Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | February 23, 2009

Super Scrappy Bookmarks

 Super Scrappy Bookmarks!

All Things Crafty!


I saw these on Kandy’s Keepsake’s website and had to try them myself!  They are super easy, super inexpensive and super adorable. To make matters even more compelling, they’re bookmarks! As you know, I love all things books!

You need some scraps of pretty paper and these little brads and flowers are cute too! You can get them at a craft store or even good old Walmart!scrappy-bookmarks-1

If you’re a scrap-booker, you may have some 1” punches. I’m not so I just cut out shapes. The little bird was easy, I simply googled little paper birds and traced one right on my computer screen!

Cut 2 of the shapes in pretty paper (card stock works well) and 1 shape in plain cardstock. Glue the pretty cardstock onto the plain cardstock using any type of glue. Then if you are using the flowers & brads put one on the center of the glued shapes.

Then glue the top of a large metal paperclip in between the embellished shape and the remaining shape.  Now Kandy said to use Rubber Cement and I tried that. It was fine but I was a little less than satisfied with the security of the paperclip. (I’m sure it was my fault!) So I found my Aleene’s Jewlery & Metal Glue (Which is good to have around!) and added a dab around the paperclip, mashed it together tight and held it for a minute & Wa-Laaaa! It worked!

Add some thin ribbon for whimsy and you have a little prize (Vicky) for your book-club!


Prayers for you to have loads of creativity flowing through you today!




  1. You are so freaking cute!!! I have to say, my bird is my favorite thing on my fridge as it holds up my sweet valentine hands. You are so darn creative it’s crazy!

  2. Those are adorable!!! LOVE them!


  3. Robin!!! That’s fantastic! How did you know? Our book club meets Wednesday and I need to go back and re-read the book to be sure its all fresh in my mind. But these would make such a cute little prize, you are so right! Perfect, oh I am all excited now 🙂

  4. I would like to purchase these and those cute fridge magnets!

  5. These are adorable! 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  6. These are just tooo CUTE!!! THanks so much for sharing this idea! Now I need to go find so stuff to make them!!


  7. i love this idea.
    and yes….they are adorable!

    i mentioned your blog at my last post.
    i hope you agree. if not, please leave a short comment.


  8. This is such a cute and inexpensive idea! Thank you!

    And don’t you just love Beth Moore? I’m doing the Psalms of Ascent study right now.

  9. Cute! These are going to make some adorable gifties. thanks for the tutorial

  10. I came over from one pretty thing – those are so cute! Thanks for giving instructions~

  11. OOOH, I love these too!!! Plus Believing God was my favorite Beth Moore Study!!

  12. Your bookmarks turned out super cute!! Thanks for mentioning me.

  13. I just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration! I am so excited! I love this idea and hope to do something like this soon! Thanks bunches!

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