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My favorite Book of 2008 is…


I’m thinking about my favorite books of 2008! Now these books were not necessarily published in ’08, I just read them in ’08! I’m super particular in the books I read. I’m not at all a literary snob, like some people in my family…(Stephie)I love all kinds of books! But I don’t spend months reading the same “kind”. It’s like this:

I rate books kinda like food…you know, some days you just want to sit and mindlessly pop Gummies into your mouth…well, I do anyway. Some books are Gummies…I don’t want to think too much.

But, other times I need food, real substantial food…homemade soup, lasagne…those kinds of books are ones I research. I think and feel my way through them, savoring every delectable phrase. 

Something I love to do, is look back over the books I’ve read in the past 12 months. I’ve tried lots of things to keep up with my books, I’ve kept a folder with names and reviews, I’ve kept a separate journal, and I’ve even kept some of the actual books on a shelf so I could look back over them at the end of the year. I’m not thrilled with any of these.

But last year I found the greatest tools for keeping up with my reading list…Shelfari and Visual Bookshelf. You don’t need to do both, but I did last year just to see which one I liked better. I gotta tell ya, it’s a toss up! Check them out if you’re interested because if I start to talk about them, I’ll go on forever!(Visual Bookshelf is a Facebook application and it’s worth joining Facebook!)

Here are my picks for My Favorite Books of 2008…When you’re done could you leave me some of your favorites? I’m busy making my list for 2009 and I’d love ideas!!!


~“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend”~ 


I read 56 books last year! As I look back over my list, I’m a little light on non-fiction so I’ll ramp that up in ’09! Here are my favs from ’08 

 I’m character driven in my reading and writing
and these 2 books have a couple of little girl’s that
will steal your hearts!
Charms for the Easy Life (P.S.)  Icy Sparks (Oprah's Book Club)  
I love the writing style of Marisa de los Santos~
I fell madly in love with
the characters and felt depressed
when the 2nd book ended!
Love Walked In   Belong to Me Cover
The Big Stone Gap Trilogy was just plain fun!
The Book Thief is one that I think will be a classic one day
and you know about Kite Runner!!  
     Big Stone Gap Cover  Big Cherry Holler (Ballantine Reader's Circle) Cover   Milk Glass Moon Cover
The Kite Runner Cover
 Some yummy gummie books… 
Claire Cook is stinkin hilarious!
Barefoot was another good “beach read”
  Summer Blowout Cover   Life's a Beach CoverBarefoot Cover
Knit Together is a non-fiction that explores
God’s plan for each of
us.And Twenty Wishes will have
you making your own list! 
Discover God's Pattern for Your Life Cover A Blossom Street Book Cover

Drum-roll please… My Favorite Book of 2008 is an old one!

I just discovered Terry Kay ~ The reviews say his writing is “lyrical”

and I’m telling ya, it’s true!

I’ve read almost all of his books this year but this

is my favorite of his and the one I picked as my favorite of 2008!

You can find this at used bookstores and really cheap (used)

 on Amazon, I highly recommend it~

Now, please leave me some ideas! Love to you~

and happy reading!





  1. Oh my gosh. I had no clue you’d read 56 books last year and you keep folders on them. Do you write Amazon reviews? This is one of the most beautiful posts I’ve ever seen.

    Some of my favorites are Elizabeth Berg, Jodi Picoult, Lolli Winston, Wally Lamb–but I’m having a hard time getting into his latest–The Hour I First Believed, Anne Tyler, and I adored The Book of Marie by Terry Kaye. I just finished Demon–A Memoir by Tosca Lee, fast-paced, deep first person POV Christian fiction.

    I loved, loved, loved Same Kind of Different as Me. Non-fiction.

    Yes! I’m drawn to character driven novels and I don’t read much non-fiction, but The Glass Castle is one of my favorites and it’s a memoir.

    Your Sister in Fiction,

  2. To Dance with the White Dog was one of my favorites too. Have you read any of the Ferrol Sams books? They’re wonderful Southern history/humor you might enjoy as well!

  3. Hi.. thx for the follow on Twitter. It’s nice to stop by and ‘meet’ you. : ) Wow… you read a lot more than I did. I’m looking forward to reading Same Kind of Different as Me sometime this year. I’ve heard it’s very good.

  4. You are so speaking my language! It looks as though I have the same appetite for books as you do! I cannot wait to email my friend about some of these. Another hockey mom and I trade books back and forth… its wonderful!

    To “Dance With the White Dog” sounds like my next book. Yea!

    Okay here are a few of mine: I just finished The Shack… (great spiritual read), Whistling in the Dark by Leslie Kagen, A Girl named Zippy by Haven Kimmel, The Last Summer of You and Me by Ann Brashares (she writes the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series).

    Ooooh. And one I’ve been meaning to blog about. Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose… Robin this is a great one for helping you to discover your purpose!

    Thanks for all the great reading suggestions… keep them coming!

  5. I agree with Vicky–this post is right up my alley! thanks so much for the recommendations!

    i also concur that the last summer of you and me is a MUST READ by ann brashares. WAY better than anything in her traveling pants series for young women.

    i also ADORE marisa de los santos’ style, and her character development is fantastic!

    sounds like we have similar taste, since book thief is on my list.

    in terms of suggestions, i’d have to say check out elizabeth berg. she’s a chicagoan, and i love her writing. dream when you’re feeling blue is my favorite, but also the art of mending is also very interesting.

    i wouldn’t have thought i’d recommend this a month ago, but i read the twilight saga by stephenie meyer and it’s really good! fast, engrossing, interesting characters, although there is all the teen drama. still, a good “beach read”.

    i also would recommend anything by rob bell–velvet elvis, sex god–in the non-fiction category. he’ll really make you think about how you follow after Christ.

    again, thanks for sharing!

  6. I’m just giddy about these suggestions, I’ve made a list in my trusty planner so next week when I go to the used bookstores I’ll have them handy!!!
    Thanks everybody!

  7. Here are my top 10 for 2008:

    1. The Secret Life of Bees
    2. Whistling in the Dark
    3. Gods in Alabama
    4. Made in the USA
    5. The Memory Keepers Daughter
    6. Lost and Found
    7. Twilight
    8. New Moon
    9. Eclipse
    10. Breaking Dawn

    Fiction is my reading preference and I especially enjoy books that are told from a child’s perspective. I LOVED The Secret Life of Bees and I saw the movie when it came out and enjoyed it, immensely. I started reading the Twilight series because a younger girl that I teach with was reading them and I needed something new to read. However, I was quickly hooked and found myself wanting to be a teenage vampire (LOL!).
    I am going to order To Dance with the White Dog. Thanks for your recommendations! I love your blog!!

  8. Robin I so love your blog b/c you always amaze me! 56 books! I thought I read a lot! I do lean more toward the non-fiction, at least this year. I feel the same way about gummy books though. I usually have a gummy book and then a savory book going at the same time:) I can’t wait to check out some of your suggestions with my Barnes and Nobles gift card I received for Christmas

  9. I didn’t mean to post that:) Wasn’t finished. Some of my favorite non-fiction authors this year are Deanne Gist and Sharon Hinck. Have you read Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas? Sooo good! And I am not reading A Long Obedience in the Same Direction by Eugene Peterson. Good stuff but deep weeds. Also both of Mark Batterson’s books are very inspiring and motivational. Have you ever thought of writing a book my friend? Hmmmm….

  10. Aha! Erika just asked dear Robin the same thing I’ve been suggesting.


  11. I do not appreciate being called a snob. I read many of the same books that you have on your list, thank you very much. I have no idea how many books I read this year b/c I am not organized enough to keep a list, but of those I remember, these are my top ten:

    10. Septembers of Shiraz by Dalia Sofer

    9. Mansfield Park- Jane Austen – This was the only Austen novel that I had never read. It did not disappoint.

    8. A Virtuous Woman- Kaye Gibbons

    7. Strange Pilgrims- Gabriel Garcia Marquez- A collection of his short stories from the master.

    6. The End of the Affair- Graham Greene

    5. Love Walked In – Maria De Los Santos

    4. Charms for the Easy Life- Kaye Gibbons

    3. The Year of Magical Thinking- Joan Didion- A memoir on loss and grief

    2. The Grass Harp and Other Short Stories- Truman Capote

    1. Till We Have Faces- CS Lewis – This novel has been at the top of my list for the past 2 years and will probably remain there forever since I have committed to reading it every year for the rest of my life 🙂

  12. I’m on Twitter. DSmithXP What’s your ID?

  13. Stephie Gwen, I’m your mother who birthed you, why for the love of all that’s holy have you never told me about a book so important to you that you’ll read it every year! I’m crushed and I’m clicking over to Amazon…I must have that book!
    Also, I want the Graham Green book…also, I notice Joan Diddon is on there…as you know, I’m still smarting that situation…It almost made my list…

    Erica~ I’m so excited about your non fiction tips…especially the “deep weeds” I can’t wait to try those!

    Love love love~

  14. Oh my cow, I’m dying laughing over the scolding you just gave your girls! 🙂 And I’m glad to know that you didn’t miss the chance to throw in the guilt of labor while you were at it! Serious perfection, you are.

    Ok, here’s my problem. I LOVE to read. I don’t have money to buy new books and I can’t get out and about to the library. Mmm hmm… you see the problem.

    My brother Steve just brought me his whole collection of James Patterson’s Womens Murder Club books that he had read this year on plane trips (he travels for work). Those will be great because I love a good forensic mystery, but it only covers one facet of my interests. (English major, here… but not a snob. I love literature and no-brainer books equally.)

    I’m looking into this club that is like Netflix but with books… you pay so much a month and make a list of what you want to read… they pay for shipping both ways, and you just have to be patient that it may take awhile for certain books to be in stock. If I can find a good deal it would be the perfect way to have a steady supply of new books.

    Has anyone here ever tried something like that? I’d be really interested to see if it works smoothly… and then I’m putting every one of these books on my list!

    Oh, and if anyone else loves foresnic thrillers, you MUST read Patricia Cornwell’s series about Kay Scarpetta. You have to read them in order, and while her first book isn’t her best, she gets into a great rhythm thereafter and they will suck you into the mystery like you wouldn’t believe. Love them.

  15. Robin this was too fun. Great post. My number one must read is The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. I’m a big non-fiction girl, so I’ll list a few of those favorites since you want to beef up the NF:

    Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend
    The Dance of Anger by Harriet Lerner
    The Artist Within by Whitney Ferre
    The Bondage Breaker, Anderson (this one can seem a little out there at places, but it is good for learning to take thoughts captive)
    Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell
    If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve God to Get Out of the Boat by John Ortberg
    Everything and a Kite by Ray Romano (sadly, I am so not-cultured that this is MY once a year read. It is HILARIOUS but does have some language issues.)
    Streams in the Desert (a GREAT book for someone who is sick, depressed, or grieving. Make sure you get an updated version. The devotional with the blue cover is a good one)
    One fiction book from childhood: The Outsiders. It made my heart hurt. Great book.

    I could go on for days! I want to ask the same question Erika and Julie asked, my dear. When do we get to read Robin’s book? Will you at least try to sell some stuff to magazines? C’mon woman. I’ll tell you what my friend told me (I didn’t listen to her). Your writing helps me, and more people should be able to read it. I think it would help people. You should think about getting it published.

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