Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | April 1, 2009

Easiest Craft you’ll EVER make!

34Easiest Little Craft Ever!

I love getting mail. Snail mail. I love getting it and sending it! I’ve been known to tuck a little somin~somin in the envelope when I send cards. Isn’t it fun to get a card with a little prize inside!!! Last year I sent out a few Happy Spring Cards and put one of these tiny bookmarks inside. I thought I’d make a bunch to send out with Easter cards this year! And I’m not kidding…this is the easiest little prize you’ll ever make

First I get some *fun narrow ribbon and a *little packet of charms and some little *fun beading. Ya have to be careful to get a bead that you can just tie the ribbon around or thread the ribbon through. Must have a bigger opening…but keep in mind if you’re planning on mailing them it needs to be smallish! I got all of this at WalMart for super duper cheap!


Look how easy this is Peeps! Think of how many you could make for tucking in your Easter cards! Or use them as my all time favorite thing…party favors!


Gotta go make some more! Love to you today~


And for no reason other than this is my 1st Granddaughter…Ellie




  1. Many little kisses to our dear girl – she now belongs to our hearts, all over the internet.

  2. I love how you tucked Ellie into that post. She is one sweet little girl! I am so glad she is doing so well.

  3. Awwwwww! She is so precious and alert. It’s heartwarming to see her all snuggley in her own bed. — I am so not crafty, but even I might be able to make those…..if I actually had time for that. We’ll see how things go later in the year. Blessings, SusanD

  4. Oh forget the craft…..I am captivated by that little package of loveliness…..she’s adorable!


  5. I do think every post should include Elliot just for the Awwww factor. How precious! Sooo good to see her. Just like those little bookmarks, clever and fun, but yes so simple. Keep the cute crafty ideas coming, I love them!

    Love you Robin

  6. Ellie is so cute, and alert.
    Hope Stephanie is doing well and enjoying her bundle of joy. Babies grow very fast so hold her close, cuddle and rock her often.


  7. Love the idea and Ellie is soooo cute! I hope Stephie is doing well!

  8. She looks an awful lot like her father in this photo…

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