Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | February 16, 2009

Paper covered clip boards!

All Things Crafty

I’m not doing a Organizing Monday for awhile! I’m just a little over organized after 6 weeks! clip-board-craft-1st

Today I was in the mood to get some creativity flowing, so let’s do an All things creative Day! This project is creative and easy! It’s an idea I borrowed from Apt. Therapy. I am just brimming with ideas about what to do with them…


First get some great paper! I don’t do scrapbooks or make cards but I am so drawn to the fun paper, so I love to find new and amazing things to do with it!

clip-board-craft-2-in-1And you know how I feel about the Mod Podge! (Anita, I haven’t tried the one Martha said was good because I have yet to run low on my giant bottle of the cheap stuff!!)

The little clip boards were about $1.75 at an office supply store.


Just cut the paper and spread on the Mod Podge and let dry! Add a little somin-somin extra like my little bird! (Left over from my previously ‘borrowed’ idea!)


Then coat it with 2 more coats of the M.P. letting it dry between coats. Add ribbon and a little pad of paper and a pen…and…

Oh and look at these cute pens I saw at my paper store. You’ve probably seen them, they are super easy. Just use floral tape, die-cut flowers, tiny bit of ribbon, buttons and Glue Dots…(If you haven’t used glue dots, trust me, they’re great!)


Take top off pen and put it on the other end.

Wrap pen in floral tape putting ribbon 1/2 way up.

Use glue dots to adhere buttons to flower & flower to pen!

I think these would be great as party favors! Maybe for a book-club! Or little prizes at your Bible Study to jot down prayer requests! Or for Easter Baskets!!! How about teacher’s gifts? Your kiddos could do these and keep their chore list or their hockey schedule! (and use manly paper!!!)


Or how about shower favors! (I’m going to do 2 of them to take to Baby Girl’s shower. One for Stephie to write down “who” gave Baby Girl “what” and one as a hostess gift for Bethany who is hosting the shower!) Speaking of that…what about using them for a hostess gift with paper & a pretty pen? What about a big one to brighten up a dull cubical? You’d think this was the best thing since sliced bread!!!

Here’s the question…do you have any fun ideas we could try with pretty paper???

Love to you today and Happy creating!



  1. These turned out great!! Love them.

  2. You do realize YOU are one of the craftiest people I know… so I come here for YOUR ideas, cause I still haven’t grown that crafty bone yet 🙂 I will be thrilled to see what you come up with however!

    I love the owl on the clipboard! And the paisley everything… so sweet. I can’t wait to see how you put it all together 🙂

  3. Just the idea I needed- I’m always having some type of meeting and these would work perfect for the gals- and they are totally cute!

  4. These are too cute!! Love the bird, especially ;)!! Thanks for visiting me, and your sweet comment!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Remind me what kind of pen you used to outline the bird to grunge it? I need to get one of those.

    Our blogs are riddled with your birds today… so cute!

  6. Gitz, they are watercolor pencils and you know, I just outline and smudge with a wet Q tip…is smudge a word?

  7. too cute! I come here for all of my craft ideas now :).

  8. These are GREAT! I love little artsy projects like these! And you know I love the birds! Mine is proudly watching over my big kitchen calendar. I love how you take an idea and make it all Robinly! These are so pretty!

  9. I think I have watercolor pencils! I’ll have to look… I just never knew what to do with them, and used them as regular pencils.

    I’m such a dork… since water is right in the name that makes a lot of sense… 🙄

  10. Cute stuff!

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