Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | February 6, 2009

Conversation Hearts…Necco or Brach’s?

Can I take a moment for something frivolous? To go on a bit about utter nonsense? Here goes nothing…In case you’re going to buy Sweethearts…or Conversation Hearts for your kids or yourself, I want to help you decide which ones to get! Did you know there are two kinds? Brach’s and Necco! sweethearts11

So which ones are best…well as someone who despises white conversation hearts can you guess which one I choose?


 Here’s the thing…Brach’s have more hearts in the box…BUT, out of 27 hearts, 11 of them are white…while Necco has only 24 hearts in the box only 3 are white…soooooo, because I throw away the white ones Necco gives me more flavored corn syrup for my money! Also, I like the taste and texture of the Necco Sweethearts better! But really how you get your corn syrup is completely up to you! What’s your favorite Valentine’s candyPS…don’t forget: today, February 6 is National Wear Red Day to bring attention to Women’s Heart Health…have you got something red you could slip over your head! Love to you Peeps~




  1. I could have used these pics for my blog post the other day. I talked about the candy but didn’t actually use a picture.

    Cute, Robin, and way out there thinking. Love it!

  2. Hey Robin!
    I don’t eat the hearts b/c I hate all the colors! LOL! BUT, BUT…I am quite crafty and they make AMAZING embellishments for picture frames as teacher gifts!

    Thanks for popping over to my blog! Glad you enjoyed yourself! Gotta love Twitter!

  3. Ha Ha Ha! Frivolous = Fun! Yes, I am wearing red today (do pa-jay-jays count?!) I would not even have thought of buying both to figure out the difference… and I happen to love the white if they are the semi-minty ones? Its been awhile since I have indulged. The kids want to give Airheads candy with their Star Wars valentines, *sigh*.

  4. Thanks! Now you’ve flung a craving on me! And I was SO hoping to avoid Wal-Mart today.

    By the way, I’d choose Necco too. Mine’s also a color decision, but not white. I LOVE blue. It’s my favorite color. Brach’s doesn’t have ONE. What’s up with that? Necco it is!


  5. That’s funny! I like Necco too, but because they are the original. I feel weird buying Brach’s. Like I’m buying an imposter. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  6. Ha ha. That’s a nice comparison and interesting way of deciding things. 🙂 But are the number of whites really always the same for every box? I would have thought the number would be very random… i.e. Not every Necco has only 3 whites in a box? But still, I enjoyed this post… 😀

  7. Super great idea for a post. 🙂 I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Necco hearts. Both brands are so pretty and Valentines-ish, but I hate the taste!!! 😉

  8. That’s hilarious… I don’t know if I have a preference; I honestly barely remember what they taste like, but I think the Brach’s box looks funny… like it’s not the original. So I would go with the Necco brand too.

    BTW, I like frivolous:)

  9. Which ones are softer? I like those. The really hard ones feel like they are going to break my teeth. That’s never fun.

    I wore my red today! Alexa spotted a woman at Wal-Mart who was decked out in a red workout outfit complete with a ribbon silk screened on her shirt. I even put on a red p.j. shirt tonight (I just want to be like Vicky!). Does it negate the whole thing if I go eat Edy’s Samoa Girl Scout cookie ice cream?

  10. Anita, I bet red looks so pretty on you. Being a redhead, I never wear red or pink–sure love it on others. 🙂

  11. I ONLY like the red ones… so if I were going by the picture, I would have to pick Brach’s. But I haven’t done a taste test comparison, so save me a little of both! 🙂

  12. Oh yes, definitely the Necco ones!
    Thanks for stopping by my place on my special SITS day!

  13. Very funny blog and ironically I just this past week did a math lesson with my kindergarten students using the Necco conversation hearts. They each got a box, graphed them by colors and then counted how many were in a box. I can report to you that the colors vary and there are 26 – 30 in each little box. After they graphed and ate them I took the little boxes and put a picture of their face on the inside of the box, so it showed through the little window. I will put magnets on backs of the boxes and send them home to their parents for refrigerator pretties!
    It was a lot of fun! And… I love the Necco ones best. They are harder (sorry Anita) but taste truer!

  14. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. 🙂 I love conversation hearts. At first I thought this post was going to be about a conversation heart craft… hmm… I think I’m getting a good idea!

  15. Robin, I’m so glad you tackled this tricky subject head on and with so much courage and determination. I only eat the hearts that have sayings I agree with, so that definitely means some brands have less calories than others. ; )
    puggyhugs from Texas!!!!

  16. I wish I could find the boxes of hearts that still have the window. If you attach a picture to the inside and add a piece of magnetic tape to the back, they make the cutest refrigerator magnets. Or, you can leave off the magnet and just prop them on a shelf – so cute.

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