Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | February 13, 2009

Daddy’s Valentine over time and space

February 14, 2006. It had only been 6 weeks since my mom left this world and all of us were in varying stages of shock and sadness. Immediately after Daddy told me this story, I wrote it down so I could remember…

 On February 14 2006 at 6:30 in the morning my phone rang. I was startled.  It was Daddy on the other end. Today is Valentine’s Day. His voice was full of emotion. “Sit down”, he said. I have something unbelievable to tell you…this is the story he told…

On the night before, Daddy was looking for something to put on the Legacy website for Mom since the next day was Valentine’s Day. (The Legacy site is the online tribute kept by the Atlanta newspaper. Everyone who has an obituary has a Legacy website and loved ones can log on for the year following someone’s death and write memories, thoughts or tributes.  Our entire family visited that site daily and wrote something to mom.) Dad thought he’d get an idea for something to write from Oswald Chambers in My Utmost for His Highest. He has several copies of the devotion yet he couldn’t locate even one of them.  Then he remembered the set of leather bound books sitting on top of a cabinet in the den. Sure enough, it was among the others. He pulled out the book and took it to his study to read.

This morning, Valentine’s Day, Daddy was having a tough time. It was his first Valentines in 50 years without Mom and only 6 weeks since she left. He was emotional. When he saw the Oswald Chambers book on his desk, still out of its place from the night before, he picked up the book and carried it back to the cabinet in the den. As he slid it back into place among the other volumes, something slipped out of the back from between the books. Reaching for it he couldn’t believe what he saw.

 It was a beautiful Valentine card hand-crafted by Mom to Daddy.




It wasn’t dated. He had never seen it before. She must have hidden it. But when? And what are the odds that of all the places in his big house Daddy would be at exactly the place where a beautiful Valentine from his forever Valentine would slip into his hands on Valentine’s Day morning?

Father God is so sweet to listen to what I’m pretty sure was an urgent request from my Mom to His ear on that first Valentine’s Day she spent away from Daddy. 

So it’s Valentine’s Day 2009. Is there someone who is still on this side of eternity that you might want to say I love you to? And if perchance your phone doesn’t ring today, let me promise you one thing…you are loved. The One who made the universe loves you. ~Prayers and hugs peeps~



  1. What a wonderfully sweet post. My Mother passed away a couple of years ago and Dad is forever missing her.
    I will make sure to Call Dad on Valentines day-
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Wow! That is a powerful, beautiful story. I love it. Thank you for sharing it. Your food photos are amazing by the way. I could look at good photography all day long!

  3. Crying now.

    Beautiful post. Something about seeing her love to him in that card–her handwriting, her fingerprints.

  4. That is a beautiful story! Thank you so much for sharing it!! God Bless you!

  5. Oh, wow. What a wonderful story! It gave me chills.

  6. What a powerful story of love that transcends time and eternity! Thank you so much for sharing this true tale of love and comfort. Have a blessed day!

  7. what a wonderful story!!!! it gave me goosebumps!

  8. God is so awesome like that!

    What an inspiring post!

    My Mom had a very wonderful and reassuring dream shortly after Daddy died where she saw him healthy and happy. There are so many stories of comfort and peace like this.

    Thanks for sharing your so very special story! Loved it!!!!!

  9. Hi, Robin, thank you for stopping by my blog! So glad to meet you. What a sweet story of the Valentines card. So sorry you lost your mom, but what a great reminder of love. Hope you’ll come back & see me again.

  10. What a beautiful story!! I’m so touched to have seen the great love between your parents. Just beautiful, thank you.

  11. Oh, what a beautiful story! Your mother’s card deeply touched me, that she made it. God’s love is great, that He led her to leave it right where He knew your father would find it.

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful Valentine story!

  12. That’s beautiful. Thank you.

  13. In HIS providence, God brought just the comfort you all needed, especially your sweet Daddy. Isn’t God good? An amazing story! Thanks for sharing!


  14. Robin, girl you just never cease to amaze me! You are a rich treasure trove of beautiful stories and its no coincidence that “love” is at the center of each one of them. Timeless and classic. I see where YOU came from and how you grew into the loving woman that you are.

    Love you girl!!!!!

  15. Wow… that card is beautiful… thank you for sharing a tender moment and gift.

  16. What a beautiful heartwarming story. It has inspired me to create a handmade card for my own dear husband.

  17. I just love a beautiful love story. Happy Valentine’s to you – make it just as special.


  18. I can’t even pretend to type something that makes sense when you have me crying like this. I don’t cry that easily but I think all the goosebumps got me started.

    Such a perfect love. I can see where you get your heart.

  19. God is good to His Children! What an awesome God we have!

    Thank you sharing!


  20. Oh my goodness. I have goosebumps! What a beautiful story. Im telling you this my friend…we share an awesome God. He knows just what we need and when we need it the most. What a precious gift to share with all of us,thank you! Im so glad that you found me because I now have a new friend too~ Take care and happy valentines day~

  21. Wow, that is quite a story! Sometimes those who pass have a fascinating way of letting us know they are still with us and love us now and forever. What a treasure that Valentine must be. Thank you for sharing this very personal story. ~Arleen

  22. God is so good and gracious to us who are hurting. What a wonderful story of His love.

  23. I had forgotten about this story and I have never seen the card before. I love you, mom.

  24. Thank you for sharing that-what a lovely story. My father died in Nov of 2007-so this was the 2nd Valentines Day without him and it was still very hard on my mom. Im sure it gets easier but you will always have that hole. Thanks for the reminder that God does know us & what we need!

  25. I love this story. It gets me every time i think about it. I miss her terribly. I love you momma.

  26. Robin that was beautiful. What an amazing gift God gave to your father and to all of you who love him.

  27. Such a beautiful story, thank you for sharing.

  28. I hear so many stories of marriages that don’t last, of people who are unhappy in their marriages and some days I just wonder if true love and lasting love really is out there. Thank you for a wonderful example showing that it is.

  29. I found your site from One Pretty Thing but after looking at the bookmarks, I had to keep reading! I love this story! It is so sweet…

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