Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | December 2, 2008

Charlie Brown, Eeyore and Me!

On the WithoutWax blog the other day Pastor P. asked the question: what is your favorite cartoon character? Immediately these two lovable pessimists came to mind. That’s odd, I thought. Odd and very telling!



I am by nature a pessimist. You know a, the glass is half empty, ho-hum, the sky is falling, worse case scenario kind of person.


I’ve missed a lot of joy in my life because of that. Put off a heap of happiness. Said no to a ton of tingles…you get the picture. In a word, these little cartoon characters are more or less the way I am was wired. Over the years I’ve learned the hard way to let joy tickle me when it wants to. Do not ask questions. Do not second guess. Do not, for the love of Pete and all that’s Holy, ask: “what-if”? Just smile, take a deep breath and be on your way.


As this does not come natural for me I occasionally slip back into my Eeyore ears without even realizing it. During the holidays especially, when things are on my mind, even fun things, I tend to siiiinnnnk back. Maybe because of the sheer volume of “stuff” I have to think about! None of it bad. None of it sad. Should all be fun…but there’s sooooo much!!!

 Last week that happened. Someone called me in the midst of my Christmas decorating hullabaloo and Eeyore, I mean, “I” talked to them for just a few minutes. My brows were actually creased as I hung up the phone. What’s up with that?

And I realized that although I had been perfectly positive in what I was saying, the way I was saying it was down right depressing! Like Eeyore or Charlie Brown, I was without energy and my voice sounded depressed and forced! AHHHHHH! Snap!

That’s me getting a reality check and snapping out of it. If I didn’t stop-drop-and role back into joy right then and there, I’m telling you I would have spiraled. And my spirals are not pretty!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I fully understand that there are seasons that are less than joyful. Seasons when we have to hide away and just allow ourselves to be sad. That’s necessary and I believe God uses them to bring healing to our hurting souls. Those season will come.  You can count on it. When I was in a season like that, my precious friend Beth told me to take my time and allow God to do all He needs to do. Rest. Be quiet. Be good to yourself. 

But, if you aren’t in one of those seasons right now, and joy is fluttering around just outside your door, why not let her in?  Don’t postpone joy! I’ve found out the hard way, she doesn’t hang around for long!

So I was wondering…Do you guys ever have an issue with a weakness in your personality that requires you to stop, drop, and roll your way back to joy? Anger, sadness, sarcasm…(okay all of those are my issues!)

These are the animated characters I want to be more like!

  (I’d prefer not to have Pooh’s tummy!)

BBFN!(Bye Bye For Now!)



  1. Good thoughts Robin. I tend to be the exact opposite of you. I am an optimist but sometimes that leads me to being vulnerable or not very discerning. Sometimes I need a dose of reality to calm down my forward thrust in life. you know…slow down or there will no one following. i reckon the thing to say is “it takes all kinds to make the Body.”

    Hard to tell what my favorite cartoon character is. Sometimes it is Voltron (work together). Sometimes Mighty Mouse (I can do this alone). Sometimes Wiley Coyote (my schemes seem to fall apart).

    My wife’s would be Wimpy: I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. 🙂

  2. Oh Robin, we are kindred spirits! I have such a laundry list of “negative” outlooks and views I’ve been raised with. I have to consciously fight against jealousy, judgement and pessimism daily. I can so empathize with you! I am truly a “work in progress.” Thank you for the gentle reminder to embrace joy and stay the “Pollyanna” course, instead of the Grinch!

    ttfn (Must be an up-North variation… ta ta for now!)

    Love and blessings to you Robin!

  3. I LOVE Eyore! I think it’s because opposites attract. 🙂

    I’m a glass half full girl… a glass full girl, really. But I do find when I’m physically tired, when the pain gets too much, it’s easy for me to get sad. I’m not a big crier, but even when my brain knows it all will be ok and I’m being optimistic it’s like my body takes over and I’ll cry at the drop of a hat and my feelings are more sensitive. I think it’s important to not only have a good attitude but also make sure you’re physically taking care of yourself because all the good thoughts in the world won’t work if your body is tired. At least that’s my experience 🙂

  4. I just had a post on my state of being right now. I am usually a “Pooh” type of personality, along with the worry of having enough Honey to eat! Lately, I have been feeling the “Eeyore” type though. I am praying for the daily joy to recapture my being so I can enjoy the days that the Lord hath made 🙂

  5. Incredible post, Robin.

    My Eeyore usually tries to wake me around 4:30 a.m. I’ve started to tell him to go away. I don’t want to play with him anymore! I’ve picked new friends. 🙂

    Love you,

  6. Sarcasm? Hmm. Yep. I’m going to have to own up to that one. Would grouchiness count, or would it be secondary to the trait that made me feel grouchy, like doubtfulness or faithlessness or (egad) wishy-washiness?

  7. I am in a different place than I have ever been before. Tearfully not understanding the present, concerned about the future but a little excited that God has a new plan for me. I feel like someone blindfolded me and told me to walk. Fear grips me but I want to experience all God has for me so I am taking a tentative step. Slowing down this season and spending less will truly be new experiences and I am trying to embrace them by faith.

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