Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | December 19, 2008

~Merry Christmas from Mom & Me~

 I’m posting a little sweetness today, an early Christmas hug if you will. It’s from me and my mom. I’m getting ready for our big family Christmas party tomorrow! I’ll post some pictures later, I got really cute party favors I want you to see!

But today come with me and get to know my mom a little…I know you’re busy but It’l only take a second…


 My mom, Betty Jean Roberts, was quite an artist. She was one of those women who could do about anything creative. She made quilts, sewed clothes, did flower arrangements, made beautiful cakes, (back in the day, she catered weddings!), sketched, painted watercolors, painted murals…the woman had to be creating or she wasn’t happy. Now, if she were still here, on this side of eternity, she’d be loving this blog! She would pray for each and every one of you every day. She’d make you things and send them to you. And at this time of year, she’d paint one of her Christmas cards in your honor…

I wanted to take a moment and share with you some of her paintings ~ they reveal her heart~ and mine too ~

Hummm, I wonder why my favorite season is Autumn?


Wonder where I got the love of  all things home?



~She loved Christmas~ And Snow~ (No wonder I’m a Southern girl who longs for snow!)





 This is my favorite painting.  She told me that she painted it thinking of me and all the things I love. (It’s framed and I couldn’t get a good picture…but notice that I’m snuggled on the couch reading to my little ones, notice the walls of books, the cozy fire and low and behold it’s Christmas!




This is the last Christmas card she painted in 2005 just weeks before she left.Sometimes when I look at it I wonder…is that where she’s living now?

I’m passing it along with prayers for you to have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year~With Love~Mom & Me






  1. wow…how beautiful to have these to remember your mom by! thanks for sharing this part of you with us.

  2. Thank you for telling us about Ms. Betty Jean and sharing her paintings with us. It is amazing how much you are like her. I absolutely love the one of you on the couch. It fascinates me to no end how an artist can put together something like that, and how the piece speaks to those who see it.

    Since we can see so much of her in you (now that you introduced us to all these great qualities she had), I wonder what those around you see. What do you do that would make someone say, “You are just like your mother!” or “You are just like Grandma!”?

  3. Robin,

    These are beautiful! You can’t help but feel surrounded by your mother’s love when you look at these precious works of art. Anita asked such a great question. I hope you’ll share with us more about her impact and influence on you in future posts perhaps.

    And do you know you just triggered the best idea for me? My own mother is struggling with the decision of when to retire. She is 73 and still works full time on her feet all day. Her feat is that she won’t know what to do with her time. Anyway, she used to paint! I forgot. She was a dabbler, and yet what a wonderful idea for me to get her some paints for Christmas! I’m falling in love with this idea as I type…

    Look at what your mother just inspired! The perfect idea at the absolute precise time I was so needing one.

    Thank you for sharing these : ) Blessings and love to you! I just bought an extra shovel for the snow coming!

  4. My heart is filled with warmth and love as I look at each of these paintings. You have so honored your beautiful mother and I feel you shared such a special gift with us all.

    You are continuing to pass on the wonderful heritage that she gave you. The best part is that you are not just sharing it with your children but with us.

    Love love, Ruthie

  5. Once again, it is a joy to see you carry the one
    that once carried you…………………beautiful~~



  6. Does anybody else notice something special in the picture with the lady and her children? The one Betty Jean did while thinking about Robin… I didn’t spot the faint shadowing at first, but it’s there. A hovering almost.

    Something crosses the mother’s face as she’s holding her children. It’s coming over her left shoulder. A nude/pink filmy curtain? It seems God’s Spirit is surrounding this precious mother and no matter what she experiences, He’s with her.

    Betty Jean left the shape, texture, and color of God through her paintings–through her fingerprints.


  7. Thank you guys for the comments…I’m a lot like Mom but she was way more talented. I do cackel when I laugh like she did. That’s one of the things I miss the most, her laughter…and her hands. But Stephie told me that my hands are “just like Nanny’s…” Something about your mother’s hands…I miss her hands too.
    Love to all this weekend~

  8. have you seen my new header? I made it at

  9. i loved looking at those. and you narrated it so beautifully!

  10. Oh, Robin… these are so beautiful and very precious. What a gifted mom and what a lovely daughter to cherish her so much. All of them are gorgeous but the last one with the snowman makes me want to jump into the photo and feel the happiness it emits. Her heart just leaps out of these paintings… just like yours does every time you post.

    Love you!

  11. Robin – Your mom sounds like a beautiful, talented and warm lady … just like you!

  12. Robin, thanks for visiting my blog. Your mother’s artwork is just amazing. I can tell you cherish her memory. You have such a great blog and I’m so glad to have found you!
    happy week after Christmas to you and your family from chilly Texas

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