Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | March 15, 2009

Update Sunday 1:15

Ellie had to have another IV put in last night. Her platelets were down and the Dr. decided to put her on meds for 3 days to fix that. Stephie called us with a few things to pick up for her and when I got there she wasn’t feeling well and wanted me to stay over for the night.   This morning Stephie seemed to feel better and the nurse said the baby’s bloodsugar was up. Ellie took half a bottle this morning so that’s a good thing.

Stephie and Jon are with the baby now and I’m at home until I get a call from them…

Thanks for the prayers peeps…we still need ’em.



  1. Rob,
    Praying and sending much love for you all. I am praying for peace and assurance for you all.

  2. praying and praying, friend. what a tough little peanut you have on your hands… this hard stuff, I am certain, is going to make every little moment with her more precious… every soccer ball she kicks will make her a superstar and every piano key she hits will make her a genius. And we’ll all just know she’s a miracle.


  3. So glad for the update. Checking every couple of hours~ So much love. Hope you’re getting some rest in this cold rain.

  4. Boy this has been quite the ride for all. Thanks for the updates through twitter. Here’s to a healing day!

  5. Thanks for the updates. We are still praying and will continue. Stephie and Elliott are so blessed to have you so faithfully waiting, serving and praying. Love to you!

  6. Oh, of course we will continue to pray. This little miracle baby is so blessed to have you in her life. can’t wait to see her when ya’ll get her home and she is blossoming……


  7. God is so faithful and seeing the answer to your prayers is uplifting to everyone cause we know God is still on the throne and we all need to know that thanks so much for sharing this journey and letting us share in Gods marvelous work

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