Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | December 18, 2008

A few of my favorite (budget minded) things!

 A few of my favorite things…on a budget! Well, Oprah does it and we all have a few favorites don’t we? I thought I’d put some of mine out here and ask you if you’d give me some of yours. It’s stocking stuffing time so I’m on the lookout for fun little inexpensive things!

This mascara is the best drug-store priced mascara ever! I’ve used all the good ones and this one, for the money is great !

I always carry a nail file in my purse and I hate it when the file scratches my wallet…this eliminates the problem!


My lips stay chapped! One year I used this menthol chap stick and I swear my lips got worse! I keep one of these tucked here and there all around the house and car! I love it!


Baby Sister introduced me to these…they smell as great as scented candles but a little stronger. I love to keep one of these on all day when I’m home! (right now I’m burning the one that smells like a Christmas tree!)I will not include the pots in the stockings but maybe the little tarts!?



Okay, it’s winter and I’m a sissy Southerner! Even with flannel sheets, I can’t get my tootsies warm at night, so I keep several pairs of these in my nightstand and slip one on right before I get into bed! Yummy soft and snugly warm!

I’m sure you use this too. But this is simply one weapon in my hair arsenal that I can’t do without! Simply spray a little on the brush or comb and zap the static! The travel size is particularly exciting!

And this! If my toes are painted, even in winter, I feel pretty. Well, not “pretty” necessarily…maybe “groomed”. No, not groomed, but at least I’m not embarrassed. Yep, that’s it, I’m not embarrassed while walking around in my flip flops in the locker room at the gym…for December this year I’m particularly fond of this color… (It’s a doozi says Suzi)

And last but not least…these…

I can’t do without scarves in autumn and winter. I wear a scarf with everything. Casual ones with sweats…

Fancy ones with teeshirts and jeans


Festive ones with coats!


Yummy soft, cozy warm ones with my pa-jay-jays…


Please tell me some of your favorite things!!!I need stocking stuffer ideas! (Especially for boys, I’m terrible at stuffing a stocking for a man/boy!)

P.S. This is a BIG FAT ps…here in the deep dang South, some horrid tropical air mass thingy has chosen to hang out right over us. We are supposed to break records today people…72*! So the snugly socks and the scarves have been done away with for now! I am however, getting to see my “It’s a doozie says Suzie” polish quite a lot since I’ve been wearing flip flops for the past 3 days!!!! Some of my peeps(The Husband included) like the break from winter soooo happy humid holiday to them, but to me, it just does not seem like Christmas this week. I have my air conditioner blowing cool (dry) air and that helps a little!(Lenora…yes, I am having hot flashes!)




  1. Robin, you never cease to leave me in stitches! Could you blow a little air up this way? We are supposed to get 7 more inches of the white stuff!

    When santa filled stockings at mom’s house all of these things would have been in my stocking, and I loved it! And when that grandbaby gets here you’ll have a whole new category for santa to have fun shopping for!

    Santa only has little boys to buy for, but for the big boys he used to get nerf disc shooters (toys) and the boys would have a grand time!

  2. Stocking stuffers are my favorite! I go WAY overboard. If they are fishermen it will be as easy as pie. Lures, lures, lures, and other little things you find in the sporting goods dept. If you don’t want to ask what lures to buy, tell me what they fish for and I’ll as our resident fisherman for help.

    If they like to wear stocking hats, you can get their favorite drink (Mt. Dew, Budweiser, whatever) on a stocking hat, and shove that in there. My husband is weirdly proud of his Mt. Dew. I got him one and he will love it. ??? I don’t get it, but he will. For a guy who likes his style, Ross or T.J. Maxx will have a nice looking stocking hat.

    A little more expensive:
    Pocket knife
    Tiny bottles of cologne
    Gift cards to guy places, like Bass Pro
    Individual tools
    Movie tickets
    A novelty flashlight (like those camo keychain ones)
    Go somewhere like Fred’s for candy that is a flash from the past. That is always fun. Also, the Dollar General has .10 candies. They sell candy cigarettes and individual packets of Fun Dip. Childhood candy that hasn’t been seen in a while is fun.

  3. Aughh! I wrote you this big response and I don’t see it here! Is comment approval enabled? Please tell me it is. Let me see…

  4. Crikey. Now I have to write it again. I told you how much I love stocking stuffers and overdo it often.

    Tiny cologne sample bottles (found at Wal-Mart)
    Tiny keychain flashlights (camo ones at WM)
    Fishing lures
    Gift cards for guy shops like Bass Pro
    Individual Tools

    Stocking hats with favorite drink or sports team on them or a stylish one from Ross or T.J. Maxx

    From Fred’s: Candy that is a blast from the past.
    From Dollar General: .10 candy like candy cigarettes, individual Fun Dip packs

    A mit for washing the car (why do men love these?) or other novelty items from the automotive dept., like those special shammies for wiping the inside of a foggy window.

    If it fits their personalities: For your son, frame a picture of a childhood pet on a magnet or something small enough to be inconspicuously placed on his desk at work. For your sons-in-law, a pic of their wives as children dressed like a princess (but not a pilgrim)

    I could go on all day. I really do love finding stocking stuffers!

  5. Boy you and Anita had great ideas. I am writing them all down and going to the store!

    Again, great pictures!!

  6. Anita those ideas are the bomb! I’m totally using them. I love the picture of a childhood pet and wives!
    Keychain flashlights! Yea! And men do so love the car washing thingys!
    Ruthie~ these pictures are right off the internet…the food pics yesterday were mine though! 🙂
    I bought more stocking stuff for the girls today and now I’ll have a great list to go on for the boys!!!
    Vicky…I CAN NOT believe you guys are getting more snow! I’d gladly trade temps with you 🙂

  7. We are so living in the wrong states, Robin… we have storms and snow forcasted from now until Tuesday…

    Flip flops… how I miss thee…

  8. I have some experience with stocking stuffers for boys. For the teenage boys I usually get them a new belt, a new wallet, they love beef jerkey, new razor, shaving cream, cd’s, socks (my kids eat socks, I am sure of it) and their favorite candy, wal-mart has the boxes of candy like you get at the movie and I usually get them a couple of boxes of those.

    For my husband, he works out of town a lot and I buy him things that he can use to travel with. Because of airline restrictions liquids and gels have to be 2 oz or less so I put in travel size hair gel, shampoo and toothpaste. I also put in his favorite after shave, hershey’s kisses and his favorite candy.

    For my little one, he is easy, I put in pencils, erasers, yo-yo’s, slinky’s, any kind of ball. His favorite candy.

    And don’t forget candy canes, if they don’t like peppermint you can buy the flavored kind.

  9. These tips are great. I was stumped with my 17-year-old son’s stocking.

    Rob, don’t you have a cuticle conditioner you love? No holding out on us….


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