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We don’t have a cat! Don’t tell Reba!

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beautiful-rebaWe Don’t Have a Cat…don’t tell Reba!

We can’t have a cat. The Husband has asthma and cats seem to cause  flare ups. Also, he doesn’t like cats. (Seems they don’t love you like pups do…)

But Reba doesn’t know this. Reba is our stray. She was a kitten when she decided she would be living under our deck last autumn. A little gray Siamese, who was terrified of people. We would see her in the yard or on the front porch but she never let us get close. I was in denial, “I’m sure she belongs to someone” I said over and over. But both The Husband and I knew the truth…she was a stray and she’d picked our house as her home.

When a neighborhood dog got loose and chased Reba up a tree one night and The Husband and I nearly had heart attacks. I insisted The Husband get our tallest ladder and try to climb the tree…Reba went higher to avoid the scary man on the ladder. I got my friend Ruthie to call her firefighter friend to beg him to bring the truck over and rescue Reba.

“She’ll freeze tonight” I reasoned. Seems that firefighters do not rescue cats in my neck of the woods…he said this: “Have you ever seen a cat dead in a tree, she will find her way down when she gets too cold.” (Well of course you never see a cat dead in a tree, she would fall out of the tree the minute she took her last breath! Did he think I was stupid!?)
 The Firefighter was right however at some point in the frigid night, Reba found her way down safely. That night sealed the deal for me, we have a cat. But The Husband kept fighting the inevitable…

“We are absolutely not feeding this cat” he said no less than a hundred times a day. scrumptousShe needs to move on and find another home…”

I never fed her. I did however start leaving the trash can open at night and I’m pretty sure she enjoyed feasting on whatever leftovers I threw out that day.

Then in December, the temperatures dipped below freezing and I heard the garage door go up…just a little. The Husband came upstairs with a strange look on his face… “I opened the garage a little bit so that Reba could come in tonight, it’s going to be too cold for her out there.” yummyOh that man is nothing if he’s not a softy!

We feed Reba once a day now. Annnd, when I say “we” I mean: The Husband! He even remembers to buy the smelly canned food every week. licking-her-lipsReba still won’t let us near her but we leave the garage open so she can come in and get warm when it’s cold. I talk to her when I see her playing in the yard. She glares at me as if to say… “ Are you speaking to me Woman?” I hear The Husband saying “Kitty, kitty, kitty…” when he puts her food out at night. If we ever win her trust we’ll take her to the vet for shots…we’re trying but she’s leary!

We call her Reba because she’s a survivor. She was only a kitten when she first came to us and now full grown, she’s beautiful and brave.  Remember the TV show: Reba? And the song…”I’m a survivor” At our house we do love survivors…even if they are feline.

So, here’s the question of the day…have you ever given a stray animal a home? yummy-2going-back-home1



  1. Is it ok that I just fell in love with your husband?

    ‘k. Just checking.

    We couldn’t have cats growing up because my mom is DEATHLY allergic… she gets blisters on her eyes and everything. AWFUL. And I’m pretty sure that’s why I’ve never really cared for cats that much.

    But a few years ago a stray dog came to my parents’ farm. When mom was telling me about it she kept saying, “He just really seems to love your dad… we kept thinking he’d move on but he’s sticking around… we’ve named him Buddy because he just follows your dad everywhere.”

    I said, “Mom, you are feeding and watering him, right? Don’t just think he’ll fend for his own…”

    To which mom said, “Oh no, your dad grills him a couple hamburgers every night to eat.”

    WHA?!?!? Yeah, and they couldn’t figure out why the dog was staying. I asked mom if he was following dad around because dad filled his pockets with bacon, too… but she said he didn’t go that far. 🙂

    • Gitz it’s fine that you’ve just fallen in love with Mike, I’m used to it…he’s pretty darn loveable. I’m sooooo lucky-blessed!

    • Woops hit reply too soon! And Buddy! What a great story! Would love it if they happened to have a pic of Buddy. Also, do your parents have pups? I’ve been meaning to ask you with you loving Riley so much! Hamburgers every night!!! Your Dad sounds a little like Mike!!!

  2. Reba is a very beautiful, blue eyed,
    irresistible feline. Even an avowed
    “non-cat person” would agree.

    Send the story and pics to CAT FANCY
    Magazine……G R E A T photos!!

  3. My husband has a way of rescuing just the right cat. We have Thelma, a rugged Calico. Those adjectives don’t go together, but that’s what she is. Came to him skinny and starving. She’s now fat and happy and has a lot of attitude.

    Rick brought home tiny weeny Tanner. Long hair orange tabby. Probably 5 weeks old when he found her. He’s now Jamie’s (our daughter’s) second cat. She’s in love with that cat. He sleeps around her neck at night.

    Lost kitties just know who to run to. 🙂

  4. This is a Great story!! Stray animals know which houses have loving people inside. The cat is beautiful. I have never had a cat, but plenty of stray dogs find their way into our yard.
    We have a dog named Buddy who chose us for his family. You know when you feed them they are going to stay, but your heart won’t let them go hungry. They are God’s creatures and need love and care.

  5. My hubby is the same way…..he puts on this tough guy appearance, but he’s such a softy.

    Several years back, I was at a lumber yard where I noticed a mother dog and her three pups. The owner said they were strays and I could have my pick. I took them all, kept one pup, and found homes for the others. — Yea, I’m not allowed in pet stores alone. hahahaha

    Blessings, SusanD

  6. We’ve never rescued a cat, but we did nurse a baby squirrel once until he could be on his own…..both sons are quite the animal nurturers. Great story, and I love the fact that the kitty gets to eat out of a red transferware bowl!!! 🙂


    • Suzanne You can imagine that the bowl is the Husbands doing!!! He could care less about dishes! I’ve a fairly new love for squirrels…I was once bitten by one but have worked through the bitterness and now can say I love the little things!

  7. Your Reba story is really sweet 🙂 I love that she has your hubby wrapped around her little paw!! 😉

    When I was a kid, a black cat with a little white spot on her chest showed up at my grandparents front door. I made them feed her, and of course, she stuck around 🙂 I named ner Snowball. My g-parents lived out in the country, and Snowball spent most of her time outdoors. Where she did some frisking around, because one day she had 4 kittens 🙂

    I have a real soft spot for strays — we currently have three dogs. One came from an owner that couldn’t keep her anymore, one from the Humane Society, and one from a rescue group. They’re all so cute and lovable 🙂

    Kelly @ DesignTies

    • Kelly, you and may be sistas! Anyone with 3 pups!!!! We have 4 and I’m telling ya it’s all I can do not to have more! And you have raised a very important issue!!!!!! What if the Reba has kittens!?!?!? We really can’t catch her to have her fixed! I’m secretly hoping she’s a he!!! 🙂 Here’s to animal lovers~

  8. Never have taken in a stray. My love for animals is not all that strong. My own dog is about all I can handle lovin’! My brother on the other hand, makes up for my hard heart and takes in any and everything, so I don’t feel too bad. : )

  9. Yep, I’ve taken in a stray cat. My niece and nephew found Willie the kitten. Both my niece and my brother in law were allergic to Willie so I took him in. A month later I’m at the emergency vet with Willie at 4:00 in the morning. Long, sad story but Willie died of heart failure that morning and I was devastated! I now have Muffin who has been with me since she was a kitten and is now 14!

  10. Thats pretty much how we have gotten all our cats… My mom is a sucker for lost or stray anythings, cats, dogs, even kids lol! We always have a full house!

  11. […] Part 2 Look what showed up at our house…some of you saw this coming after my post on Reba…didn’t […]

  12. That is a great story. I have taken in two strays. One, Ollie, we found living in a boat at a restaurant and the second, BigHead, who has roamed our neighborhood for four or five years. We called him BigHead because he was nothing but skin and bones and the only outstanding feature he had was his big head! A few years ago I made my husband put a pet door in the garage for BigHead because it was getting cold. Well, that was the end of the stray. He became ours. I tried for a very long time to trap him to take him to the vet, but it was not successful. A few months ago he got into a fight with another animal outside and ended up with a severely infected foot. I was finally able to get him into a carrier to go to the vet. Don’t think I did anything remarkable. He was in pain and walking on three legs, so I had a chance to capture him. After surgery on his leg, being neutered and spending four days in the hospital BigHead returned home, and I mean home. He has not left our property. I think he is afraid of what lurks out there in the night. Ollie and BigHead are two wonderful animals that know they are loved and will always be taken care of. Strays or rescued animals are the best. They will love you forever. Try putting a styrofoam cooler with bedding in it for your stray in the garage. With the lid on, turn it upside down, cut a square hole toward the top and fill it with bedding. They love it because it is insulated and it keeps in their body heat.

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