Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | March 5, 2009

Hair and Budget Cuts


I had my hair cut the other day. If you haven’t checked out my post on my no good very bad hair year, take a look, I have had some major hair drama! But what’s hair got to do with it, I’m talking about budget cuts here! While I was in the chair surrounded by 5 other women getting cuts or color, the conversation was all about the economic situation.  Everyone had been hit by our bad economy in one way or another.  One woman said she doesn’t shop anymore.  One woman was on disability and worried about making ends meet.  Now I’m worried about her making ends meet, this haricut costs $65.00!  Then, not ten seconds later, I heard this come out of someone’s mouth…”I’d give up groceries before I’d give up my hair appointments.”  Who said that?  Shoot, it was me. Where did that come from? (Out of the heart the mouth speaks…hummmm)

Everyone giggled.  The woman on disability heartily agreed with me. (Turns out she’s as serious about her hair as I am!) Another woman said she’s cut her ‘eating out’ budget in half to continue getting good haircuts and buying good cosmetics. (I think “good cosmetics” was code for Botox…I’m not judging, I’m just sayin…) An older lady said her hair doesn’t really grow that much anymore so she saves money on haircuts and spends it on her granddaughter. Then there was the vacation lady, who wouldn’t give up her 10 day trip “abroad” if it meant selling the “farm”. Where’s “abroad” anyway? And no one around here has a farm…What’d ya mean Lady?

And me, well apparently I’d give up groceries for my hair. Wonder what The Husband would say to that?

(“Sweetie, we have no food for the weekend, but look at my hair?” ) Hummmmm.

 I’ve been feeling pretty bad about my attitude, until I moved my mind to the island of rationalization in the sea of denial. Here’s what I’ve come up with… I

really have changed my lifestyle in the past 7 months, since our gianormous pay cut. And doesn’t it count for something that I spend roughly 1/3 of what I used to spend on my hair? And to further my case, it’s got to be worth hundreds of points that I’ve postponed starting Botox until further notice, and you never have to wonder about me going on a 10 day trip “abroad”, I’m a home-body, that’s just not gonna happen.

Howwwwww-ever, when Baby Girl (my very 1st granddaughter) is born in April this could be the end of the hair as I know it. Really, spending my pennies on a grandchild is the only reason I can think of to give up good haircuts!

So here’s my question…In the past 7 months of budget cuts is there something you can’t/won’t give up? (If you need help getting to the island of rationalization…I’m here for you…)


~TTFN Peeps~ 



  1. Nope… I started cutting and coloring my own hair years ago to pinch pennies. I used to say that I’d never give up Diet Mt. Dew, but my body made me give that up…

    So… nope.

    OH!!! I take that back. I wouldn’t give up my dog’s antidepressants. I like it when he doesn’t bite people.


  2. Preschool. Our children attend preschool and with everything else going on, preschool has been such a blessing for them this year. Gives them consistency. Gives them social time. Gives them a break. Gives them different challenges. We’d give up A LOT to avoid giving up preschool. We’ve heard the opinion they would be just fine at home for those 2 1/2 hours…and they would. But! I believe the benefits FAR outweigh the costs.

    Hang in there, Robin. A gal’s gotta feel cute about herself!

  3. Is that $65 before tip?

    Hair is one of those biggies in our family. My grandmother had hers done weekly. She had good hair. Thick, dark, and always said she only had a rinse put on it–even at 92.

    My mother. 72 and still a snazzy redhead. Yes, she’d eat peas and rice to keep her ‘do and passed that down to my sister and me and to one of my daughters. (other daughter isn’t hair obsessed)

    Gitz I love your hair–can’t believe you do it yourself. You could open a home salon!!

    I’ve never had permanent color. I do the once a month wash-out thing myself and am happy with it.

  4. Hair is an obsession….and I have it too. You’d think after losing it all to chemo and being forced to wear wigs for almost two years, I’d feel different about it. In some ways I do…’s just hair, it will grow back. But there something about having good looking/feeling hair that boost one’s self image. There’s nothing wrong about feeling good about yourself. If you don’t feel good about yourself, how honest is your testimony in encouraging others? Blessings, Susan

  5. Robin – Is it scary that my post yesterday is coming from the opposite direction? But I do have a confession… I can’t give up frappucinos. They’re $5 a pop. And they just make me fat. Is it possible for me to rationalize that one?

  6. i’m similar to jon…coffee. i love buying coffee when i am out.
    miss you! i don’t know if my mom told you, but i am coming home next semester! so i’ll be seeing you around more!
    and the pics from spring post are looking good!

  7. We’ve done things..just less. And I guess I’ve always been sort of a frugal girl anyway. I stopped going to one o them fayn-cee salons and found a tiny place around the corner from me and she does a great cut for like $17 and a great teen cut for $9. And this isn’t a chain store either. So maybe instead of a fancy place, you could find a place that does it for less.

    Sometimes we like to eat out on weekends and we’ve noticed lately how we’ll pick a place that’s less expensive and we aren’t ‘splurging’ on eating out as much.

    I hope that by cutting back, we can avoid cutting things OUT completely. Unless the bottom falls completely out. Then..well. lol

  8. I don’t let anybody near my hair any more! (Or Hubby’s) I cut it for both of us — and now I think I have had with color — maybe the third time will be the charm. Last time I tried, total strangers would stop me and say, “Honey, (this is the South) why don’t you go home a take a nap — you look so tired!” Geez!


  9. You know, when we decided to move we knew what a huge downsizing we would go through. So five years ago we sat down and started trying to figure out what was non-negotiable and what we could do without. It was hard, so hard. In the end, once we quit trying so hard to figure it out, and decided ALL of it could go and we would be okay, then it didn’t matter any more. I sat with my diamond wedding ring on the table when we were short one month… we went to bed and the very next day we found out we were getting a refund on something we had overpaid… no kidding.

    Now that doesn’t mean I don’t still like what I like, and yes, hair is one of them… but … I will be fine going without.

    Robin, you just really helped me tap into something! Do we get to see some of this fabulous hair?

    • Oh my goodness…in my wordy post about hair I forgot to be self-deprecating! I should have told all of you who have never seen me WHY I have to have a good hair stylist…here it is…I have TERRIBLE hair!!! Fine, curly-frizzy, (emphisis on the frizzy) and thin….sooooo, if I go somewhere and pay 20 bucks I have to wear a hat. When I pay 65.00 I’m just barely able to show my head in public. My hair is a crushing disapointment but it’s all I’ve got and I either sits atop my head mocking me or stays quiet, but NEVER does it show off because hey it’s just not show off worthy!!! ok. now I’ve given you the rest of the story… sad but true

  10. Well, I don’t spend THAT much on my hair, but I did give up coloring it myself…maybe I just stretch it a little longer between highlights…..I haven’t given up getting my manis and pedis, though….sure do love those. I can imagine being willing to give up some things when I finally have a grandbaby one day……it’s coming, I know it.


  11. Oh, do show us your lovely locks, dear Robin…….:)

  12. I remember your great words of hair wisdom to me over 15 years ago, “you get what you pay for”, of course that is when I went to the hair cuttery and got the most inexperienced cheapest person I could find and it looked like it. So I cannot give up the highlights, I was born to be blonde, I am sure of it….
    Also, I really love my occasional pedicures. It meets a deep nurturing need of mine.

  13. Hair…I have curly hair like Gitz so I won’t let a discount place cut it. BUT, I found out that a local Aveda salon has what they call “Fresh Talent’. They are licensed and trained, then have spent 6 months at the Aveda training institute and THEN they have shadowed and cut again under supervision at the salon. So we’re talking about 2 yrs of experience, at least. The first time is a certain price ($16), then goes up to about $20 and stays there. I only get mine cut 2-3 times a year so it works out. For color, I’ve been doing it myself the last couple of years, but as soon as I can again, it’s off to the local beauty school. I had it done there for 5 years and loved it. I got tons of compliments on it and even professional stylist was asking where I had it done as it looked FAB! And I consider $35 for bra strap length curly hair highlights VERY good. My sister pays around $100 or more for her hair that is about chin length and straight. Hopefully this summer I can start going back. And I would LOVE to have my spring pedi. Same place. I can get mani and pedi for around $25…and they do a great job.

  14. Your hair posts are cracking me up! I am currently dealing with hair woes as well – I can’t give up my hair cuts/color but trying to find a stylist I like in a new town has been tough! I finally went to one I really liked but check this out … she charged TWICE what you pay! I WAS SHOCKED!!!!!! There is no way I can rationalize paying that much, but I haven’t found good alternatives elsewhere. I’ve asked for prices at other places and some are even more than that – what the heck? So, I may be sporting some nice looking roots and scraggly hair for a while until I figure out what to do. Plus, I am taking a trip next weekend so I can’t really get away with paying for both – gotta give a little. Okay, I’ll stop, I’m writing a book.

  15. I gave up getting my hair cut, colored, the whole bit. I was toying with letting it grow out so to help keep a little money in my pocket (unfortunately it has found other places to go…) I decided to let my short blonde hair grow out to long mousey blonde hair. My 12 year old son wants to give up hair cuts, too. LOL! Has he forgotten who his mother is?

    ps… Your hair looks fabulous. Worth every penny!

  16. Weeelll, I never went to nice haircut salons to begin with, so giving up a $20 haircut two or three times a year wasn’t much of a sacrifice. I found out I could do just as well myself and at least if it didn’t turn out quite right I had only myself to blame. But I have long, fairly healthy hair with a bit of wave, so perhaps it’s easier for me.

    I cut all my daughters’ hair and hubby shaves his own head and our son’s. It’s more frugal to have less complicated haircuts.

    Something I wouldn’t/haven’t given up would be homeschooling. I spend several hundred dollars a year on books and supplies when they could be going to public school for free. But I would sooner figure out cheaper ways to school (more library books, borrowed books from friends instead of new) than give it up to save money.

    For me personally, I do buy a new book every now and then. I really do like to own the books I love. And we do like to eat whole foods. I gave up makeup and all that, at my husband’s request, about 15 years ago. I can’t imagine trying to work it back into the budget now.

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