Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | December 1, 2008

Drama Free Holiday…

 After Thanksgiving most people turn their focus to Christmas. Party planning, gift buying, Christmas cards, decorating, family get togethers…and somehow, somewhere in the midst of all that fun something goes slightly amiss and drama ensues!

We had a great message this morning at His Hands about getting rid of the things that cause you angst during the Christmas Season.

For the past several years, my drama comes with planning family parties. Now, I love to plan, but getting everyone to the party is totally stressful. With 4 adult kids, all having significant others with extended families and Baby Sister’s family with several adult kids, my dad and Brenda…I can plan a year in advance, which I do, and still someone has a conflict. This makes me crazy. Makes me tense. Makes me nervous. Gives me drama!

I want to be drama free this holiday! Nothing in life is without some glitch but the older I get the more I desire peace and rest in my life. I was reminded in the message this morning of one definition of insanity. Roughly, it’s doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

So this year I’m not going to do the same things. I’m going to make a few tweaks in my expectations and my planning. Letting go of expectations is a necessary skill in life. As old as I am, it still kicks my bum every time! 

How about you? In this early stage of your holiday season can you make changes now that will ensure you stay in the drama free zone? 

I’ve discovered a few things that are non-negotiable for me during the Christmas Season (Every year I discover something else. The list just keeps growing!)Here’s my list so far…

*Take time every day to be quiet, say a prayer and listen…during the Christmas season when I’m super busy, (as Ruthie’s dad says) I need to be reminded to ” Keep the main thing the main thing!”

*Don’t stop exercising during the Holidays…I’m pretty sure Richard would agree with me! Moving at any level is important for my sanity all year but especially during the Holidays! Gotta love that picture, I’ve been wanting to use it for sometime now. I adore that man!


*Laugh and Lighten up!!! When my kids were younger this was not my strength and ohhh it would have helped!

*Take time to make memories with my friends and family!Could be as simple as a morning coffee date at Starbucks or a decorating date with one of my daughters. It doesn’t have to be complicated or cost a lot, when I set aside time the fun follows!

*Take time to do some things that I really love. For me it’s usually something simple like getting into my flannels and curling up with my current book in front of the fire or order take out and watch a Christmas movie…I’m pretty easily amused!

*Give something to everyone I come in contact with, even if it’s just a smile or a nice word. I feel better when I’m not scowling all day!

*Don’t postpone joy! If I feel joy tickle, even a little…I go with it!(This comes from missing joy over and over and over!!!)

 *And in the end, if I’m still in freak out mode…I resort to this.. 


What do you do to keep drama free?





  1. Another beautiful post, Rob. I think this one is bigger than Christmas stress. These are good suggestions for LIFE stress.

    Loved the desserts tip. 🙂


  2. Love the Richard Simmons pic – too funny! These are great thoughts to keep in mind everyday, year round. Thanks for your words of wisdom once again!

  3. Perfect timing! Yes, feeling the stress and had two pieces of pie yesterday to deal with it! Love the tips. I may click over a time or two to remember what to do when I’m a stressin’.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Btw: The boys are beyond excited for you to come over and view their craftwork… they ask every day if you have seen it yet 🙂

  4. great reminder. I just shared my thoughts that I am having right now. I am learning to do some little things, despite the disappointment/sadness that I am feeling. I am trying to find little things to bring new memories and joy this holiday season!

  5. I love your list… it’s just so darn you! 🙂 My holiday life is pretty stress-free, but I love your list and think I’ll follow it too 🙂

  6. LOL! Your last resort is fanastic. Stress-free…I did half of my shopping very early and then refused to wrap more than one present for the kids right away. I will wrap when I am in the mood. I love hearing them wait in the hall and giggle while I wrap.

    I stocked my cabinets with a few items to bake. That helps me feel peaceful (preparedness and all) and if I decide to throw an impromptu game night, I have a dessert to make. Not planning parties in advance (except the big one, of course) is tremendously helpful for me.

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