Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | December 9, 2008

Twas the night before Christmas…

This is the little invite I sent my kids last Christmas Eve.


 I’m planning the festivities for this year right now, and I need your help, bear with me … this year I’m changing up the menu. Now, I love a good pa-noo-noo (that’s my way of saying panini!), but, last year after we had appetizers and played games everybody was too full to really chow down on the pa-noo-noos. So this year I’m having “Tons of Tiny Tidbits” to nibble on while we play games!

 I’m changin up the games too, getting Balderdash at Anita’s suggestion! Also, I’m gonna make everyone play Apples to Apples. Have you ever played this? I love it! Why? Glad you asked! See, I never win games. But I won this game once. And I didn’t even have to cheat! Soooo…well ‘nough said, we’re playin that one!

After the candle light service at His Hands, everyone comes back to the house and we open our matching Christmas pa-jay-jays! Now, I’m a matching pa-jay-jay freak.

It started a long time ago! 


I like to get matching pa-jay-jays when we’re at the beach…


This was the famous matching sock monkey pa-jay-jays…told you, I luvs me some sock monkeys!


Last year,the girly-girls pa-jay-jays were a big hit, but the guys had Yard Knomes on them and I don’t think they fully appreciated our Brother the Yard Knome!


Sadly, this year, much to the disappointment of the men in the family, due to budget cuts…only the girly-girls are getting matching pa-jay-jays. How sad we won’t get photo-ops like this one…


This was last year! My boy and Bella! This year after church, we’ll sip hot chocolate, eat dessert and put on a Christmas movie till we’re nodding off on the couch! Which for me should be about 15 minutes after I sit down!


Now…I have 2 questions for you guys…

1~What do you do on Christmas Eve? and..

2~Could you give me some ideas for my Tons of Tiny Tidbits??? This is Robin Rane’ code for Finger foods  🙂

(Recipes welcome & appreciated!!!)







  1. Can I come???

  2. You’re in Tippa!

  3. Me too, I’ll bring Gitz, ooooh, and I am sure we can swing through Nashville for Anita. Now there is a guaranteed party all in itself!

    My neighbor does her annual “Tastefully Simple” party where I get so many party ideas. My favorite is to use their sweet pepper or pommegranate chipotle sauce over cream cheese or the new bayou bourbon sauce is fantastic. Then bake one of their breads and cut into tiny bites for dipping. Semi-homemade and easy-peasy! Yummy.

    If I could even conquer one of your traditions I’d be over the moon. The boys dictate so much, we just have very low expectations. But, we are on a path to start adding in more, so I will humbly submit to whatever ideas you might have for small, rambunctious boys!

  4. Vicky! You thought of me! Much love to you.

    Robin I have wanted to try Apples to Apples, but nobody I know has played it (until now). I figured since they made a Bible version it must be pretty popular. I have heard that Imaginiff is pretty funny too. I have never tried it.

    Our favorite appetizers are pigs in a blanket and those ham rolls with cream cheese and onion. I could eat my weight in the ham rolls. Mama makes the cutest little diaper-shaped crescent wraps for baby showers. Remind me when you do your daughter’s shower and I’ll send you the recipe. I don’t have any fabulous appetizers to give you recipes for, but I do have a link to, where my brother gets the best recipes. You can sort and only look at the five star ones. Nice.

    I look forward to your new PJ pics and the recipes you try and love!

  5. Marinated cheese is our favorite. I have served it for years and it is not too heavy. It is on also. Anital I love ALLRECIPES.COM.

    Can’t wait to see the pa ja ja pictures.

    If you eat a lot of appetizers maybe you could just make up several different pannis and cut them in several peices and everyone share?

  6. Robin –
    You are so fun! I love your love for life. It screams from the pages here. And I’m totally ripping off your matching pa-jay-jay idea.

    Merry Christmas!
    Celesta Brown

    p.s. I made an Appetizer Square recipe for the first time this week. They were hoovered down in seconds. A big hit. If that sounds like something for the Tiny Tidbit portion of your day, let me know and I’ll send the recipe.

  7. umm… you forgot the most obvious finger food, woman. Have I taught you nothing?

    Micro S’mores!!!!!

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