Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | December 26, 2008

God bless us everyone…

 Captured Moments from Christmas at our house…

I hope your Christmas was a good one. Here are a few moments from our time together…

My girls and I~(Jamie, the beautiful Hawaiian, is Timothy’s S.O., but I claim her:) )


Ollie watching for crumbs!


First we snacked and watched an old home movie~


Stephie and Emma Bear~


Then we played Balderdash! Thanks for the idea Anita!dsc02133

Stephie and Jon covering their face so we wouldn’t see them laughing at their answers!dsc02142

Bindi & Bella watched the games!


Balderdash hurt my brain! I’m not kidding.


Jetty Bean & Sadie Sue played their own games! dsc02139

Jon is smiling because he won all the games!


After chruch, Buddy brought Aunt Gail and Uncle Roger(they were visiting all the way from Belize!) over to eat Panini’s and play Apples to Apples…


Once again…Jon won! Jon is on a roll!!!


Aubie had the right idea…Christmas morning would be here in a few hours!dsc02140

And early Christmas Morning the girls inour new pa-jay-jays!(Em had a spill on her shirt!)






Mike & I ended our part of Christmas, with breakfast and then the kids went on their way…



And I’m not gonna lie, The Husband and I spent the rest of the day relaxing in our pa-jay-jays! 

 “God Bless Us…Everyone…”




  1. Oh Robin! How sweet! What a great day! We thank you for the pajamas idea….we all spent the day in our new pa-jay-jays yesterday too! It was a huge hit, and quite comfy, I must say!!

  2. Looks like Sara Palin with Mike, Bindi, Bella or Boo?!

  3. Look at that fabulous new header! Love it : ) What a warm and cozy day! Good food, your favorite people, fun games and clips of memories from the past… another perfect holiday! I feel like I could step through the page and feel right at home : ) Love to you and yours today!

  4. Thanks for showing us! Love the pics and especially the pink pj’s. I also noted the REAL china used for breakfast. It’s all in the details, which you’re a master of.


  5. Look at you get all expert-like with the new headers!!! 🙂 Is it that new Photoshop at work?!?!

    Loved every moment of this post… you have the Christmas with family that most people aspire to enjoy. I just love seeing how you love your family.

    By the way, is it wrong that I’ve spent all day TODAY in my pjs so far?

  6. Tippa I’m just giddy that you guys spent the day in new Pa-jay-jays!

    Daddy, as you know, I had my glasses and wore my hair in a bad updo long before I knew who Sarah Palin was… 🙂

    Jewles, the kids rejected my efforts to drink out of my good glasses…they just went into the pantry for the plastic ones! oh well!

    Gitz, I stayed in Pa-jay-jays on the 25th and the 26th! Today…well, we’ll see. It’s my most favorite way to spend the day!

  7. The j’s were great. I think Ollie has my heart. I want him! You have enough dogs, I want that one! We need animal love in our house.

  8. Oh, my! Your library of books is so gorgeous! I can tell there is some pride in some of the gems on the shelves behind you. I love books!!!!

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