Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | January 14, 2009

What inspires you?



I love that word. I love the feeling of being inspired. And I love things that inspire me.

My house is full of objects of my affection that feed my creative side. Years ago when I was searching for my sense of style I found home and decorating magazines helped. Thumbing through a magazine I get a giddy feeling inside when I see something I love. So I used to save the magazines. When that was too much, I’d tear out the pictures that tickled me and file them away. But really, it didn’t take long for that to become overwhelming. Too much paper! So about five years ago I bought a sketch book and took the whole winter to make a book of all those beautiful pictures. Like a collage on every page!





I can’t tell you how much I love my book. Before I do any project or have any party or even make any flower arrangements I look through that book. It’s like magic, I’m not kidding, creativity just flows when I look at page after page of things, colors, rooms, and antiques that I love.





Last summer I had a big stack of pages I’d ripped out of various magazines over a couple of years. This time I made little collages on paper and then slid them in plastic covers. They’re hanging all over the place in my “fun room”.  One day I’ll put them in a notebook, but right now I enjoy seeing them every day. (These inspired me when I was planning my kitchen redo last fall!)



ps…this is a bad picture I know, but see this….these guys have 3 or 4 Maltese. I put this in my book years ago when The Boo was my only pup…now I too have 3 little white pups!
(not to mention, Ollie my sweetest rescue in the world!) Maybe I was inspired all those years ago by this picture. Be careful what you glue in your inspiration notebook!!! ~Love and Inspiration to you Peeps~ 




  1. The timing of your posts always amazes me.

    Every morning I read several little devotional books including a couple about Letting Go and Al-Anon-type readings. Today I read these words, “Does God speak to us through our imaginations? Can we look for the kingdom of God within us?–then the prayer is, ‘O God of the imagination and the unexpected, help me to be open to the new images and ways through which you may speak and act. Amen.'” (This is from Letting God–Christan Meditations for Recovery)

    Anyway……so God, I’m discovering, plants our creativity. Our desires. Personally and individually. He is our inspiration! He’s why you see these rooms, these colors, the feelings that go with decorating!

    You saw a picture with the Maltese puppies. Deep down, maybe you believed for them. And now they’re yours!

    I love that. I guess I used this technique to help me write this first novel. I found pictures of my characters–people’s faces that expressed their personalities. The pictures of strangers helped bring my characters into being.



  2. Its like a different version of a vision board! But did you know that is what you were doing when you did it? I also think it speaks to the law of attraction. What a lucky day it was for the pups when you cut out the Maltese picture! It started those sweet pups on the path to you.

    This was one of my favorite exercises we did with our patients at the hospital, I always thought it funny I got paid at these times to have so much fun.

    Thank you for sharing your life’s work with us : )

  3. Vicky…I had never heard of vision boards till recently on Oprah, I was just trying to find my bliss! My style. What kinds of things made me giddy!!!
    I forgot you worked in a hospital…I’m going to your blog to refresh my memory…
    I’m thinking of you today, the news keeps talking about the terrible cold temps there…love & just stay home!

  4. I love your book! One of my daughters keeps a wonderful book like this, and I am always inspired just looking at hers. It’s such a great way to keep all sorts of ideas and images you love.

    xo Lidy

  5. I can see that we are inspired by many of the same things. I have files of clippings to dream and drool over. Perhaps, I should follow your lead!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Do come again!

    Oh happy day!

  6. That’s so fantastic, and is so something I would have envisioned you to do. You are so creative, but so intentional in what you do… and that makes it not only lovely, but always so personal as well.

    YOU inspire me when I show up here and feel like I’m always getting a big warm hug by the time I leave.

    *warm* being the key to that hug. You must come to Iowa if you want to use your scarf. And be surrounded by snow…

  7. I’ve had a small, small version of this before – more like a folder with torn out pages. I like the way you have displayed your inspiration. Your house should be in my folder – I just want to come inside and sit by the fire and touch all the books on your shelves. So inviting!

    Stay warm on this beautiful winter day.

  8. What a great idea! I have a “book” that’s similar too and it too gets my creative juices flowing any time I open it!


  9. I have so many photos I’ve clipped from magazines and now I know exactly what I will do with them! Your blog is very lovely and I’m so glad I stopped by! I’d love you to visit mine!

    Best wishes,

  10. Robin,
    Love the book. I too have an addiction to magazines, pictures, ideas. I have folders full of ideas. I started to do a file system. But it would be more fun to have a book to look through. On a Someday….(actually the title of Roxanne Henke’s new book coming out soon…) I’ll get to my book of ideas. I have a book of before and afters and all the materials that go into a room makeover. Someday I’m going to decorate for $$ instead of just for the fun of it! I guess my passion is to do it for the fun of it and if money follows than that will be a bonus!
    Decorating Inspires Me!!!
    See, I was suppose to read this today!
    Inspiration is everywhere.
    Thank You!

  11. Robin,
    Just a quick thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. Much Appreciated!

  12. SO cool. You are so inspiring! Gitz is right. Your blog does make us feel like you have given us a big hug. You are such a sweetheart, and you seem to ooze creativity!

  13. Oops. Hit submit too soon. I was going to say I used to tear out ideas for my dream house and keep them in a folder. I stopped doing that, but since I had to put magazine clippings in my sketch book (what a coincidence that you blogged about this!) as part of the book I’m reading (The Artist Within), I might do my own little page and give myself permission to enjoy stuff like this again.

    Thanks Robin

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