Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | February 9, 2009

Organizing Monday!

Organizing Monday!

I want a: Big Inspiration Board~I neeeed Big Inspiration!

I was out of town last weekend and while I was gone, The Husband put up my Fun Room closet doors! We’ve been planning these for a long time, I wanted lots of “inspiration board” space! So, I asked him to make them like bulletin boards so I could use them  to hang fabric swatches,current projects, pictures of ideas!

These are just cheap bi-fold doors that I can, I mean, The Husband can easily change if need be!


He first used screws to attach foam board. (Thank you for taking pictures!)




Then put up Contact Cork Board over the foam board. He said the cork board was super sticky and was easy to put up.


I will probably decorate them a little then use them as an inspiration board.

For now I added the quilt blocks I’m working on and my next HoBag I’ve already cut out and a few other bits and pieces!





This gives me plenty of room to live with my fabric choices before I sew with them and put up pictures and patterns for inspiration!

Where do you keep the treasures that inspire you?




  1. What? How does this work exactly… you go away and stuff gets done while you are gone? OMG, I think I would fall over if I ever came home to find something DONE. And they look great! Nice job Hubby! I love seeing your quilt squares… reminds me of my grandmother. I’d love to see more of your quilt projects! And where do I sign up for my own Hobag?

  2. OH MY COW!!! Your husband not only fixed your doors, but took step-by-step photos of the process?!?!?!

    Mike, I think I love you. Will you come do a home project of your choice and take photos so I have something to blog about?

    Thanks. You’re the best.

  3. Great idea! 🙂 Looks nice, and very functional.

  4. Hmm…maybe Hubby should blog. I could print his writing and leave it lying in strategic places around the house.

    You think it would work?

    I love the cork board. Can’t wait to see what you do when that brain of yours takes off.

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