Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | February 25, 2009

What a little spray paint can do!

Look at this Metamorphis!

Over at Between Naps on the Porch it’s Metamorphis Monday, I wanted to share this transformation with you because I think it’s pretty amazing! 

 I’ve got Spring Fever and I’ve been shopping for some little things to brighten up the house… remember, anyone can decorate with a big budget, but ohhhhh the brilliance (brilliance may be an overstatement!) of the little nester who can find something great for next to nothing!!!

So last week at Marshall’s I found this dark, dreary candle holder for $3.00! ( Less than a cup of coffee!)  I had been drooling over these little bikes at Michael’s, but they were $14.00, more than I wanted to pay. At Ross, I found this metal bike, not a good color, but it was $6.00! Soooo, I found some latte colored spray paint…


 And, Shut the door, look how cute they turned out…







  1. Oh my cow, How cute!!!

    And “shut the door!” might be my new favorite phrase ever. That must be Southern?!?!?! I’m totally stealing that for my everyday life.

  2. Wow, are you talented. I can’t believe how cute you made the metal bike and the candle holder. Thanks for showing us some great ideas.

  3. Wow, they do look awesome! Don’t ya just love spray paint, it transforms everything.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, come back soon!

  4. Cute!

  5. Too Cute!! How do you do it?????????

    No, Gitz, I’ve never heard, “Shut the door,” but it does sound Southern. Robin, do tell. Where’d you get that one? I’m going to start saying it.

  6. They turned out great!!

  7. Gitz…totally use Shut the door! I’ve no idea where I heard it but as you know, I stole: Oh my Holy Cow from Vicky, who stole it (I think) from you…
    And spray paint may just be elevated to the Label Maker status in my mind…I’ve got a can of spray paint and I’m not afraid to use it!!!

  8. Oh, Robin, those are seriously adorable. I don’t know if I would have seen past their first color and had the vision to do what you did! Looks adorable, and for less than $10! Wahoo!


  9. “Shut the door”??

    Simply a toned down, more polite
    and dignified version of……………
    “SLAP YO MAMA”!!!

    Definitely Southern~

    Nice job, reminds me of another
    very talented, crafty spirit.

  10. You have such a great eye for things. So jealous:) I did not get my evening w/hubby. Fri he had to be out for church stuff and then Sat he was in a “bear cave” mood. you know those? He needed some relax space. But we are in a good place so he was thankful for the attempt but more thankful for some “him time.” Lots of snuggles and we are looking forward to our San Fran time in just a week:) Can hardly wait!!!Thank you for the accountability, I need it. This week though I am shopping for some pretty things to wear on the trip, pray I have some budget friendly luck!

  11. Sweetie, maybe your next blog could be about how you spray painted the top of the trash can “latte” colored

  12. Robin, are my eyes deceiving me or are you in the midst of some big blog change? I have a really big screen on my Imac and your words are spread from one big side to the other! Wow!

    You have such a talent for seeing the finished product… in a million years I would not have thought of them in that way until you shared with us! They look totally transformed, and so you, I love it.

    Yes, oh my cow I got from Gitz, and only a cutie-pie like you could add a holy to it and get away with it!

    What a breathe of fresh, springy air you are!

  13. Those look GREAT!! I’m really loving the bike with jar of eggs and flowers!
    That is SCREAMING ♥ S P R I N G!♥


  14. Well, shut the door! (new for me, too) This reminds me of my JuJu! She is forever finding something okay and painting it to make it adorable. You really worked wonders with these. It makes me want to go junking right. now.

    Is that THE Dad I see up there? Sounds like it could be, and if it is, then he paid you a fantastic complement. Sort of like pennies from heaven, isn’t it?

  15. Every time your dad comments I want to jump through the computer and hug him 🙂

  16. I had to go back up and look at the original to make sure it was the same piece, WHAT A TRANSFORMATION!!!

    I love wordpress. They gave me my deleted blog back with all my stuff. God is sooooooo merciful!!!!

    I wrote back and told him I was glad we were not face to face cuz I would have kissed him on the mouth!

  17. Those are so cute! I wish I was creative!

  18. looking good

  19. These look great! You are so creative.

  20. Those look fantastic! I love spray paint. Sometimes I think I should buy stock in Krylon. 🙂

  21. […] Remember these from here?  […]

  22. Yes, “Shut the door” has got to be Southern because we never say, “Close the door.” We would probably add “please” however.

  23. You got a great buy on your bike, I bought one at Tjmax and I paid 12.99. I thought I got a good deal until I saw yours for 6.00. The candle holder is very cute too.

  24. Lovely choice for today’s Met Monday! Sorry for the late visit; too many errands…

    Carolyn of What Now? Tablescapes

  25. I am new here and will be coming again! Totally fun blog!

    You know, just recently I found a dark candle holder while thrifting. I purchased it thinking I could paint it but wasn’t sure what color. Now I know! Thanks!

    I invite you to come visit me at my blog.


  26. I am new to your blog — very, very pretty. I too am a spray painter, re-purposer and recycler — I think Creativity comes in its purest form when we are forced to reach deep within to produce something beautiful. You are right that anyone can make it pretty if you spend money. Most of the things I have loved the most have not been what I just went out and bought.

  27. wow that was.. i am in awe.. great idea.

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