Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | March 24, 2009

Interrupting our regularly scheduled postings…

News about my give away on Wednesday…pls. come back and see… 🙂

I was going to post something else…but I’m interupting my regularly scheduled posts for new Ellie Pictures!!! (Now, you know she’s a mere 2 weeks old and I’m obsessed…)

I went with Stephie yesterday to see Elliot.  She took an entire bottle actually swollowing all of it!!! She’s doing great with bottles. They are bottles of breast milk though!

Oh and she has a fohawk after her last bath! Her hair, like her mother and her mother before her, has a mind all it’s own!


No matter, fohawks are all the rage in the NIC-U this Spring!


Oh doesn’t she’s have the most precious little hands~


Our baby still has her feeding tube but we hope not for long~


I think she’s saying…”no more pictures Gigi…”


“I need to sleep so I can put on some chubiliciousness and get home to my Mama & Daddy!”


Stephie tucked Ellie in and put on her little “Where’s Waldo” hat that the nurses like her to wear to keep her tiny head warm…

Nite~Nite Sweet Elliot~ You’ll be home before you know it~


Thank you Peeps for letting me share our Ellie with you…love to you and have I thanked you guys lately for all the prayers…Smmoocccchhh!

Tomorrow I’m gonna tell you about my 1st little give away!!! Ohhh, life is good!




    Those are the fingers of a piano player. Start saving up for that baby grand, Gigi.

    And I totally think her cheeks are a smidge bigger. And I love faux-hawks. Totally.

    And for the record… have you ever ever ever seen more kissable little lips in your WHOLE LIFE?!?!?!?!?

  2. I feel I want to praise Our Good Lord again and again. Thank you, Lord, for all this hapiness.
    I wish I could give a lot of kisses on these precious little fingers.

  3. What a little miracle……so adorable, how could you NOT share???? Hoping and praying that she’s home really quickly.


  4. What a welcome Ellie has had to the world. So many people already adore her!

    Am believing she’ll be home soon.

  5. Oh Robin! Sorry I have been MIA lately…things are a little crazy around here!

    I am sooooooooo happy to hear all is going well for you guys! That baby girl is gorgeous and has the sweetest little head of hair I have ever seen! This is just the beginning of many many many pictures to come!

    • Hey Tippa! I know you’ve been busy. I can not wait to see that new house finished and you and Maxie all snuggled in! love to you~

  6. Oh, look, dentist hair!! She IS part of the family 🙂 Isn’t that the most precious thing ever!! I am totally with Gitz on thinking her cheeks have plumped up just the tiniest bit! A whole bottle is such good progress 🙂 So much to be thankful for! Prayers for continued strength.

  7. I see highlights in that beautiful hair..I pray God’s Blessings to you and your sweet family…..

  8. She gets more beautiful with each picture…you are blessed beyond measure.

  9. So sweet & precious. She looks absolutely beautiful and healthy! PTL!!!


  10. Ellie is a beautiful baby. Her hair is adorable. I am so glad to hear she is drinking a whole bottle.
    She will be home soon, sleeping in her own bed with her teddy bear.
    Two weeks old and already a Celebrity……………

    Praise God for all his blessings on this little Angel and her loving family.


  11. Precious! So glad to hear she’ll be going home soon – praise Jesus!

  12. Hi Gigi! I think that is a great nickname for you!! I do think that is the cutest little old sweet baby on the face of the earth. I am loving that fuzzy hair, too!!!! awwwwwwww. so sweet. I can tell you are so happy. All good prayers and thoughts and some puggy hugs coming your way from Texas.

  13. She is so precious!!

  14. Wow! What a doll!

  15. She is so darling! I remember the days with those little hats. I still have both of mine from my little ones’ days. Couldn’t bear to part with them. They make me very sentimental when I get them out. I am so relieved that little Ellie is doing so well.

  16. Elliot is………………………and much much more!!

    Papa G~

  17. What a beauty!

    Have you or her parents visited the March of Dimes community for parents/grandparents of preemies? It’s called Share Your Story and lots of preemie families share their stories, frustrations, ideas, resources with each other. Here’s a link:

  18. OH MY, Ellie is so adorable, I love her hair and her little chin! Thanks for the comments on my little man, he is a chunker and Ellie will get there! Tell your daughter to enjoy every bit of her…it goes just way too fast! (even the sleepless nights! once she gets home, and she will soon be there!)

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