Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | December 29, 2008

Coming off Christmas…

 Christmas 2008 is one for the memory books. Hopefully the memories are good, but if not, look at it this way, some years are less than stellar. When I’ve had years like that, I find moving forward is the best medicine.

I need to interupt this post…This picture has nothing to do with anything…it’s not my house nor does it belong to anyone I know…I found it and it gave me butterflies…I may want to live in that house. I could certainly write a whole book about life in that house. I really love that house…sorry. I promise not to post any more Christmas type picutres…but don’t cha like this one? Thank you for the pause…


Now, back to the post…Uhhhh Ummmm, the week between Christmas and New Year’s is a quiet one around here. Back in the day, when The Husband was in a different industry, he took that week off and it was sheer delight. We felt no pressure to go places or to do something, like on our Summer vacation, we just relaxed. Ahhhhh~

Now days, he can’t take the time off, sniffle-gulp, so the relaxing is left up to me. No worries…I can do it!

 Do you guys feel a let-down after Christmas? Perhaps an “anti-climactic” funk coming on? I always have and I’m going to tell you how I deal with it…I look back and look forward. After years and years of Christmases come and gone I’ve grown to love every stage even the after Christmas stage…this in between week. This week I’d so love to explore the different ways we all move from one year to the next.

But before we  look back and look forward, I have to take a time out and plan when to disassemble Christmas around the house…”don’t panic” I tell myself. “You can do this…”

Like an addict coming off heroine, I come off Christmas sllllooooowly. First, I stop turning on the outside lights and just have the tree lights softly glimmering at night…on New Year’s Day, we take an hour, just an hour (this “only 1 hour” rule is very important to The Husband) and take down the outside paraphernalia. Then on January 2nd, I take a full day and disassemble the inside of the house.

This has worked for us for several years. But I realize that some people like Christmas down quickly. I called Baby Sister on the 26th and she was already shoving Christmas accoutrements up the attic stairs…that works for her. But me, well I need a slow withdrawal from all things holiday!

 How do you come off Christmas? Do you take your time or do it quickly so as to get back to “normal”? Have a happy day friends~ 



  1. I am like you I have to come down slowly! I so love the twinkling lights on the trees! I have this entire week to myself during the day since the boys are at their dad’s house for the week, so I take the whole week to take things down and get them put away, it makes the withdrawal perid easier!

  2. The tree will come down after New Years. But the outdoor lights don’t usually come down until it warms up. Many people choose to just keep turning them on for a few more weeks. When it looks and feels like white Christmas outside, really, what’s the rush? 5 more inches coming tomorrow! We may break a record for most snow recorded in the month of December since 1929! I have pictures coming for you after I get back. Love to you!

  3. I found your recipe for ‘Tons-A-Chips’ Cookies during the holiday and wanted to ask a question about it. It calls for “1 small package vanilla pudding mix” and I need to know is that INSTANT or COOKED pudding mix? I couldn’t find your e-mail address, so am trying to get hold of you through this current blog post. Hope you see it. Please click on my name or through your blog and I will check back from time to time. Love your recipes. Happy New Year!

  4. Hi Lauralee! Glad you like the recipes! I use the instant pudding mix when I make them and it works great! Thanks for checking in! And Happy New Year to you too!
    Vicky…5 more inches!?!?! Wow! I can’t wait to see pictures 🙂
    Renee, enjoy your quiet week and get under control before the crew gets back!!!

  5. You know, that is the benefit of not getting to go home or have a big Christmas celebration… I’m not sure if it came yet so I’m not really over it yet either 🙂 I like my soft Christmas tree glow, and since my two trees are smaller and unobtrusive they stay up for a looonnnngggg time. But I’m with Vicky… I think of them more as winter decorations, and God knows it’s winter around here!!!

    Also, I have to have someone else put stuff in my garage for me so my decorations come down when it’s convenient for someone else. It’s pretty go-with-the-flow around here…

  6. First, PLEASE post the picture you have on Flicker with your house in the snow. It is just as good or maybe better because it is real and there are fantastic stories coming out of your house, my friend!
    Christmas came down on Sunday. It felt so good, at the time, to get the last ornament cushioned in lots of tissue paper, the furniture moved back, and the pine needles vacuumed up. I already miss the tinkle of the white lights and the nut crackers over the kitchen cabinets. Oh well, next Christmas is only 360 days away!
    I need you and coffee soon!

  7. I left the white lights that were draped in a swag over my living room curtain. My ultra cool CA neighbor did it, so why can’t I? 😉 I usually leave a doorknob cover out, and I hate to admit this, but since I can remember, I have always had a kitchen towel or hot pad that just happened to get missed when the stuff was put away. It stays at the bottom of the stack and when the towels run low: Christmas!

    I usually want to leave the tree up for a LONG time, but this year wasn’t so bad. The lights are staying for a little while, at least.

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