Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | March 22, 2009

Something to do with those tattered Children’s Books…

My mom couldn’t throw away any of my books from childhood.  Even when they were tattered and worn out she’d save them. She gave me a stack several years ago and I couldn’t bear to part with them either. I salvaged what I could of the illustrations and decoupaged them onto boxes…this gave me an idea for Elllie…(My brand new granddaughter)

I’m all about our Baby Ellie…surprise!  A few weeks ago, before she was born, I made these little Gigi-Ellie and Poppy-Ellie boxes.  Tell you what that means in a moment! But first…finished-boxes

I used an old torn up book from Stephie’s childhood. I love books and I’m not all about tearing them up, but the well loved books that are rough around the edges are too precious to just throw away…so I use the beautiful illustrations on these boxes….

I first painted the boxes in one color…let dry…then dry brushed another color on top.

Next cut out your picture and use the amazing Mod Podge to adhere it to the box. Put 2-3 coats of Mod Podge on the box. (top, bottom, sides…the whole thing!)


You can use these little wooden balls that are flattened on one side to make tiny feet for the box! Just paint them and glue them to the bottom!

This little box was made from a worn out book from my childhood that my mom saved for me.


Here are Ellie’s boxes! The smaller one is for The Husband, who I’m voting will be called Poppy…and the bigger one is for me, Gigi~

The idea is to write down  thoughts, blessings or memories and slip them into the boxes to save for her to read later.  Maybe she’ll get a small idea of how very much her Presence in our world means to us…


Don’t throw away those old children’s books, use them to make Memory Boxes…Keep the memories going…


Our Baby is up to about 4 lbs 7 ounces! We visited her yesterday and she charmed us. Under 5 lbs and already in control of oh so many adults!!! Praying she gets to come home soon. Love to you Peeps~

News about my give away on Wednesday…pls. come back and see…

It’s Metamorphis Monday over at Naps on the Porch click over for some great before and afters!



  1. Oh -I just love those sweet little faces. Those pictures are unmistakably by the artist Eloise Wilkins. She draws such sweet little children and I love her books so much that I too have many tattered, too-loved books to toss off.

    Little Ellie doesn’t even know how blessed she is to have such a dotin’ Gigi. Glad she gaining weight!

    Take good care,

    • These are the wonderful Eloise Wilkins!!! Have you ever read her history? Google her it’s really amazing how she started so late in life. No artist does a chubby child quite like she did…

  2. That is a wonderful keepsake idea. Love that! Linda

  3. What adorable bozes, and such a fun way to save something from your childhood. I just love modge podge! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Barb

  4. Sweet pics not just your boxes but your baby. You are very blessed indeed.


  5. I used to have the book on the right side of the top pictures….I remember that one!!!!!!!!

  6. What a great idea and very lovely boxes! Deb

  7. what a great idea! I have many old books! I am going to have to dig that box of books out!

  8. What a great use for the books — They’ve gotten a new life.

  9. What a great idea – so sweet and thoughtful – one Ellie I’m sure will greatly appreciate one day. She is blessed to have such amazing grandparents.

    Our bloggy series starts this week – I’m excited! Go check out the intro – not a super creative name but I think you’ll like it! : )

  10. Great idea. I have three little blessings and I may take a page from your book so to speak. I love the thought of putting notes in the boxes for them for them to have later. Thanks,

  11. Oh! If I had love notes from my “gigi and poppy” I can’t even tell you how amazing that would be.

    What a lucky little Elliot.

  12. What a clever use for those tattered but loved books! Baby girl is just going to love having these one day, no doubt. You certainly have a lot to tell her about already 🙂 And how does Poppy feel about being called Poppy? Since we only use Grandpa and Grandma I love a unique term of endearment!

  13. I love the idea of putting thoughts and memories in the box for Ellie to read later, when she’s older. Beautiful!
    Victoria: EdinDesign Interiors @ DesignTies

  14. The boxes are a grand idea. You are so richly blessed with talent and family. It’s wonderful to hear that Elliot is gaining weight and everyone is doing fabulously. Blessings, SusanD

  15. Great job on those awesome boxes! Very impressive! I love old chidren’s books, too! I’ll remember that as our next family project!

    Happy Monday!

  16. Brava, Ellie! Keep growing so you can keep charming those around you…

  17. Your creativity comes straight from God. Such a gift! Love the boxes–it’s something from the heart that will last forever.

  18. I have not seen this done before but it looks like a great idea. The children’s faces are so sweet.

  19. What a lovely idea! And those illustrations — they are so dear. I agree with another comment that they must be by Eloise Wilkins; her delicate renderings of children and nature are so recognizable.

    I have saved several of the books I read to my girls, just for those wonderful drawings. I love how you have turned them into something so special.


  20. What a neat idea! I appreciate you walked us through all the steps for this project. It is a keeper!

  21. Robin! What wonderful idea! I have not been online much due to illness and family visits … My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and, of course, sweet Baby Ellie! ♥

    I have also used colorful book pages and even my children’s school papers in my collage-journaling.

    These tangible memories are just too precious to give away/throw away … And it allows me to reminisce about the days of child rearing and home-schooling. Those days that seemed endless and fleeting all at the same time! 😉

    • I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well SG…thank you for the prayers and thoughts and I’m sending some your way…

  22. What a wonderful idea; I will have to pass it along to my daughters.

  23. What a fabulous idea!!

  24. Your decopaged boxes are just beautiful! What a wonderful way to rescue some of those priceless illustrations.

  25. The vintage children’s boxes are even all the more special because of where the art came from.

  26. Cute idea!

  27. I love this idea. I’ve saved all my son’s childhood books, too. Thanks for the step by step directions! Blessing to little Ellie…hope she is home very, very soon! Susan

  28. Robin,
    What a fabulous way to preserve those precious children’s books! We have some that have seen better days and I would love to do something like this!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and your wonderful comments! Madison is a hoot in the kitchen isn’t she! I think you are right – we will see her on the food network some day!

    I am so excited that Ellie is home at last!



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