Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | December 4, 2008

Heremy and Me (that’s Heremy the Dentist!)


You know this little lovable fellow. It’s Hermey the Dentist from Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer! 

For as long as I can remember, Hermey has been spoken about at our house on at least,a weekly basis. I’m not kidding. Why? I’m glad you asked!

It’s his hair… 

Me and the girls I birthed have “Dentist Hair” and it’s our burden to bear.  Now I’ve looked through every single photo album in the house and there are hardly any pictures of us with “Dentist Hair”. Pictures have been taken, I assure you, but they are destroyed just as quickly as they are printed. Only a few have survived.

 At any given family function you will most assuredly hear one of us say to the unlucky one whose hair product has failed…

Geeeezzz, you have so got The Dentist going on today.”

Oh my darn Dentist Hair” will most likely be the reply, oooor something close to “Oh my darn Dentist Hair”.

Here’s my take on why we have the Dentist Hair…

Now, my Dentist Hair was caused when my parent’s Gene Pool misunderstood God the Father. what  He said was: “Please get together and give Robin perfect hair.”  What they heard was: ” …give Robin a cow-lick there.”  Sad but true. So I got the mother of all cow-licks right about the place where Hermey has his cow-lick.  

Now, I willed my daughters to inherit this same cow-lick and they did. What? I couldn’t go through life being the only real person to bear this burden! After all Heremy’s  animated, or claymation, or at the very most an action figure!

 Emma, the baby, didn’t get my curly-frizzy hair so she’s able to manage her Dentist Hair.  Bethany and Stephanie did get the curly hair and this makes it impossible for them to completely obliterate the Dentist! (Hee Hee!) 


This is a good example of Dentist Hair. Please notice how smug The Husband is…him with his thick silver locks…scan00521

          Bethany has a little bit of Dentist Hair going on in this picture. I swear to you she’s got full on Dentist Hair, she really does, but even at this age she was a better hair manager than me!  


Stephie’s hair is most like mine and this picture just doesn’t do justice to her Dentist Hair. But, it’s there, you can see the outline of a killer Heremy cow-lick.(please do not point out my very white under-eye area)


And Emma, who really can successfully eliminate the Dentist with a hot blow dryer and some good product, couldn’t always control her Dentist. This my friends is proof.  scan0060  

 So that’s the story Morning Glory, of why the girls around here are so attached to Heremy the Dentist…we have the boy’s hair. dsc013611 

Could be worse…we could have gotten hair like this furry fellow…
And you’re right Vicky…it’s TTFN! (Ta Ta For Now!) Sooo…TTFN!











  1. Sleep with one eye open!!

  2. Very cute. I enjoyed your post- one that took some real effort.

  3. Oh my goodness, I love that! By the way, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies! I will never watch it again without thinking of you and the Heremy hair!!!

  4. Robin, you so just “schooled me”. I seriously thought his name was “Herbie” all these years. We tivoed Rudolph last night and I seriously have to go back and pay close attention now! I even used it in a post title about Colton’s tooth!

    Those pictures are just precious and seen in a whole different light when you point out the hair! You are so funny!!!!

    Around the boys we just say “you have hair in the air today.” But they’re young boys, they so don’t care!

    Thanks for the lightheartedness today! Rick just read to me that by Tuesday night next week we are supposed to get to 10 degrees… BELOW ZERO… now we’re talking cold!


  5. I needed that this morning! I would be so lucky to have “the dentist hair” this morning. I look more like the monster at the end! ta ta for now is the best, (smiling)
    Love you

  6. Ps…The (indignant) Husband just called me and said: “I am not a smug person!”
    I told him “Maybe not but you were apparently playing one on TV that day.”
    Anyhoo, I’ve gone on record here as telling you:
    he’s really not smug 🙂

  7. Laughing for many reasons:

    1. Your daughter threatened you.

    2. Your husband needed a disclaimer.

    3. I, like Vicky, have totally thought he was Herbie the dentist all these years. I watched it last night and never noticed the difference so I just looked it up on YouTube. Still sounds like Herbie to me, but there it was, in the title… Hermey. I’ve learned so darn much from you, Robin.

    4. My hair looks like a bouncing bumble this morning.

  8. I woke up with perfect hair this morning, as I do every morning. If you’ll buy that I have some property I’d like to sell you. I have just enough natural curl to make my hair look CRAZY unless it is blow dried and rolled. With the right products, I can go to bed with it wet and wake looking a little permed, but that takes a lot of prep-work and it is a gamble.

    I love your Hermey hair post! This was great. You have great photo:comment timing. I would never have guessed you had a hair issue. You do choose your photos well, my dear.

  9. Now that’s some funny stuff. Dentist hair, ha ha ha.

  10. I’ll never look at Hermey the same way again! Everytime I see him I will think of you!

  11. Another zinger, Robin.


    To be able to see ourselves in Hermey is pure writing genious.


  12. Dentist hair, what a hoot.. Never thought of it that way..When I read you and the girls had a special relationship w/Hermey. I thought it was something deep and spiritual,,,,you had me. Dentist hair, I can so understand

  13. […] sorry, but watches EVERY silly old Christmas movie there is, even the one with the bad haired  Heremy and Me.  I would never have taken the time to watch that movie before this post, but I bet next Christmas […]

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