Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | January 26, 2009

Organizing Monday! (Or not!)

Not So Organizing Monday!

Okay Peeps, if you don’t have a strong disposition…click over to some other blog right about now! Life happens and I’ve had a little “life” this week! While “organizing” my fun room I’ve been going through some of the things I got from my mom’s enormous supply of sewing and craft supplies. This is a very slow and a bit of an emotional process. Picture me sitting on the floor and remembering. Then feeling happy and sad all at the same time.

 And on top of all those “emotions”,  I’m trying to decide where to put everything! You see the problem with making this a quick project don’t you? It’s not gonna happen in a week! Nevertheless, it’s Organizing Monday and I’m going against my bloomin “Better Judgement” and showing you some pictures from my HUGE mess of a (not so) Fun Room…


(Okay, you’re still here, don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

Let’s start with thread…orderly and all in a row…ahhhhhh…



Remember… I take everything out and purge before I start putting things back together in a pretty and an organized way…



In the grand scheme of things, I’m almost done purging and in the process of putting some things back in their little homes…


I’ve got The Husband working on something fun! Bi-fold closet doors that will be covered in cork board! Didn’t I tell ya…fun?  Then I can put my current ideas and projects up where I can see them! I can’t wait!


But first…I gotta finish this room!


One of my shadows, Bindi Lou Who, stayed with me every day while I was working in this mess…she’s disturbed, can you tell?


Bindi takes after her mom, she really prefers order. See, she’s sooo not relaxed….poor

I’m leaving you with a couple of pictures that are a little serene…whew…

I la la la la love material…


I also love old sewing baskets, they remind of being young and Mom teaching me how to sew.


Now,don’t worry peeps, I’m working now, probably even as you’re reading this. And I promise an organized Fun Room with lots of “pretty” ideas by next Monday…

“Help me Jesus…”

Love to you~Happy Monday~



  1. I feel for you about the emotions. So soon after the holidays. But having it all organized and ‘honored’ as Peter Walsh says will probably feel really good when you’re done.

    What is it about material? I can’t explain it either, but it’s wonderful. I saw a couple of cool ideas for storing fabric in Real Simple or Martha’s mag or somewhere. One was to use the bags that come with sheets and pillowcases to store fabric. You write what’s in there on the product info card (Just turn it around in the little pocket). Another tip was to use a paper towel or gift wrap roller and tie it with a ribbon or rubber band. I like the idea of rolling it like wash cloths in a basket and tying with a ribbon. That sounds pretty. I am looking forward to seeing what you do.

    I hesitate to out myself by telling you this, but the mess doesn’t look that bad to me! Poor little Bindi Lou Who. She obviously doesn’t share my opinion.

  2. You won…You won!

  3. Anita, that is the BEST idea for storing material! I’m going to think on that, like how to get a bunch of rolls or maybe I’ll try simply rolling the fabric and securing with a ribbon?!?!? Either way…so much prettier than folded! love it!!! I have loved going through Mom’s supplies, I smiled as much as I cried, the woman was prepared for any craft emergecy!
    Jessica~ I won! go to Jessica’s site to see the adorable “coozy” I won!!! I can hardly wait!
    Thank you Anita by the way, for commenting, I wouldn’t have been surprised if you had just clicked away from me! 🙂

  4. Well I certainly feel better seeing that I am not the only one purging and sorting a large assortment! I shudder when I see the piles and stacks as I am sorting, but then as I start paring it down its so much more manageable and I start to wonder why I waited so long to begin in the first place? I hope you are wrapped in the warmth of your memories of your mom as you continue your project!

  5. Wow – I think it looks great, with a mess or not! What I wouldn’t give to have a little space of my own in my house…some day!!!

  6. Very nice! @Dayngr

  7. I would be having so much fun in that room… I love pulling everything out, purging and reorganizing. So fun!

    All of the sewing stuff is totally foreign to me, however. Never learned how to do it… my mom always said if there weren’t people like us in the world, people who sew for a living would have no one to sell stuff to. I have faithfully carried on that tradition 🙂

    FYI… it took everything in my power not to put my face to the computer screen and kiss Bindi’s nose.

  8. Love the room! I have one desk and 2 totes for my stuff. I’m dreaming of a white sewing room!
    Understand the happy and sad part.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  9. Robin how could I ever click away from you! I wouldn’t dream of it. Guess what I’m doing today, my Sweet Inspiration? I’m tackling the beginning of a big bedroom rearrange. Keith’s desk has been in front of my closet for FAR too long. Since his desk is the center of both his work and his hobby, you can imagine what my closet looks like. No. Don’t. It’s so bad there will be NO before pictures. Neither will there be any pics of the “Needs to go to storyage/Goodwill” stuff in the corner where the desk is going. Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you for this inspiration.

    And I’m so glad you liked my fabric storage idea! I can’t wait to see how you take that idea and make it look great, because I’m going to turn around and do my sewing fabric just like that. 🙂

  10. I love fabric, too. I use it in my classroom to cover bulletin boards and it’s great because one can always find holiday fabric to use for the seasons. I have mine stored in a box but am now motivated to roll mine and tie it up with ribbons, too. Thanks for the great ideas.
    You’re the best!!!

  11. I’m sorry for the sadness you are feeling…it’s just a measure of the depth of love. Your “mess” is still so beautiful! Everything looks like it has a perfect spot. I could probably frighten you with my scary craft closet. It’s organized but …eesch, not so pretty to look at.

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