Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | January 17, 2009

Tag…you’re it!

It’s Saturday and Anita over at Mud and Coffee has a fun thing going on today. I’m tagged to list 10 things about myself and link back to her! I’m pretty boring but thought I’d try. I mean when you blog every day…people have To Much Information!!!!

1~ I’m an empty-nester

2~ I’ve replaced my kids with pups! (love it!)

3~ I’m 47 and have already had one of my many joints replaced!

4~ I’m writing a book … I’m half-way through…

5~ I have issues with a fear of failure, hence the last half of the book left unwritten!

6~ I could stay snuggled in my house (without leaving) for…well a very long time. (9 days is my current record)

7~ I may or may not have a slight tendency towards agoraphobia.

8~ I hate the telephone…I run from the telephone…I only have one in case I need to dial   9-1-1!!!

9~ I DO NOT play sports, when someone throws-hits- or kicks any kind of ball towards me…I do one of 3 things: I duck, I run, or I grab whoever’s next to me to block the ball’s access to my face.

10~ When I get to heaven I have put in an urgent request for a couple of eye-brows that look just like Anita’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love love love…do you have time to be tagged today and tell us 10 things about yourself? Link back to me if you do, or to Anita…either one!

*****UPDATE*****Got some fun facts on Theda and Nancy in the comments, check them out!!! (Also, check out Nancy’s blog, she’s an amazing artist! She also has a blog dedicated to her pug pups! It’s awesome! It’s on my blogroll under: Pugalicious!)



  1. 1. I want to read your book – even if it isn’t finished.
    2. I’m anita’s 1st cousin – but I don’t share her artistic and musical talents.
    3. I do share her LOVE of reading – but alas – not her eyebrows 😉
    4. I share with you a fear of Sports (i know, not EXACTLY what you said…)
    5. I tend to rush through things
    8. hehe
    9. I will drink coffee whenever, wherever – but only if there’s cream and sugar.
    10. I neeeed a road trip

  2. LOL! You are too hilarious about the eyebrows! And it’s strange to read that you’re 47. Not that 47 is old; it gets younger every day. I just think of you as being very close to my age.

    I remember now that you mentioned the book before. I am so proud of you! I also have to ask: Have you started listening to Pete’s series on fear? The first one was fantastic!

  3. Theda since Anita’s written about you I feel like I know you! And you hit the nail on the head with the fear of sports! I terrified of playing sports!
    Coffee…me too sista. I’m so sorry you don’t have Anita’s eyebrows but I bet yours are just as amazing!

    Anita…I am 47! Sometimes I feel 100…other times I feel 25…I don’t know what that means.
    And about Pastor P’s series on fear…it’s on the list for next week…but I’m seriously kinda scared to listen. I’m not kidding. What if I suddenly feel the need to play softball or basketball or worse…badmitten!!??

  4. Well, I don’t have to list me 10 since your list could have been written by me. Except for the point replaced and writing a book…your list is my list. So funny!

  5. Okay I’ll bite!! I hope you got the puppy mills link to work – let me know if you need the code again…
    1 – I’m 46, just a few weeks away from 47.
    2 – I used to be absolutely afraid of everything and all people, but forced myself to do things I was afraid of as much as possible, it sure helped. Drugs helped too (nerve pills, I highly recommend them!)
    3 – I love being in my art studio with the pugs – it is my happy place.
    4 – my hubby cooks for me almost every day. I am lucky.
    5 – I am counting the years to retirement. I’ve told hubby he must then acquire 3 jobs so I can live in the style to which the puggies and I are accustomed… ; )
    6 – I was terrified of sports too til I discovered frisbee. It is a kinder, gentler sport and you do not have to wear tights or shorts to play it.
    7 – I love peppermint mocha with extra whippy creme on top
    8 – I love puffy cheetoes
    9 – I love my mom! yay mom!!! you rock!!!
    10 – I love to read, almost anything fiction – I read to escape. I read nonfiction at work all day, so fiction is a requirement at home.

  6. Oh these are such fun! I’ve got to tell you people go to Nancy’s blog and website…you wont be sorry! I’ve got to link it here and at Anitas! (It’s on my blogroll under Pugalicious!)
    Lenora is afraid of sports too…Lenora maybe you and I should try the frisbee like Nancy!
    I want to know what Nancy does all day that includes reading non fiction, I must go to her blog and ask her! love to you all!

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