Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | March 11, 2009

Update on Stephie and Baby Girl…Elliot~

elliot-gwynellieI’m so sorry it’s been a haze of a day. (Haven’t slept in 43 hours so you can imagine my state of mind) Stephie has had a long day. I won’t go into all the details but I’ll say the latest blood work was much better.  Her platelets are still only 94  and other bloodwork is not where they want it so she has to stay on the seizure meds but less of them…still no food. They are not moving her to another floor because the Dr. wants her care to be 1 nurse to 2 patients rather than 1 nurse to 6 patients.

Baby Girl had to have a feeding tube today…but this is normal for a tiny One we’re told.  Stephie is getting to hold Baby Girl right now even as I write this!  Stephie’s  good friend from highschool is her neonat nurse tonight and brought her to us!

(I got to go back to see her! And low and behold Baby Girl has a name!!!

Elliot Gwyn…or Ellie Gwyn or Ellie…if you feel the need to shorten it! Elliot means “the Lord is my God” and  Stephie and Jon have always been drawn to that name and the meaning. I had a feeling that’s what they would go with and when they had some time with her when they weren’t stressed they knew right away…

We just got news that Baby Ellie took a bottle … maybe this is the begining of her eating all on her own!

Tonight will prayerfully be the last of the seizure meds … It’s not been an easy day but God has been so merciful…

love to you…I’ll update in the morning…



  1. she’s PRECIOUS!!! look at that head of hair!!! so glad to hear you got good news and they’re both doing better!

  2. She is the most beautiful little peanut I’ve ever seen!!! I LOVE the name Elliot for a girl. LOVE IT.


    Oh sweetie… I can’t imagine how exhausted you are and how worried you’ve been, but know we all have been praying and continue to pray for you all. And seeing that sweet little girl about makes my heart burst open. Beautiful. Precious. Blessed.

    I hope the good news continues tomorrow and thanks so much for the pictures!

  3. Thanks for the blog and pictures. Please try and upload the picture of Ellie and I soon. She asked me to post it ASAP because its her good side and all.
    i love you. GET SOME SLEEP WOMAN!
    Call me in the morning if you all need anything.

  4. Robin she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! What a precious little sweetie she is. Oh my goodness. I am so thankful she is eating a bit now. Ellie is one of the cutest names out there. I love it.

    Emma I love your comment. 🙂

    I am thankful that she is improving and I look forward to hearing that her platelets are up and seizures are no longer a concern…and bless her heart, that she gets something more than ice chips.

    What a beautiful addition you all have to your family. Congratulations.

  5. Would you just look at that hair? Oh how I love her name, its seems very fitting and oh my will baby girl have a story to tell about the day she was born. Will continue to pray! Congratulations to all of you.

  6. I can go to sleep now.. what a beautiful name and she is beautiful..all that hair… I am praying Stepahie is recoving an doing well. You are so blessed and our prayers are w/you and your beautiful family…I know this has been so tiring, but thant you for the update. Good night/

  7. Oh my word I can’t stop staring at her she is so beautiful…what a precious name… Robin please let someone stay with her and you get some rest, you are going to need your strength to help her when she goes home…
    I love you

  8. She is absolutely precious, precious, precious. Thank you for posting pictures – seeing sweet Ellie (I love her name) made my heart so happy and my eyes tear up. Rejoicing with you in the good news and will continue to pray for all of you. Try to get some rest Robin – Gail is right, you’ll need lots of strength and energy to help out when she goes home.

  9. I’ve just caught up on all the latest. And wow. So sorry to hear you all are having to go through all this.

    But our God is an awesome God and He will bring you all through it just fine. It sounds like all the prayers are taking effect as we ‘speak’!! So good to hear that things are starting to taper off on the right direction.

    I will keep you all in my prayers. I hope you can find some rest and peace very soon. You need to keep your strength!

    Love & Blessings,
    aka Blissful Babe

  10. love her already. love the name. love the hair. love it all.

  11. Yea God!

  12. Just got this at 3:00 a.m.. Prayers have been said and will continue. Give Jon & Steph my love and prayers. Thanks.

  13. Oh Robin! What a little doll!!!! My goodness, that hair! Thanking God for the praises we have tonight and continuing to pray for progress!!!

    Have you slept yet???

  14. Lovely baby. I hope everything will be all right soon.

  15. Ellie Gwyn…sweet…..Debra will be lovin it!


    Love you,


  16. Robin, just read all your updates! You must be dying for some chocolate chips huh? I will definitely be praying for all of you. When I delivered my twins, they were 3 pounders and I didn’t get to see them for 24 hours. I was on oxygen due to some medication and the emerg. c-section experience. The great thing was once the girls heard my voice they opened their eyes!! Our babies always know their Mommy!! Love to you!!!! Mandy

  17. OH MY STARS!!!!!!!!!! She is so beautiful. There aren’t many moments when I have a desire to go back to that place of life with a newborn, but the mere sight of her sent me to that place. She is gorgeous!

    So, so thankful things seem to be improving with Steph. Praying for food for her today and sleep for you 🙂

  18. Just came over from Gitz’s blog to see pictures of your fine new granddaughter. She is adorable!

    My second son was born 4 lbs., 13 oz., and he looked like Don Knotts, with no hair and no body fat. Nothing half as adorable as this gorgeous girl, although he’s very handsome now that he is all grown up, lol.

    Praying for Ellie and Steph.

  19. Oh, Robin, I just want to reach into the computer and stroke her gorgeous hair, and inhale some of that precious baby smell….what a doll little Ellie is. And blessed! I pray for Steph that her health will continue to stabilize and they both will be strengthened and progress will be made toward getting this little family home. What a miracle!


  20. Tears of praise over her name.

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