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Living my Legacy ~ Part 2~Loving God First

 Living My Legacy Part 2~Loving God First

It’s a Beautiful Life Friday over at Inspired Rooms where you’ll find lots of ideas to make live your life beautifully…today I’m linking one of my Legacy posts… Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on All Things Legacy to see all the posts…I believe that how I live today is how I’ll be remembered when I’m gone and I’m on a mission to Live My Legacy with Intention… 

I remember getting up in the mornings and seeing my mom snuggled on the couch, her Bible and prayer journal in her lap, a soft lamp the only light in the room. A warm mug of coffee cradled in her hands…I always knew she was praying for me.  It gave me such security, even as an adult.



That’s the next part of living my legacy…spending time with the One who made me.                                  

Last time we talked about Living our Legacy, I told you the first things I had to work on…my tongue and my tone!  It’s almost impossibe for me to watch my tongue and my tone without getting face to face with Jesus.

I believe there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to time with God.  Over the years my time with Him has taken on different personalities. I’ve kept a journal since I was 18 and much of what’s written in those journals are my prayers. My conversations with the One who made me. I can’t tell you how it’s built my faith to look back at those journals and see the hand print of God on my life…good or bad, He’s been with me.

When the kiddos were little some days I could only carve out maybe 15 minutes before they got up or right before I fell into bed. It’s just all I could do at the time.

I’ve had times of being in big women’s groups and doing in-depth Bible Studies. These are good for a lot of people but honestly, I’m not super social and big Bible study groups drain me beyond words. I prefer to meet with smaller groups.

Or all by myself! For awhile I did Beth Moore online studies. These were GREAT for me. I could pick the best time of day and sit in my pa-jay-jays and listen. And I love Beth Moore!(I also loved the homework she gave!)

There have been times when I need to talk (even out loud) to the Father almost all day long. Times when I’m nose to nose with Him. (I’ve told you, I’ve been known to hop in the car and pretend I’m on the cell phone and talk to Him till there are no more words. Then I listen.)

And there have been other times, dark times, when all I could do was recite The Lord’s Prayer. I made it a discipline to do it every morning and to concentrate on every word, but as short as the Lord’s Prayer is, that was all I could do for a season.

I truly believe, like it or not, we’re living our legacy. What we do day in day out matters. What we’re doing will in one way or another live on after we’re gone. I’m determined to live my legacy with focus and intention.

Love to you today and prayers for God to meet each one of you right where you are~








  1. I’ve been keeping prayer journals for years. They’re stacked behind me on my bookshelf. But looking back, I started writing daily because you did.

    Beautiful post–you grabbed me in that first sentence.


  2. i’ve been wrestling with what my face time with Jesus needs to look like for awhile now, even though i’ve been in [and sometimes out of] the habit of meeting with Him for years and years. intentionality is what is most meaningful to God, and since the first of the year, i’ve carved out a little closet below the stairs to my basement that i go to to bear my heart. it’s amazing, though, how i can distract myself and derail myself from getting there. the computer is a MAJOR distraction for me; i want to read my email and blogs first thing in the morning. i’m trying NOT to do that, but to give that time to God to set the tone for the day.

    anyway i ramble…just wanted you to know someone else is trackin’ with you.

  3. I do think there is a peace and joy that would follow from a disciplined time with God each day. I too will take direction from this as I endeavor to more formally consider my own relationship with HIM.

    The journal and pen and the COFFEE do it for me!

    Blessings to you!

  4. I know this is hard to believe since I rattle on every day, but I often find myself without much to SAY when I pray. I like listening better… and I think it’s why I do better with formal, memorized prayer. Praying the rosary is nice for me because it’s rhythm and repetitive and allows me to visualize and listen while praying. It used to bother me that others could sit and pour out their hearts and I don’t feel like I have anything to “pour out” … but then I realized that not everyone has to be a pourer… some of us need to be the pitcher that is poured into 🙂

  5. Robin I LOVED this. I have to give up the computer for Keith to work, but this time I’m at least letting you know I read and I’m coming back to comment.

  6. Everyone is so beautifully different when it comes to relationship with God. Isn’t it just like The Father to make us all with the same need that can be expressed and met in such different ways. That’s why I so strongly believe there can’t really be “rules” about it. I just know it’s beyond necessary for me. I often say that if I didn’t have a relationship with God, I’d be dead and I’m not even exagerating.
    Love ~

  7. Thank you, once again.

  8. Robin this is such a connection post. It hits strong. I did come back, and I have so much to say, but I think I will email instead of posting. It’s gonna be a lot. LY

  9. Well said!! I like your point to watch you tongue & tone… how very true.

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  12. Beautiful post, for A Beautiful Life!

  13. A memory that is so strong in my mind’s eye is that of my Mom on her knees beside her bed, praying. That has never left me.

    I love the things you have shared in this post.

  14. Beautifully said-
    Thanks you for sharing your thoughts- I will probably be reflecting on them all day.

  15. Great post, and great reminder for all of us.

  16. I agree that we do live our legacy. I began keeping a prayer journal on the day I began my journey of faith. Like you I find looking back over them I see God’s hand print in all the seasons of my life. It is amazing to see His faithfulness. Thank you for blessing me with your words today.

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  18. Once again, an AWESOME post, Robin. Thanks for reminding us to put FIRST things FIRST! 😉

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