Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | January 12, 2009

Organizing the Laundry Room!

Organizing the Laundry Room!


Hey Peeps! Today over at Inspired Room it’s A Beautiful Life Friday. Organizing is the theme this month and although I’m a little hesitant I’m gonna show you my laundry room!


My laundry room is multi-purpose. Back in the day when I had four kiddos at home and bought everything in bulk, I kept extra food on the shelves. Now days, I use the shelves to store platters, vases and other things I use for entertaining.


 I also keep cards and stationary here so I can send a quick

 “Happy Birthday” or “I’m Thinking of You” card!  


Boxes, (I love boxes) hold tape, paper clips and little prizes for my Peeps!


This is a boring shelf with my towels for the pups bath-time and extra puppy blankets…but low and behold I do love my big bin of light bulbs. I printed a list of what size bulbs I use in each room and keep extra bulbs here. I’m a little slow Peeps and this really helps me! (I keep extra batteries in divided box. This is also super helpful!)


 This is kinda fun, I keep a file for each month. When I find fun party ideas or recipes in magazines I tear them out and put them in the appropriate month. At the start of a new month, I pull out my file and look for inspiration! If I try a recipe that I love I’ll put it on a card and file it in my recipe box. If I look through and find something that makes me think: “What was I thinking? Why did I save this?” Then I toss it and keep my file from overflowing!(I have a fun way of doing my decorating inspiration I’ll share with you guys some time!)


Under this pretty material is my file cabinet with my house papers, medical papers, warranties etc…



 Okay, you see why I was hesitant. My laundry room is odd and full of everything except laundry! There isn’t room for an ironing board and I needed storage space soooo this is how I roll! I hope you got maybe 1 idea you could use somewhere! Happy, Blissful organizing! TTFN!






  1. i love how organised you are! Its just so cute he he! i would much rather have fun things in the laundry room anyway instead of washing lol! lovely blog ! i was looking for your follow me button but could not find it argh! Lovely family and couple you all are :O) Bluesaphire x

  2. You would have been a great teacher..your pantry, and your laundry room look so perfect and look like the little fun corner I loved in Kindergarten. lol You are very creative w/your displays.

  3. I love it! Your house is like a treasure box or a gingerbread house or something. So cute. It is the stuff that storybooks are made of! Ahem. Speaking of books, Robin…

  4. Love it, love it, love it! I’m digging the monthly folder idea – will have to start my own soon.

  5. Wow, please tell me this didn’t happen overnight… that it took years to perfect! That way, I may stand a chance someday to be half as organized. You sure know how to make it look pretty!

  6. Thank you for being so nice ’cause I know this is the weirdest laundry room ever! Smooches~

  7. Love it to pieces… I live in such a small space that I have storage in inappropriate rooms, too… but I do stuff like have bins for batteries, too. The more organized I am the less energy I waste on things that are unimportant. And to me, an ounce of energy is like gold!!!

  8. Hi, Robin-

    I have some link love lemonade for you on my site 🙂

  9. I know I am late getting to this party, but I can’t help but think –
    “So, after my kids are grown – this is what my house will/can look like!”

    Because, right now, that so, ain’t happening!

  10. Love file for party idea- I may need to steal that idea from you. Thanks for sharing great inspiration.

  11. Happy Friday, Happy Spring, Happy~Happy Everything!

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  13. Do you hire out? I love your laundry room! (Might it be because there is so much pretty stuff and so little laundry;c) So many great ideas and you are so organized! Did I ask if you hired out?

  14. You are so organized! Amazing! Your laundry room is fantastic!

    Ongoing thoughts and prayers for your family!

    Happy spring!

  15. So many wonderful ideas here! Thanks for all the tips and ideas you use, so glad you shared them!

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