Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | February 11, 2009

Charleston and True Love

Last weekend I went to Charleston with my oldest daughter Bethany, her fiancé Darren and his mom, Sharon. We went to do last minute wedding plans for their wedding in May. I’ve never been to Charleston and as expected I fell in love with the city. I completely understand why Bethany and Darren choose it for their wedding.

~Southern charm everywhere~




They found an old plantation for the site. (Wide Awake Plantation) There isn’t a house on the land, only a beautiful barn.  



 And old oak trees…

And the Spanish moss… 

Sharon thought of using a sketch of the oak on their invitation…I love the idea!



These two trees are where they’ll say their vows.



Darren’s parents are hosting the Rehearsal Dinner here too.  We have a tent and rain plans but we’re praying for a dry weekend!


We also had a cake tasting! This was fun!


 Since its Valentine’s week I thought this was appropriate…Ahhhh, love, true love~ Here’s their story…

In a nutshell…

engagement-pic-b-and-d-2Bethany and Darren met a year ago. Darren says he had pretty much given up on finding someone to be his wife. He says he wanted the best and had never dated the best until Bethany! (Yea, he’s a smooth talker! But he’s spot on about Bethany being the best!)

Bethany was coming off a pretty rough 3 years and she was not looking for love.  Then came Darren.  He was perfect for her.engagement-pic-b-and-d

b-and-d-3They started dating and in a matter of weeks were inseparable. They are best friends which has worked for The Husband and I for 23 years so I consider it a marriage pre-requisite! I’m praying for God’s protection over them as they build a life together…

There’s a little romance for the week…tomorrow, I’m back to baking!

(I tried something super fun of Bakerella’s, you won’t believe these things!!!)




  1. Awwww….you dedicated your blog to us! Thanks mom!! Very fitting for Valentine’s Week! I love you!!!

  2. Oh what beautiful pictures! It takes me right back:) It makes me want to dig out my pictures! What a beautiful story they share. Look at the perfect spot for the wedding too. Did you pick a wedding cake? I would choose one of each they looked so good!

  3. Charlestown is a beautiful place and your pix are gorgeous! Have fun at the wedding, Take care, DebraK

  4. Wow… those are some amazing photos! What kind of camera do you have? Love it.

    The pics of B and D are amazing too… you can feel the love and fun and friendship in them. I just love having happy moments to look forward to… and I’m sure you’re loving all this planning 🙂

  5. It is going to be beautiful!!! I can’t believe you haven’t been to Charleston before! That is where my honey and I fell in love, have fun when you are there for the wedding. So much to see. Did you go downtown to the Market?

    Would love to show you around. Did college there and it was SSSOOOO much fun:) Your daughter is beautiful, thanks for some valentine’s love.

  6. I have never been to Charleston either but it looks amazing!’I’m sure it’s the kind of place I would love, much less be married at!
    Congratulations too all…

  7. That’s such a happy story! The location looks really romantic and beautiful. We lived in GA for about 10 years, and never made it to Charleston! I wish we had. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. Those are some great pics. And such a handsome couple. I can’t believe I didn’t think of cake testing when I got married. I grew up as friends with a girl whose mom made the most beautiful cakes, so I knew what I wanted before I went to order it. But doggone it! I could have had cake, and lots of it.

    I am really enjoying reading these days. It is nice to catch up.

  9. I “heart” Charleston! The wedding is going to be beautiful, but based on their story their marriage will be even more beautiful.

  10. AWWW so cute!!

    That is where i want to get married, but can’t find any info on the venue, can you help me out please!!

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