, keep posting photos of that babe. It just instantly makes my day a little happier 🙂

  14. AWE…. tinsy, tiny! Love those pictures!

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