Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | January 29, 2009

You Can Tell A Lot About A Person By…

 Can you tell a lot about someone by looking at their nightstand?

Anita (from Mud & Coffee) and I have been talking back and forth on Facebook.  We talk about everything. The woman has a gift of encouragement, among other things. But she told me a little story about something she had next to her bed that showed her a little something about herself. And that got me thinking…does what you have on your side of the bed, or on your nightstand really tell a bit about where you are in life? Wait for it…you see it coming, I decided to do a very scientific experiment. Here goes nothing…

I took pictures of my nightstand and the things on the floor next to my side of the bed, I didn’t stage this, clearly!

The stuff on my nightstand says that I try to do way too much in the 90 seconds I have between climbing into bed and falling fast asleep! Alas…it’s true.


Here’s the inside of my night-stand drawer! Again it’s painfully clear that I didn’t straighten up before I snapped these pictures! Today, I’ve solved the missing yellow high-lighters mystery! This drawer is all about reading and comfortable sleeping! I’d say that’s pretty much where I am in life!


 Here’s the little container on the floor next to my bed…snugly socks=comfort, exercise =sanity to me…Somerset Maugham book=beautiful words…and the menopause book=whatever… So far I’ve gotta say…this is me Peeps


 Oh this reminds me…look at the label inside my desk that I use for a nightstand….it came form Alaska!!! (either the desk or the label!Either way it’s fun!)


 Here’s The Husband’s side. (I did not ask his permission, I do however plan on asking his forgiveness!)Very little here because The Husband does not spend time reading, crafting, or high-lighting in bed. He gets up so early that when he hits the sack, he’s asleep before his eyes are all the way closed! He only looks at his weight lifting book on Sunday & Wednesday nights to plan his workouts for the week. (He and I have weightlifting books because Really Ruthie is a personal trainer and she made us get them)


 Had to show you my second basket of books…During the holidays when I was home all the time I’m horrified to say all these and MORE were living on top of my night stand! They’re still within reach but I’ve straightened up a bit since then


So my best guess is…you CAN tell a little about someone by what’s on their night-stand! It’s true, I’m a reading-writing-snuggling-always trying to learn something new-the more books the better-kind of girl! (I keep my Bible downstairs, I feel a bit like a heathen not having it on my nightstand, but honestly, I don’t usually read my Bible in bed!)

So, what kinds of things do you have on your night-stand? And do those things tell a little bit about you?




  1. I have a phone, a lamp, and a baby monitor. In my cabinet below I have a flashlight and a box of tissues. How boring! But really, when I’m going to bed, I’m way past time for doing anything. I’m crawling right in to sleep. All my stuff like yours is on my desk! Thanks for sharing.

  2. p.s. Hey Robin, we don’t have a TV in our bedroom either!

  3. Aubien, my daughter Stephanie & her hubby Jon went to pre-marriage counseling where they were told never to put a TV in the bedroom. They’ve been married for 2 years and have done without one. I think that’s so awesome.
    The Husband and I however, do have one. Maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!
    I think your stuff by the bed says you get things done during the day and prefer your bedroom to be restful…also, the flashlight tells me that you’re smart…I need a flashlight, what if the power went off? I have one under the bed somewhere, but I’d never find it!

  4. Very in-ter-es-ting and telling post. I keep my Chapstick (which I need nightly) in various places. In the bottom of my purses, in the silverware drawer, in my sweat pants. So, I stumble around for it in the dark. My socks, which are also important, SHOULD be beside my bed. Great ideas.

    On my side of the bed, I have books–tons of books. Baskets and stacks of books. A glass of water. A humidifier. Pens. And one of those little book lights.

    Tonight I’ll treat myself and make room for my Chapstick among the books.

    P.S. Love how you do the squiggly lines on your pics. One day I want to come by for a lesson.


  5. Robin, this is exactly the sort of thing I love. I don’t know what it is about seeing how someone lives that makes you feel like you know them, but it just does. And you LIVE WELL girl! And I just love how at the side of my bed too are my pink fuzzy and ever so warm Robin socks that remind me of you always 🙂 My nightstand has a clock radio, a stack of books, a lamp, and a fine layer of dust 🙂

    Much love to you today!

  6. i have, on the surface of my nightstand (which my dad made for us this past Christmas!), a clock, a small lamp that doesn’t throw enough light, but that my mother gave me so i can’t get rid of it, Audition by Barbara Walters, the Stampin’ Up! catalog, and my book light.

    INSIDE my nightstand there is a stash of dark chocolate grahams from Starbucks, birthday cards from my husband, spare lightbulbs for my booklight, and i’m pretty sure there’s not much else in there (i’m doing this from memory because i’ve already worked an 8 hour day and i’m too lazy to get up!).

    don’t know what this says about me, but that i don’t like to share chocolate and that i like to read by sufficient light.

  7. Robin! What a surprise. You are something else, girl. I love that you posted about your nightstand. I do feel like I learned more about you. I have that same black moleskine notebook in my purse so I can always write things down (I hate paperless writing emergencies).

    At present, my nightstand hosts a notebook (surprise!), a cup of colored permanent markers with tiny tips for my Joy Deeann Carson journals, a little homemade coaster from Amy, some Kleenex, and two Lego sculptures Jonathan made for me. One is a tower and the other a wall. I may have to blog about those.

    In the drawer we have Arbonne hand lotion and foot creme (I’m scared of refined crude oil in my lotion–I heard that it makes it harder for your body to balance your hormones, so I only use the health store stuff), a tin of guitar picks, two flashlights–one battery powered, one wind-up, just in case (glad you think that means I’m smart–I think it means I’m scared of the dark), a label maker, some safety pins, a strap-on tape dispenser, and a good ink pen. There should be two book lights in there, but one is loaned and the other is MIA.

    I don’t know why I still have all the lights there. I sleep with my little flower lamp on. Another long story…

    Underneath is never the same. I don’t put books there, I leave it empty so my book bag of the moment can slide under there. I have about seven books at a time that go all over the house with me in a book bag. Right now that book bag is there and a sewing bag is there too. There is also a Cadoo game that Eisley left there when I kept her on Tuesday. I’ll move it today, but I had to leave it for just a little while.

  8. Okay, that’s a little embarrassing. I would like to say that says ‘night owl’ but I think it says ‘blabbermouth’. Oh, well.

  9. ROFL! I just saw your comment at Gitz’s blog and I am cracking up! We are so much on the same wavelength that it is starting to get a little creepy. Not only are we blabbering all over the place, but did you see the similarities? Too funny.

  10. Hmmm…. I think that all my nightstand teaches me about myself is that I am scarily similar to my Mom 🙂 I am missing the socks and the afrin (but only b/c I am allergic) and I also have a little monitor that lets me listen to the baby’s heartbeat. Otherwise, our nightstands are pretty much the same!

  11. This is such fun! Don’t you guys think we all need book bags to carry around the house to hold our current reads…that may just be my first ever give away!
    Anita, I’m really interested in why you sleep with the little light on…
    And I had no idea to be concerned about crude oil in my lotion…this could be my whole problem in life. I’m gonna need to check this out…

  12. I never comment but I have to say that I am so amazed at how you ladies can be so amused by whats on each others nightstand!! It is pretty incredible, actually, sinceI just now noticed for the first time that Robin had put the wipes on my nightstand!!!

  13. Oh, this was SO MUCH FUN!!!

    I think my nightstand says I’m super boring. I actually have a table behind the head of my bed instead of a headboard… I don’t have space for nightstands, so that was my solution. There is no clutter… no nothing, just decoration. I have a funky vase with fake flowers, an alarm clock, an angel statue thing, my rosary and a photo of Riley.


    Or, maybe just uncluttered 🙂

  14. I can not believe The Husban hasn’t noticed the puppy face wipes!!! For the love of pete and all that’s holy mike gay…I’m putting them in his pillow case tonight and lets see if he notices them then!!!
    Gitz you order your world. Clean and uncluttered, pretty…
    But I think I’m getting all of us that don’t have one a little flashlight now that I’m worried the power will go out and I’ll be in the dark!
    I love it that you have your rosary on the nightstand.

  15. Mike, this is a warning. Be prepared. Get your house in order. Your car. Your bathroom. Your top drawer. You never know what she’ll photograph next!

  16. This is very interesting. I think my night stand tells the world that I have OCD – clutter makes me crazy – but I’m so jealous of others for how happily they can keep those things around them.
    I have an alarm clock, table lamp, reading glasses, and my TV remote. Inside the drawer I have a flashlight, Bath & Body works lotion (True Blue) for almost every part of my body, my Dish guide and my nebulizer.
    I am boring with a capital B!
    Loved reading what everyone else has on their night stand!!

  17. Husband! Loved seeing your comment! Please do it more often. You cracked me up about the wipes. See? Your nightstand is interesting, too. 😉

    Robin the light is a medium-long story. I might have to email that one. Maybe it will help me turn it off!

    @Gitz I love your style.

    @Ginny the OCD thing made me smile. I have no dividers in my drawer and it drives me crazy when things slide out of place…and it just occurred to me that I can put a liner in there!

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