Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | January 27, 2009

Decorating Dilemma! Help!!!

Decorating Dilemma! I Need Your Help!

I have a question for you! Here’s the thing…

I love decorating with old stain-glass windows. (I love decorating with most anything old!) I have a few old windows here and there.

One in my kitchen…


One in my den…


And this one in my fun room…I so love the colors in this one!


The other day Bethany (my daughter) found a window really cheap on Craig’s List. (It has 2 small places where the glass is broken out…I don’t care!) I sent the link to The Husband to see what he thought. We talked and decided we didn’t need to buy anything else right now…

That night The Husband surprised me with it! I told you I have to be careful what I tell The Husband I want to do…he’s pretty amazing about going above and beyond~ I didn’t know it but he went to look at it and offered less than it was listed for and low and behold now I have it!stained-glass-joy-blog-006

It’s going here over the buffet in my dinning room, replacing this picture.


Here’s the question…do I do anything to the frame on the stained glass?


I repainted and the roughed up this frame

0021And this one…



But I’m not sure ? What do you think? The walls in the dinning room are sage green. The furniture is dark but I don’t know if that matters!

I’m dying to get it on the wall…help!!!



  1. No. no, no! I say leave it like it is! You have 3 that are in white frames so I would keep this one black. Makes it different and fun. Besides, if you decide in a few months you don’t want it to be black you can always change it back!

  2. Sorry. I’m not one who would know. Just have to say I love these. I’ve always been drawn to stained glass but wasn’t really sure how to display it. My favorite is the one you put over the sofa–how you pulled the colors together. You’re so good at the whole color thing.


  3. Hi Robin,
    The outer frame is the lighter brown, then the inner frame is black? I’d make the outer frame the same black but rough’d up a bit, that would make the frame around the window ‘wider’ being all black.
    Love all the ones you own.

  4. I love the new window – super cool! But, sorry I have no decorating advice. It makes me break out in cold sweats just to think about decorating. Let us know what you decide to do though!

  5. Robin, Amy is a decorator/designer with great taste and instincts 🙂 And I am not. No votes from me either. I only know what I like when I see it all done… no clue when it comes to the decision making stage of it all… But will be excited to see what you decide!

  6. I’m with Amy (and Vicky) if that’s not cardboard it’s lying on. If it is cardboard and the frame is only dark wood, then I’m with Bebe.

    And I LOVE it. I got a tiny little tear in one eye when I read that whole “we don’t need to buy” and “he surprised me with it” thing . . . and it inspired me to assign your first country song.

    Wynonna Judd’s “She is His Only Need.” She has a pretty strong style which may or may not be for you (and this is an OLD song–1992, even). It’s perfect, though, because the thing that we love about country music is that it’s about life and this one speaks to the heart of what your man did for you.

  7. As if all music isn’t about life.

    It’s the way it talks about life (it does it in a country sort of way and since we’re country, it fits).

  8. It is cardboard that the dark frame is on…and all of you peeps have loads more creativity than you give yourself credit for!!!
    Anita, I swear to you, I got tears in my eyes just reading the song title!!! How sweet is that…She is His Only Need?….
    I’ll listen on itunes!
    I don’t know about Wynonna Judd’s music, but I sure love her heart.
    I’m getting a llittle happy flutter thinking I may not have to do anything to that window!!! YEA!

  9. Yep – hang that puppy up, right now!! it’s so authentic as-is! I gotta get me some of those! What can I expect to invest (minimum) to buy one?

  10. DARK!!! Keep it dark. For sure. For sure for sure. White would take away the depths of the blues and the grays… I really think you’d regret it. It’s lovely, and so is that hubby of yours!

  11. Definitely keep it dark!! It will look great w/ the furniture in that room.

  12. i’d keep it as is too. i have several old mirrors similar to your stained glass and i haven’t done anything to them… except clean them! 🙂 that’s gorgeous… hubby scored points! 🙂

  13. I’m voting for leaving it dark for the sage green walls. I like the texture/roughness you gave the others, so if you decide to edit it, it can only end up beautiful. Sweet husband.

  14. Ya know what? This is really helpful! I’m leaving it dark without one ounce of insecurity because all my peeps said so!!! Thank you!!!Smooches!

  15. Robin, I love the one in the dining room. There is something you have not settled on. I do puzzles and frame them. Sometimes the frame just does not appeal to the eye with my other furniture. You may have to darken or lighten the brown on the dinning room one to make it easy on the eye even if you routh it up. For the kitchen, I think the white is a little stark, but then I cannot see the other colors in there. Choose a contrast color that will accent the red wall. Do the same for the den. I cannot tell what the stripe colors are in the chair. I find pulling out an accent color appeals to the eye. Just my opinion. Not that these are not ok but in looking at your work…you’re not just an ok woman. You want it to be awesome.

  16. Leave it as it is! It has great character just as it is! What a great hubby you have!

  17. Hi Robin, just getting around to reading this and I think it’s fabulous just as it is. It will add alot of charactor to your room, i’m sure. I have some I should give you. My brother-in-law is always bringing home old windows and stain glass from jobs (He has a crew that does remodling and replaces windows for Peachtree). I use to sell them in my booth I had in the antique store. I think they are beautiful, but don’t have enough places for them. I love the way you use old treasures w/your heart to decorate.

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