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Organizing the Pantry!

  Organizing my Pantry! 

I need organization in my life. When my little world isn’t in order I find myself grumpy, a little confused (more than usual!) and my creativity just stops. So organization is for me, a beautiful necessity. I thought this would work great for Melissa’s Beautiful Life blog party on her site Inspired Rooms…

Today, I’m starting with my pantry. My organization plans always include pretty…I’m not a function only girl, it has to be pretty first, functional second…it’s madness, I know…

I start by taking everything out of the pantry and purging the old or stale stuff! I clean the containers and the shelf paper and rethink my placement of everything.

My pantry is tiny, most people have a bigger one so it’s easier, but even if your’s is smaller or if you don’t have a pantry, you can still make your storage space pretty and functional with a little thought and planning.

Containers are super important. A year or so ago, I went from plastic containers to glass. I like glass much better. But whatever you choose if it’s clean and neat it’ll be great! If you decide to switch your system of storing you could do it a little at a time. Buy containers for the flour and granulated sugar one month and the next month buy for your oatmeal, brown sugar and powdered sugar. It’s so much fun to shop for containers and you can find them everywhere!

I like these for baking essentials…



I have a label maker and I’m not afraid to use it!


The Husband and I don’t eat dinner Mon.-Thurs. (we’re old, if we ate dinner every night we’d blow up!) In the winter, we sip on Hot Chocolate instead, so I like everything handy…


Back in the day when the kids were home I had tons of canned goods, I kept the bulk food on shelves in my washroom. These days, with just the 2 of us I don’t need to buy bulk! I keep cereal, popcorn and other “boxed” things in a spinning cabinet.2008-12-29_0021

I love long bread baskets for foil, parchment, and plastic wrap! And the 2 shallow baskets on top hold small & gallon size zip-lock baggies. (I found these in the “bathroom supply” section at good old Walmart…they were super cheap!


This is my S’more center…thanks to my bud Gitz, I neeeed s’mores!


Don’t forget the pups! Treats & Cheerios! (I throw out a handfull of Cheerios as I leave the house, it keeps them busy for a minute so they don’t cry!)


The Boo has a super sensitive tummy. I keep Pedialite for when he needs it, which is at least once a month!


And 2 kinds of food for them…Ollie has kidney issues and can’t have meat…and although I make the white pups food (chicken breasts,brown rice, and green beans)my vet makes me include dry food in with the home-made so they get their vitamins! I know, my pups are super spoiled!

I do love these containers for keeping their food. Got them at Target!


Okay, here’s the tiny pantry all finished! 2008-12-29_0032


Do you have any organizing plans for 2009? My next project is my wash room. It’s an overflow room and gets messy really fast.



  1. One hour in our house and my bride would have your order in a mess. 🙂

  2. Wow! That is amazingly beautiful. The world just becomes round again for me when everything is clean and organized. Umm, you think that is small? Oh Robin I can make you feel so much better about your small pantry : )

    We did hooks this weekend for the boys backpacks and snowpants and coats and mittens, and…

    Love the bread baskets for wrap… that’s a good one! Thanks for sharing. Organizing and Joy go hand in hand for me!

  3. Here I am again. I keep coming back because I keep learning something and getting all inspired. I would write more, but I’m headed to reconfigure my own pantry. I look forward to the laundry room next week.
    Take good care,

  4. Could you organize my office like you organized your pantry? Awesome!

  5. Oh, you and I would get along so well in person. I would go stay with my Aunt for a week in the summers just so I could rearrange her kitchen. We had a running joke about how many times I would use the phrase “utilize the space you have.”

    Sometimes I mess up a closet just so I have something to organize again.

    And I adore your s’more station.

    (oh, and I just emailed Pete this morning about not being able to find the archives… guess I should have stopped here first!!!)

  6. Oh, I love organizing! Your pantry looks AMAZING! I like your glass jars – may have to start investing in those a little at a time and I am DEFINITELY setting up a s’mores center in my pantry ASAP! Brilliant idea!

  7. Oh it makes my heart sing. Do you know how much willpower it took not to log in to blogger or type in your address when you posted on facebook about your label maker? It wasn’t easy. So glad I finally got to sit and read it. I have tried to ‘let go’ and not be so anal about organization but I think it makes me grumpy, just like you said. So about the middle of last year, I systematically started going through and getting things like I want them. I am totally getting a label maker after this post. I can almost hear birds singing. 😉

  8. Your pantry is like a little work of art! The shelf paper is darling.

  9. Wow! So many things to love!

    Smore center! Delightful!

    Love the doggy treats and the idea about the cheerios. I keep our treats in a canister on the hutch. They know the sound of that lid!

    Great job!

    I am working on our family room but haven’t made enough progress to show it yet. This will involve getting rid of some furniture to simplify the space.

    Have a beautiful week!

  10. Love it- the idea of using long baskets for the foil and wrap is great- I’m off to Target to see if I can find some.
    You’ve given me several ideas- {we are down to just the two of us two :}
    Happy day

  11. Wow, so organized and beautiful! I’ll have to use your ideas in my pantry!

  12. I love how organized and pretty your pantry is. We bought a pantry cabinet and my daughter has taken it over for her clothes.

    It’s ok though ~ I just keep reminding my husband how much we need to re-do the kitchen 😉

    Blessings… Polly

  13. So much that I love about this post! The jars, the red and white shelving paper! It reminds me of my grandmother’s country store. Great post!

  14. Your pantry is just darling! I use glass containers in mine also and it does seem to make it easier to identify when things are low and I love the old fashioned feel and look. Wonderful job, have a nice weekend!

  15. Your pantry is really nice. I need to start collecting some glass jars.

    I can’t say that I have any organizing plans, yet. Things at my house are pretty well organized. I just went through my craft stuff. THAT was badly needed. If I have a plan at all, it’s to limit the stuff I have coming in and keep it all organized.

    Great post!

  16. I love all of the jars that you used! That is a great idea. I wish I had an actual pantry…

  17. When can you come to help with a pantry makeover!!!?? You are inspiring! Thanks for sharing all the photos. I love how you use glass jars for organization!

    Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  18. Your pantry is beautiful! There is something about a well organized pantry that just warms my heart and says , “Welcome home.” Now if I could just get my pantry cleaned up and ready to go.

  19. Looks great and glad to see another “organizing nut” as my dh calls me. After 10 years he gets that organizing is not a chore for me but a pleasurable necessity.

  20. Your pantry is so inspirational. I’m ready to start organizing our cupboards.

  21. You are an inspiration. What a pleasure for my eyes. I keep looking for your pictures again and again.

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