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Living My Legacy~5~Home where everyone is Nourished & Flourishes

Living My Legacy 5~Making My House a Home~A place where you are nourished & flourish!

Welcome to my next post on Living My Legacy! This series started here and in my Category Section at the very bottom of this page click on All Things Legacy to see all of the posts, if you want to!

I’m writing this series because I believe that we are all living our legacy every single day.What we do today will be what we are remembered for when we’re gone.Why wouldn’t we be intentional about the legacy we live and will one day leave?

I’ve been talking about “Making My House A Home” and exactly what that means. First on my list was “A Home is a Safe Place”. Next was “A Home is a Place of Comfort”. Today, I want to write about home being a place where you are “nourished and flourish”!

Moms have the unique privilege of nourishing their families in more than one way. Our minds go to food when we see the word nourish and that’s a wonderful way to nourish our families. Enjoying time and good food with family and friends is a sure way to make memories. And guess what? Being a great cook isn’t a prerequisite! My Gramma,wasn’t a great cook, (She would be the first to tell you this!) but some of my best food memories come from Gram.

Gramma was born before her time, she gave birth only once, to my amazing Dad.She had a career until late in life when my granddad forced her into retirement by having a heart attack. Add to this, the fact that Gramma felt more at home in high heels than flats and you see what I mean by “being born before her time”! She never spent hours on end in the kitchen but that woman could work miracles with simple foods! Somehow she’d transform an unappetizing frozen pizza with two or three different cheeses and some handfuls of colorful veggies until there was not even a hint of it’s origin. She served snacks every afternoon when I was at her house. Sometimes we sat down to Ritz Crackers spread with creamy peanut butter and a banana round on top. Always arranged beautifully on a decorative plate with an ice cold mug of milk! Every meal, every snack with Gramma, was a beautiful ritual. A memory making, well thought out, ritual. I could go on, but I just want to encourage you, no matter what your level of skill in the kitchen, to put a little effort into family dinners or after school snacks…this will nourish way beyond the tummy!


Obviously we can nourish our family (and friends) in so many other ways at home. It’s an attitude. Open and attentive to the needs of whoever is at home at the time. Do they need a listening ear? Do they need help with a problem? A simple kindness like straightening a bedroom so a child comes home from school to an orderly space. (You know I believe in kiddos having chores so I’m not talking about you being the maid!) Maybe leave the bedside lamp on if your teen is getting home after dark. Turn down their sheets and leave a tiny treat or note on their pillow. I did this kind of thing a lot when my kids were young. When they got older and I had to work for a time at a tough job, Emma almost always had my Pa-jay-jays out on my bed and my sheets turned down when I got home. Children learn to nourish when they are nourished. What a beautiful life skill to instill in them.


Be it your family or your friends who visit, in a home where people are nourished they will flourish. Under your loving care you’ll notice everyone relaxing and maybe even laughing a bit more. Watching another person flourish is addictive. Try building up your spouse, your kids or your buds by loving them extravagantly with encouraging words and enthusiasm. It doesn’t take skill, loads of time, talent or money to nourish. Just intention.

I so want it to be said of me one day…”she made our house a home…”

Do you have any memories of being nourished? Or maybe an idea to share? Prayers for us all Peeps as we live the legacy we want to leave.



  1. Thank you so much for those encouraging and challenging words. We recently moved from our beautiful home into a rental house. My hearts desire is to get the comfort level up as quickly as possible. Blessings, SusanD

  2. Thank you for another wonderful post Robin. My little ones thank you for the thoughts you share that make their lives more loving.

  3. I have intermittent internet now, better than none. So I am commenting quick 🙂 I can’t tell you how much turning down the sheets and laying out pa-jay-jays would mean to me if someone did that for me! Having a daughter do that because she was raised with that kindness, just speaks to me so. I will carry this forward with me today, “bestowing kindness and comfort in small deeds.” Thanks for the mommy mentoring again Robin!

  4. These are great ideas! You’ve encouraged me at doing a better job of setting a nicer table for our dinners – nothing fancy, just not super plain like we’ve had. I need to go look for some cute place mats and such to begin using. I love all of the ideas and encouragement you give us. Thank you!

  5. Great post Robin…I so wish I knew these things much earlier in my life! I was not blessed with a mother or grandmother who took care to nourish and set a legacy of this type in motion. But God…has taught me over the years through the examples of several, how to do this for my family! and He has called me to share this with other women and to encourage and inspire them to create a beautiful, loving and nurturing homes/havens for their families!

    Looks like He’s called you to do the same!

  6. Beautiful post! Thank you for putting one of my heart’s desires into words. In the end when all of the goals, plans, attitudes and “stuff” of this life fall away we are left with the REAL treasures…our relationships with one another and God. My own mother used to put little encouragement notes in my school lunch from time to time. Such a simple connection but it meant a lot to me.

    • Rachel…such small things mean so much. You have a good mom.

  7. Love it!! Thanks for showing me that it’s not necessarily about slaving over the meal, but about simple touches in setting the table that really count! Robin you really are a wealth of knowledge and experience!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!!

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