Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | March 15, 2009

Why bear one anothers burdens? The eyes answer the question…

worried-eyeIt’s Sunday afternoon I’m tucked in bed reflecting over the past few days. It’s been a mixture of a nightmare and a dream come true…worry that paralyzes and relief that trickles in and gives hope. All the while I’ve somehow felt the need to reach out to my friends old and new, online and down the street and ask for prayer. So many have reached out by commenting here or on face book or in text messages or in an email. Some have said, I’m praying, some have shared their own journey, some have shared scriptures or affirmations or even prayed right there in the comment… I so long to tell each one of you in a way you can understand exactly how much your words were God’s voice to us during this time. timothy-worried-eyes



These pictures are of a few of us in the waiting room when we were waiting for Stephie to come out of her C Section. It took so long and there was nervous chatter. Lots of nervous chatter, but The Husband took some pictures and the eyes really tell the story. Our baby was being born…a sacred time in all of our history. My daughter, who seemed perfect the day before was suddenly very sick…another sacred time in our history as we trusted The One who created her to keep her safe…the eyes tell (part) of the story and on this day, so many of you were sharing in our history with your prayers…


I have on several occasions taken up a burden of prayer with a friend online or down the street, but I never fully understood how powerful and strengthening bearing another’s burden’s could be. emma-worried-eyes



I read all the comments and messages and emails and read some out loud to Stephie and Jon, and the strength was tangible. God’s voice, God’s hand upholding us when we felt so weak.

All this to say the way each one of you has reached out matters. It mattered every single day last week. It matters right now. And it matters in eternity. These are the sacred acts that will make up those jewels in your crowns my Precious Friends. These things, I know, will be mentioned when you stand before God and he says “Well done good and faithful servant…”

Is it possible for you to feel the love I have for each one of you? I pray so Precious Ones. And I pray today, that God meets you right where you are and shows you how much He loves you…Blessings…

Update…our Sweet Elliot is getting her meds for her blood platelets right now…still not eating very well by mouth. Stephie and Jon are going back to sit with her tonight…if you wouldn’t mind another prayer or two would be so appreciated…love to you~



  1. I’m so glad to know how God brought you all comfort and peace and more comfort and joy all the while you had to endure the hardships you faced this past week. I’ll keep praying for Baby Elliot……that God will have His healing hands on her, that she will be strengthened and will be building platelets as she grows…….that Mom and baby will be healed and able to glorify the Father who saw them thru this difficult time. These miracles could only have been done by HIM, so one day we will look at Elliot and remember the work God began in her…..keep the faith.


  2. me again….I was just remembering Psalm 139….that God wove her into Steph’s womb, and knows every tiny little cell in her wee little body. He knows exactly what she needs and IS ABLE to give it to her….trust HIM.


  3. My prayers are with you Robin

  4. Oh my sweet, special, beautiful Robin. It has been an honor to lift your precious family to the Throne Room of God this week. We will continue to pray and are believing that God has already sent the prayers you all need. I love you so.

  5. you are so loved, friend. and part of that is because you love so well.

    know of my continued prayers for all of you; this was beautifully written from such a sincere heart, and I’m looking forward to the day we are all celebrating their good health with love and sincerity as well.

  6. You are so precious and creative. Praying for little Ellie and that Stephie’s blood pressure stabilizes quickly. Love to you and your crew!
    PS You were right that my time away w/hubby would be amazing and worth the work. I tried not to mention my constant thoughts of my boys while we were away and just enjoy our time and i did! Thanks for your thoughts, encouragement and prayers!

  7. Robin, you have been near to my heart and mind these past few days I have been away. Any love that you are feeling is a reflection of all the love that you give Robin! I will continue to pray and I too will look forward to a time when all those eyes are filled with joy and thanksgiving.

  8. Thoughts and prayers are with you all, all the way to homecoming for sweet baby Ellie!

    Love & Blessings.

  9. I love you Robin, Mike , Stephanie, Jon and Ellie girl rest tonite and tomorrow will be a better day. Great great aunt Toni

  10. I ask Our Lady, who had the hapiness to hold in her arms her beautiful and healthy baby, Our Lord, to help this mother so she may soon hold in her arms a healthy baby too.
    These days will go away and she will be in peace with her babay in her house.

  11. Powerful post, Robin. It came straight from your soul to ours.

    With you.

  12. Robin, Thank your for sharing this journey and keeping us updated on ALL….I am still praying for Ellie ….. for everyone. Your pain is shared and hopefully that makes it bearable….Love, Sharon

  13. We, the ones you call precious, we ARE God’s hands and feet in this world.

    And it is our responsibility to pray for those who are in need, regardless of the need.

    ..whenever two or three are gather in my name, whatever you ask for shall be given….

    We have asked and we have faith that it will be given to you.

    So glad to hear that baby and mom are improving.

  14. Your words are so powerful and so beautiful. Your heart shines through and overflows with love. We will continue to pray. Sending you a big, big hug and lots of love.

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