Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | April 7, 2009

Muffins for my little Sugar~Muffins!(that’s you!)

What will it be Sugar~Muffins…Chocolate or Strawberry?



I’m in a bit of mourning today. Spring had sprung in the ATL and then oh my heavens, I’ve no idea what went wrong…but the bottom dropped out.

Yesterday it was 75*. This morning it was 55*, it’s now 42*. By the time you read this it will be 25* in the burbs!!!! 

Shut The Door peeps! “This” , to quote my very dramatic daughter, Emma, “is not okay”. I’ve no idea where she gets all her drama. Anyhoo…

Today, I did what anyone in the depths of despair would do.

I baked.



I made strawberry muffins from a recipe on All Recipes (I keep trying recipes for Strawberry muffins with no luck!) They were prettycloseup-muffins

…but not enough taste for me.



I’m sure, sweet little Sugar~Muffins, that you have a better strawberry muffin recipe in your file so I’m not even going to link you to this one!


Then I whipped up some Chocolate

~ Chocolate Chip Nut Muffins. These were yumalicious! So, click here for the recipe!







I know I’ve no business plummeting to the depths of despair over our horrific weather. I know some of you still have snow on the ground. I know Vicky just last week had to evacuate her lovely home because of the rising Red River…I’m ashamed. I truly am. But I’m a hopeless Southerner and I’m not accustomed to April bringing 25* … forgive me if you can Sugar~Muffins. And if you can’t I’ll send you some baked goods for a bribe…

Love to you Peeps, I’ll be eating and looking for the temps to start rising…





  1. Robin, please fax me two strawberry muffins….
    NOW, please~

  2. It was in the mid to upper 30s yesterday! We even had huge snow flurries/light snow. It didn’t stick, as the ground was too warm, but STILL! Even in the midwest, it’s some what unusual to have these low temps in April. They still have a freeze watch/warning in effect until tomorrow!

    Hang in there, summer will bypass spring in a heartbeat! :p

    Those muffins all look yummmy!!

  3. when are you going to post more about elliot?

  4. You are going to have to stop posting about food – you are making me so hungry! 🙂 And, I would love for you to send me some baked good anytime!

  5. I, too, baked when it was yucky outside for the last few days, and I made banana nut bread and cranberry white chocolate chip cookies. Your muffins look great to me.


  6. Oh Robin! If I weren’t on the floor laughing right now over your despair at the weather I would be hugging you, just for being you:) But honestly, once we do get spring, if anything interferes with it I too will slip into despair right along with you, so hang on to those muffin recipes, I may be back for them!! (ahem, I baked cookies in despair, twice this week!)

  7. Please bring me a chocolate muffin to eat with my coffee! Love u

  8. Strawberry!!!

  9. Sorry… I got a little excited. 🙂

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