Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | March 10, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I Can’t Take The Clutter Anymore!

It’s Spring here in the ATL~ Not officially of course but it was 78* today and suddenly things were looking cluttered. Mine and The Husband’s bathroom especially. The countertops were shrinking. I swear they were…

Also, I’m a collector of makeup and hair products. A product “ho” is what Ruthie calls me. So I have all my bathroom drawers and boxes and under the counters full of … stuff.

But it’s Spring and I feel the need to de-clutter. So I spent a few hours pulling everything out of everywhere…and purged!  


Lots and Lots and Lots of stuff.





I put my blow dryer and other hair stuff in it’s new home.


The Husband and I are old these are our meds! 


Everything now has a home…



See how much better it looks with all the “stuff” put away!?



Now, I feel so much better~do you have Spring cleaning plans?




  1. It feels so good, isn’t it, when everything is in its place?! Looks like we can breathe better.

  2. Yes, I need to do the same thing in my bathroom. YOu’ve inspired me, too! It might happen today! Wahoo, for spring!


  3. Yes! In fact with the big storm today and the whole town shut down we plan to tackle the kid’s play room in the basement. Its a hodge-podge of every thing we don’t know what to do with. You would either keel over at the sight of the mess or salivate over how much organizing it needs.

  4. I do need to reshuffle some things to open closet space for more painting stuff.

    But all I could think of when you said you were a product ho is that you need a HOBAG to put the extra stuff in 🙂 A whole new way to sell you bags 🙂

  5. That looks great! I am gearing up for Spring Cleaning. Translation: thinking about it, planning it, but not quite having enough energy to implement it yet. 🙂

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