Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | March 11, 2009

Update on Steph and Baby Girl 10:00am

We had a Dr. this morning who was very honest. This was in a way a relief and in a way very sobering. He said Stephie is very sick but stable.  Said the risk of seizure is…well a definite risk.   Her blood work is holding and he says that’s okay with him, it’s better than getting worse. Her kidney’s seem to be working and that’s great. 

She can’t eat or drink only ice chip at least until 7 tonight.

Her recovery may be slow and we’ll need to watch her even after she’s home (he’s talking weeks to a month).

The wonderful nurses in the neonatal unit surprised Stephie by bringing Baby Girl over to see her.  Baby G looks amazing, bright eyes, alert but oh so tiny… Stephie and Jon were glowing while they spent time with her.

The issues with Baby G are her blood sugar and eating and holding down formula.  The neo. Dr. will check her soon.

Stephie is on some major pain meds and is resting quietly, no visitors today. Mom of Stephie is camped out in the waiting room and will not leave the hospital till further notice…

I know I’m asking a lot, but if you’d take a second and utter a prayer for my sweet Stephie and our Baby Girl.  I’m asking The Father if He’d let them both take a big turn for the better. I’d love to see that and breathe again…

I hope I can one day tell you how your words have held me up and given me hope over the last 24 hours. I’m praying for each one of you to be blessed big time … did that make sense…? still no sleep and I’m really doing great with the exception of spelling, grammar and sentence structure…love you~Robin



  1. Crying sweet tears of praise and constant prayers.

    My love.

    • Love you J, keep praying

    • love you J

  2. I have been praying all morning! I am so glad that Steph got to see the baby, that is really a big deal! When my first one was born he had lung issues and went straight to the neonatal unit and my heart was broken because I could not have him with me or hold him. I am sure Steph needed to see her to be able to rest! I will continue to pray for all of you!!!

    • Rene’ thanks for sharing about your baby boy…it so helps to hear and look! Your son is fine! thank you for your prayers.

  3. Dear Sweet Robin,
    My heart is heavy and I am praying for god’s hand to be on Stephanie and Baby. He is there with you and your friends are remembering you and lifting you up even when you are tired and can’t go any further. Love too you and your family, Lenora

    • Thank you Lenora…love to you

  4. I spoke with Ruthie last night and she filled me in. I’ve been praying ever since. I love you!

    • Thanks so much Kim. love you too.

  5. Robin …Steph and baby g are in my prayers and I also called Maxi for her prayers as well. They are being taken care of by Our Heavenly Father and that should give you peace during this time. Stay strong…your girls and Tim are so blessed to have you and your prayer warriors.

    Love to your entire family..

  6. Hello – Just came over from Vicky’s at Westra and wanted you to know we WOULD be praying for your precious family.

    I am a doula and have seen several babies delivered early. Sugar problems are so very common – my own son had them as a 3-weeks-early baby – and I just attended a birth last week with the same issue. They tend to get better pretty quickly (relative term but not weeks or months) and then you may see some jaundice. They keep a really close eye on that and won’t let her numbers go up too high, like they used to. Jaundice makes them sleepy and they can have a weak sucking reflex for a bit. (Tend to put them on bottles for awhile because it’s easier for them.)

    I will be praying that all resolves quickly for your daughter, too. I’ve known a few mom in this condition and have only seen good outcomes. I know that’s not a medical opinion or diagnosis but I DO hope it is an encouragement. God bless you all as you recover, get to breathe, and begin to celebrate your new blessings. I know that’s YOUR baby, and your baby’s baby. My heart goes out to you.

  7. On my knees for you all. Praying strength and peace for you, Stephanie and Jon. Praying wisdom for all medical staff involved. Praying complete health for Baby G. Praising Him for all He has done so far.

    Praying in all of this He will be glorified!

    May you be blessed for your vigilance and faith!

  8. praying right now!!!

  9. Stephanie and her family are lucky to have you in their lives!


  10. So glad they got to spend some time with Baby Girl. I’m praying!

  11. praying!

  12. Oh praise God Stephie got to see their baby girl!! I am praying constantly for youl, Stephie, and Baby Girl. God will get you all through this!

  13. I was just posting about you 🙂 please know we are all thinking about you and have been praying and praying!! I fell asleep with thoughts of all of you and awoke early with you on my heart and mind. Still praying! Love to you all!

  14. My heart is broken for you, for your girl. Know that I am pleading wholeheartedly…from the depths of my soul. He hears us. Keep holding on. Keep putting your faith in Him. I believe she will pull through.

  15. I have all my friends in Belize Bible study and my California Bible study praying…oh I wish so bad I was there…I love you sweeet girl

  16. Hi, sweetness. I am so, so grateful Steph and Jon got to be with Baby Girl and love on her. That has to be good medicine for both of them.

    Please know I’m praying and also giving thanks for the stable blood work and the kidneys. It’s a slow process, but one thing at a time. All will be well.

    Love you.

  17. Rob, love you. Just talked with Mike. You must eat so you will be strong in body and spirit for Steph. I love you soooo.

  18. yes, you must eat and sleep and take good care of yourself, because I have a feeling YOU are going to be needed in the next month very much…….let the nurses do the work now and you rest…..So glad to hear they got to love on baby girl…….hopefully now Steph can rest and feel content to just get well. Take care and I’ll still be praying.


  19. This is good news about Stephanie and Jon spending time loving on their baby girl. Nothing in the world like a newborn baby.
    Good news about kidneys working, that is very important. Try to rest and keep up your strength.
    Stephanie will need you when she, the baby and Jon go home. You will need lots of energy to celebrate.
    May God’s tender mercy be all around you. I am praying for God’s healing for Stephanie and great blessings for Baby Girl.

  20. I’m continuing to pray for you and your babies 🙂
    take care of you as well. HUGS!

  21. Thanks for keeping us updated. Still praying for all of you. So thankful Stephie and Jon were able to spend some time with BabyS. Blessings, Susan

  22. Praying right now. In Jesus’ name.

  23. You have all been in my thoughts and prayers. I’m so happy to hear they got to spend time with Baby G. I know that must have been very healing in many ways.

    Hang in there. I just know you’ve got lots of wonderful days ahead to heal you from this pain and worry.

    Love, Ginny

  24. Hey there. Just checking in on everyone. I am praying for more progress!

    Lots of love!

  25. robin, you have been in my thoughts all day, we just take for granted that mom and baby are always fine, but it is not always the case. I am also so glad that she got to see the baby. That always makes it all worth it… the only thing I ever wanted in life was to be a mom, and I have a feeling you are the same way. I am thinking of you constantly and remember, you can’t take care of her when she needs you if you don’t get rest right now….!!!

  26. We have been in constant prayer since we heard the news. Saw the pictures Bethany posted…what a little angel she is!!! Our prayers will not stop! Take care.

  27. I will continue to keep your family in my prayers

  28. Its 9 pm and I thought I would check in. I am praying for improvements and stabilization for Stephie and sweet baby girl and rest for all of you weary bedside warriors. I hope to check in the morning before I leave. Even if you don’t hear from me please know I will be thinking of you!!

    Love to you all!

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