Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | January 19, 2009

Organizing Monday!

Organizing Monday!

I organized my closet this week!  It’s a small closet and I’ve not been happy with it for quite a long time! I took everything out, like I always do when organizing and purged. I only put back the things that the husband and I wear consistently.


I added baskets for socks and my workout clothes!


The basket on the left is for The Husband’s dry-cleaning.



closet-blog-001I love my scarves and my Life Is Good hats (I wear the hats when I work out) I got these “hat racks” at Bed Bath & Beyond for $9.00, they work great for my hats and even keep my scarves in order!





I also love love love my tee-shirts and like the favorites hanging up!


I organize my tops by type & color


Same with The Husband’s…his will not stay this way without my help!



This looks like no big deal in the pictures, but I kid you not, it took me all day! I also noticed how un-pretty my closet looks which is distressing me big time! But the next project, heaven help me, will include some “pretty”.  It’s my fun room where I sew and do my creative stuff!


I sure hope you did one of two things today…either got an idea or feel better about your own closet 🙂

love to you~and prayers for an Amazing Monday! ~See you tomorrow~(and if you have any closet organizing ideas, for the love of pete…bring them on!)




  1. YOU ARE AMAZING !! I have never seen anyone so organized. Kudos to you for your action. When you decide to do something…… get started and give it your ALL.

    I have been inspired to organize my linen closet today and purge all the old medicines and miscellaneous stuff I don’t use or need.
    Thank you for your clever ideas.

  2. Your closet looks great! I am in the process of organizing my closet and am almost done – now I don’t even bother with my hubby’s side though because it won’t stay that way! I just try to not look in that direction. 🙂 Have a great Monday!

  3. My own hubby got the cleaning bug and I about fell over yesterday… his side of the closet was immaculate and I heaped on the praise. It wasn’t until the door swung closed that I discovered part of the secret. Anything he didn’t quite know what to do with had been artfully piled in a heap in the space on my side behind the door! UGH!

  4. I love organization! It makes me happy and peaceful. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I will definitely use some of them on my own closet!

  5. got to your blog through funny looking at the closet. check out my wife’s closet (… we still haven’t fixed it.

  6. Oh, girl… we were so destined to be besties. Because there’s nothing happier than a pretty closet!!!!!

    My shirts are organized by sleeve length and then color. It annoys my friends so sometimes they mess it up just to be ornery. Haters.

    (BTW, that’s NOT a small closet. My minature sized closet is teeny tiny)

  7. very tidy. i wish i had space to organize my closet. it is itty bitty.

  8. My shirts are organized that way too. And Keith’s. I used to love to redo my closets and drawers. Boy, THOSE were the days!

    This post makes my heart go pitter-patter. I have read it several times already. I have been so bad about leaving comments lately! I SO need to do my closet. I like to pull everything out, too, but there are obstacles.. (long story, not very interesting).

    But I do have my new label maker! I am itching to get in there and your post SO inspires me. I am going to plan it on paper before I begin. So fun!

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