Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | February 3, 2009

Organizing Monday…on Tuesday!

Organizing Tuesday

(just this week!)

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post!!! I’m getting closer to finishing my Fun Room! All I have to do now is roll a ton of fabric (thank you Anita!) and store it in something pretty and get the closet doors up, which The Husband is working on!

Here’s where I am, the closet is looking better, even without doors!



I have more ribbon and need 2 more of these, they came from Walmart and didn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped. I should have just gone with the Martha Stewart ones at Michael’s! 


See my computer?That’s actually my ironing board, which I use a lot when I’m sewing. I like to cover tables with quilts so I can store things underneath! And see the pretty pink table? The Husband found this and refinished it for me so I could use it for pretty and for practical…just look! (One day I’m going to tell you the story of why I have a television set in almost every room in this house…there’s a reason.)


When I’m sewing something small, I put up one side. But if I need more room, like when I made these curtains, I can move the table out and put up both sides and have a pretty big work surface!


I put my sewing machine on this table or use it for other crafty things! 


I used to have a little business sewing hobo type bags. I called it Forever and a Day…I wanted to call it HoBags, but I was unmercifully mocked when I tried. I believe with all my heart I’d still be in business if I had used HoBags for the name! Kinda catchy don’t cha think? These are some I had left! (Oh and see the icy teal colored material hanging in the closet? It’s a tree skirt I bought for cheap. I’m going to change the Christmas decorating colors in my dinning room next year to go with this tree skirt! I kept it out so I can be on the lookout for matching material for a table cloth!)


These drawers are full of folded material that I intend to roll and display in something adorable!


And here is one of Mom’s paintings I have in my fun room! Stephie wants a copy of this one for Baby Girl’s nursery! I think I can do that at Kinko’s! (Any suggestions on making a copy would be appreciated!)


 I love my room. I’ve always wanted one and when the little children grew up The Husband was happy to get all of my junk into one place! One day when houses start selling again, we’ll downsize, not that we have a big house, we just don’t need one even this big. Then, I may be back to doing my fun stuff at the kitchen table. And that’s good too. But for now, I’m thankful for my space! (Hopefully next week The Husband will have finished the closet doors covered in cork board! I’m really excited about them!)


~Peace and rest today Peeps~ 










  1. This takes my breath away. So, so, so beautiful. You know the TV shows where famous teams redecorate and organize? We don’t need that. We just need to learn how to do this stuff and be encouraged from Robin’s Rescue.

    I’m thinking I voted yes for “HoBags.”

  2. How pretty! I can see you in there just sewing away or crafting. Love the picture your mom did. I’ll bet she has a big smile on her face knowing the new grand baby gets a copy 🙂 I asked Rick about where to take it for a copy. He said you could try Kinkos but not to expect a first rate reproduction, just the cost might be the most reasonable. Otherwise he said call an art store or frame shop and ask where to take a piece of artwork to be scanned, but they would typically be more expensive.

    And how is that book? I am sooo interested in it and can’t wait to hear what you think.

  3. HoBags for sure!
    Love your special room.
    You are encouraging, yet again.
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. i looks fantastic!!! and i love those hobags… what a great name! 🙂

  5. HoBags…

    *breathe, Sara, breathe*

    that was a RIOT!!!

    I love your room, and think you should come visit me and teach me how to sew. I think I’d be awful at it, but I admire those who can.

    Oh, and I love the new header. 🙂 BTW, did the music link ever work for you?

  6. Yep. HoBags got me too. That was great. That room is amazing. Just beautiful. I’m telling you, my heart rate changed when I looked at it. I could feel it pa-thumping all the way through this post. Except at the HoBags part.

    That closet is out of this world. If Peter Walsh sees it he’ll cry himself to sleep for at least a week. I love it!

  7. WOW you are organized woman!!! you put me to SHAME shame shame… LOL

  8. Waaaah! I want my own room. Oh, I think you need to bring back the HoBags. Maybe even print it on the outside for all to see 🙂

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