Posted by: Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome | November 29, 2008

Are you decorating this weekend?

 Good Saturday Morning after Thanksgiving! Are some of you decorating today!? If so have fun! I’d so love to hear about your Turkey Day if you have time to stop for a moment. Also, if you’re decorating tell me how it’s going!

I’m putting in a few pictures from Baby Sister’s house on Thanksgiving Day. If you think I decorate a lot, well you haven’t seen Baby Sister’s house! Love to you this Saturday~ And prayers for a peaceful and lighthearted day whatever you’re doing! dsc01554



   The Husband could not get a Bingo! He was heartbroken! 


Baby Ava was the in big demand!


Baby Sister handing out Bingo prizes!


Darren, Buddy (My nephew who thinks he’s my cousin) and Bebe came late!


We took a picture with those who were there! We were missing a lot of the Fam!


Baby Sister’s house all lit up for Christmas!





  1. Looks like you guys had a blast!

  2. Check out Little Bear checking out………
    what is L B checking out?

    Derek ( Zoolander ) never looked better!

    Do these numbers look familiar, 28-17(0)?

    It will be Okay….I’ve had to eat words before.

    Deb, can you pencil me in? David would be proud….

    Robin you get an _A_ for this project; however,

    Wes & Coleen WIN!! Yea, Ava Morgan!!

    Does B O look at home?

  3. I’ve got to make your blog one of my new holiday traditions because your spirit is absolutely contagious! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us!

  4. Thank goodness all of my decorating is done. I also have 3 trees and as much as I love them throughout the season, they are very tiresome to get out and decorate! I love to light all of my trees, turn off all of the other lights in the house, light a fire and just sit on the couch and take it all in! I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR! I will be posting all of my decorations on my blog tomorrow!


  5. we have been putzing and decorating since thursday, and i would say we’re done now. i was really not in the mood to haul everything out, but spreading it out over a couple of days made me able to tolerate the process better.

    the hubster bought 10 boxes of lights for our 6′ artificial tree, and i laughed at him. but my skepticism about that decision was shown up when he used 8 and the tree looks the best it ever has! i stuffed it to the gills with ornaments this year, and it looks really nice.

    we had a live tree until about 5 years ago, when a keys locked in the car fiasco ended that tradition. after friends gave us their old artificial, i wasn’t as excited about decorating the tree because year after year it would be the same shape. no interesting holes for my dangly ornaments, and no fresh pine smell. no hunt for OUR tree.
    i’m over it now, i think.

    we have lights decorating our mantel, where i have my snowmen collection, around the front door INSIDE, and we have a lighted garland with ribbon woven through it that decorates our stairwell railing. my son has colored lights strung all around his room and across the ceiling. it’s practically daylight in there…i have no idea how he sleeps!

    i agree with cookie…your enthusiasm is contagious. thanks for prodding me along through your posts.

  6. I love your holiday spirit! I can just feel the sense of joy and see smiles as I read your posts. I have not done any decorating yet – we’ve been moving this weekend so I am a tad busy unpacking dishes and such I can’t even think about unpacking ornaments. How would you feel about taking a trip to SC to decorate my house? 🙂

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